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Literacy Novel

  1. 1. Epilogue Hello, my name is Maria Newton. I am 14 years old and live in Bronx, New York. I’m in 9th grade and like it except for one part, the ‘CLIQUE’. Chapter 1 The Beginning “Maria”!!! My mother yelled, “Get out of bed, you’re going to be late for your first day of school!” I moan as I slowly rise out of my bed. I didn’t want to go to school and face ‘The Clique’. I take my time to get dressed. When I come downstairs I grab my coat, lunch and walk out the door too
  2. 2. where the bus is waiting for me. I grab a seat next to my best friend Amber. She is obsessed with fashion and loves making her own creations “You look amazing!” I say. “Thanks, I made it myself,” says Amber smiling. “I hope Claire moved this summer that way we wont have to deal with her anymore!” says Amber changing the subject. I say bye to Amber and go to my locker to get my books for the morning. As I walk to my locker I see the “Clique” coming down the hallway. Their hair, clothes and makeup are always perfect. The ‘ leader’ Claire comes over to me and says “Wow you look so different, did you get uglier, yeah that’s definitely it.” She walks away with her friends laughing. I
  3. 3. turn beet red and put my head in my locker wishing this day was over, I close my eyes, count to ten and take a deep breath. I get my books and close my locker wishing this day was over. Chapter 2 What’s going on? I’m walking down the hall and realize everybody’s laughing at me. I walk over to Amber and ask, “What’s going on, why is everybody laughing at me?” Amber started saying “Claire…” but the bell interrupted her. “I’ll tell you later” says Amber while she turns to her first period class. I walk into math and take my seat. Claire whispers something to her friends and
  4. 4. they all start giggling, at the same time they look over at me. I realize what’s going on, Claire is spreading rumors. I ignore her for the period and act like I don’t care. After the bell rings I walk over to her and ask, “What’s your problem, why are you spreading rumors that are not true about me?” Claire says surprised “OMG how could you even think it was me, it was your friend or should I say ex-friend Amber, she is the one spreading rumors NOT me! I didn’t know whom to believe. To find out the truth I would have to confront Amber at lunch. At lunch I sit with Amber. I take a deep breath and tell her
  5. 5. the same thing that Claire said to me. When I finish her mouth drops open in shock. She yells in fury “I CANT BELIEVE IT, SHE’S TOTALLY LYING TO YOU!!! “You know I would never do that to you.” Amber says a little softer. “I know” I say in a calm voice hoping that she would cool down. “I believe you.” We eat lunch and talk about everything else that went on during the day, but we leave out the Clique. The day finishes very slowly. Once I get home and finish doing my homework I go to bed and think about the crazy day I had.