Local District Board Of Ed Pc Implementation Guide 9 16 08


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Local District Board Of Ed Pc Implementation Guide 9 16 08

  1. 1. Local District/Board of Education Personal Curriculum Implementation Guide Task Topic Area Description of Task Citation Completed Educational The LEA Board shall ensure that each pupil is provided with HB 6247, page Development an opportunity to develop an EDP: 14, Plan (EDP) • Beginning in 7th grade and completed before the lines 2-14 student enters high school. • Under the supervision of the pupil’s school Revised School counselor or another qualified designee selected by Code Section the school principal. 380.1233 and • Based on a career pathways program or similar 380.1233a career exploration program. • A school psychologist should also participate in HB 6247, page developing the pupil’s EDP for students receiving 14, lines 11-14 special education services. • The pupil’s parent or legal guardian should be included in the development of the EDP. Access to the The LEA Board who operates a high school shall ensure that HB 6247 p. 12 Michigan Merit each pupil is offered the curriculum necessary for the pupil to lines 2-27 Requirements meet the Michigan Merit Curriculum requirements by: p. 13 lines 1-3 • Providing the credits specified. • Delivering the curriculum and facilitating student learning utilizing a variety of instructional strategies. • Using Alternative Instructional Delivery methods (i.e. Alternative course work, humanities course sequences, career and technical education, industrial technology courses, vocational education or by a combination of the above integrated credit requirements). • Providing access to the required credits by another means (i.e. enrollment in a postsecondary course, on-line course, a cooperative arrangement with a neighboring school district or public school academy).
  2. 2. Task Topic Area Description of Task Citation Completed Performance The LEA Board shall establish: HB 5943 p. 5 Criteria • Performance parameters that determine mastery lines 1-8 (qualifying or cut score) of a sufficient amount of the MMC – PCG p. 4 core content expectations to award credit. • Alternative qualifying or cut scores for students with MMC – PCG p. 4 certain barriers to learning (i.e. students with disabilities). MMC – PCG p. 4 • Allowable modification to the MMC HB 6247 p. 7 line o All Students 9 – P. 9 line 14 o Student with a disability and IEPT HB 6247 p. 79 Line 15 – p. 10 o Transfer Student line 7 • Which content expectations make up specific HB 6247 p. 10 courses allowed but not identified by the MMC line 8 – 11 line 12 explicitly (i.e. what content makes up a course such as integrated math). MMC-PCG p.5 • How the content expectation within strands and HB 6247 p. 12, subject areas may be divided into credit. line 6-14 MMC-PCG p.5 Content area • Develop MMC credit assessments for: HB 5943 p. 4 assessments o course/units lines 15 – p. 5 • Develop “testing out” procedures and criteria for line 8 credit attainment. HB 5943 p. 5 • Establish record keeping process and format for lines 1-8 documenting credit attainment. Drop Out If student is not successfully completing a requirement for HB 6247 p. 13 Prevention graduation or is identified as being at risk of withdrawing lines 4-15 from high school, then the district shall notify the pupil’s parent/legal guardian, emancipated minor, or pupil at age 18 of: • the availability of tutoring or other supplemental education support; • counseling services that may be available under existing state or federal programs. Diploma The LEA may award a diploma if the student successfully HB 6247 p. 6 meets performance criteria as established by the Board of lines 7-11 Education for: • The MMC MMC – PCG p. • The Personal Curriculum 11 • Additional district requirements
  3. 3. Task Topic Area Description of Task Citation Completed Policies, NOTE: Many procedures and forms have already been HB 6247 Procedures and developed by schools, districts and ISD/RESAs. The p. 10 lines 1-7 Practices to wikispace www.mdepersonalcurriculumwikispaces.com support the houses many examples: MMC The LEA will: HB 6247 p. 6 requirements • Review and/or revise district policies, procedures and lines 12-19 practices to support implementation of the MMC and Revised School PC requirements as denoted in legislation and MDE Code Section supporting materials 380.1233 and o Define and develop a district PC appeals 380.1233a process (optional). HB 6247 p. 6, • Establish PC Team including at least: HS teacher, lines 12-19 pupil’s HS counselor or another qualified designee selected by the school principal; the pupil and pupil’s parent(s)/legal guardian; School Psychologist should HB 6247 p. 13 be included for special education student. lines 4-15 • Establish district procedures and documentation forms including: HB 6247 p. 6 o Notification of Parents when student is failing or lines 1-4 At-Risk of dropping out of school o Method for a teacher, school counselor or person acting in a counseling role to contact a pupil’s parent or legal guardian to discuss all options available for meeting the MMC. HB 6247 p. 6 o Information/resources and procedures for Lines 24-27 notification of parents regarding the MMC and the PC. HB 6247 p. 10 o Parent request form for the PC lines 8-27 p. 11 o Establish procedures for students transferring lines 1-14 into the district’s high school. o Develop a district form for a student PC that:  Documents student’s eligibility for the PC HB 6247 p. 11  Incorporates as much of the subject area lines 20-27 content expectations of the MMC as is practicable for the pupil;  Includes measurable goals that the student must achieve while in HS; HB 6247 p. 6 lines 26-27  Includes a method to evaluate the goals;  Aligns to the student’s EDP  Aligns with the student’s IEP & EDP HB 6247 p. 7 (student with disability and IEP) lines 1-4  Includes Superintendent and parent/guardian/adult student signatures o Procedures developed to revise a student’s HB 6247 p. 7 personal curriculum. line9-11 o Quarterly reporting documentation form. HB 6247 p. 7 • Information and Communication regarding PC to: Lines 5-8 o Staff o Parent o Students o Broader community