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My presentation for the show unit.

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  • Show presentation - Mike

    1. 1. Lines Mike Shaw
    2. 2. My Contributions • To begin with, I was in charge of casting. This meant I had to hold audiences and get in contact with the cast and make sure they knew when they were supposed to be filming. • When we split into the two groups, I became the writer of Lines and wrote the scripts for the three episodes. • For the third episode, I was also the director.
    3. 3. Shows • To begin with, I researched into a number of different shows. The range included: theatre/West End Shows, street performance, live gigs and standup comedians. I also researched into a range of different TV shows. This list ranged from the likes of Doctor Who, Outnumbered, Skins and the Inbetweeners. Most of these shows featured just standalone episodes, but also referred to the events of previous episodes. •
    4. 4. Webshows • To get more of an insight into webshows, I watched a number of them. Living With The Infidels was one of the webshows I watched. • I took note of their styles, which was comedic. They mostly took place in location and the runtime were approximately three minutes long.
    5. 5. Blogging • For this project, we worked on a blog where we regularly updated to keep a track on all the work we did on this project. • The advantages for having a blog is that we can keep a track with all our work without losing any. We can also come back to a blogpost and change anything that needed to be updated in light of any feedback that we received.
    6. 6. Teamwork Is Key • The unit started out as us all working collectively to create the one webseries. This was called ‘The Detention Deficit’ • I was in charge of the casting. When we were separated into the two groups, I became the writer of what turned into Lines.
    7. 7. Creating The Story • The main setting for both of the groups’s webseries was in detention.One of the main characters whom the group wanted to appear into Lines was a character who believed he was being chased by a secret agent. • As all of the students in detention could be seen as regulars, I decided we needed a character who would be new to detention. This would give the audience a better way to get settled in with the story. This character turned into Jake, an actor and also the lead singer of a band. It was his first day at school. • The story was to focus on how all of the characters ended up in detention.
    8. 8. The Characters • 1) Jake - He is the lead singer of a semi-famous band and also an actor. He is in detention because he casually insulted one of the teachers. • 2) Zeke - His reasons for being in detention are because he always takes the blame for his friend’s troublesome ways. • 3) Taylor - He is the troublemaker of the group and is in detention because of his unruly behaviour. • 4) Megan - She is an upper-class student who leads a spoilt life and is not happy when things do not go her way. • 5) Seth - He is in detention because he believes he is being followed by a spy.
    9. 9. Episode 1 • In terms of the first episode, I think the episode was planned to much and because there was so many people on set for the filming that people began to disagree with the ideas and the whole shoot did not go very well. • The first episode, even though it featured several continuity errors, was the most successful episode of Lines. It received 904 views on Youtube.
    10. 10. Episode 2 • The second episode of Lines focused more on Seth and the apparent spy who is constantly harrassing him. • The original version of the script featured Zeke’s back story, but as the episode runtime had to be shortened, we left out this story arc. • This episode was not as successful as the first episode, receiving the first one. It had 363 views on youtube.
    11. 11. Episode 3 • I became the director for the third and final episode of Lines. • I wrote the script to bring the story of why all the characters are in detention together, but to also leave a cliffhangar with all the students being locked in the school overnight. • In terms of views on youtube, this was the least successful episode of Lines
    12. 12. Final Reflections • Looking back on the project as a whole, I feel that it was a success. We managed to produce a moderately successful webseries. • The biggest problem we all had was that there was a lack of communication between all the members of the group, meaning that there was often a large number of disagreements. • I have also learnt to stick to just my own job role and not get involved in someone else’s job role. This meant that this would avoid two people working on the same thing at the same time.