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Plant unitslideshow


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  • 1. Plant Unit Myser Yang
  • 2. Objectives 1. Identify parts of a plant. 2. Tell what a seed needs in order for it to grow. 3. Learn the different ways in which seeds travel. 4. Learn how plants grow in many ways. 5. Participate in class viewing and discussion of plant art. 6. Plant seeds. 7. Draw a more accurate picture of a tree.
  • 3. Day 1
  • 4. I will read the book I 'm a Seed .
  • 5. I will show students a coconut and a cucumber seed. We will compare the sizes of the seeds. Students will take different seeds and sort them by attributes.
  • 6. Day 2
  • 7. We will plant cat grass and marigolds to see the different speeds that seeds grow. We will also experiment with planting without sunlight and water.
  • 8. Day 3
  • 9. Students draw a tree.
  • 10. Class comes up with all types of plants.
  • 11. Read the book A Seed Is Sleepy.
  • 12. Day 4
  • 13. Read Tops and Bottoms.
  • 14. We will look at plant parts and eat different parts of the plant using carrots, celery, lettuce, and cauliflower.
  • 15. Day 5
  • 16. Read A Tree Is Nice and look at tree cookies.
  • 17. Day 6
  • 18. We will have a class plant discussion using the art slides.
  • 19. Day 7
  • 20. We will go on a planting field trip.
  • 21. Students will have the chance to redraw their tree. This will be a part of their assessment.
  • 22. 1 Does not meet expectations 2 Slightly meets expectations 3 Meets expectations 4 Exceeds expectations Participates In class discussions Identify what a seed needs to grow n/a Identify plant parts n/a Tree drawing Assessment Rubric
  • 23. Resources Aston, Diana H. A Seed is Sleepy. (2007). Vancouver, British Columbia. Marzollo, Jean and Judith Moffatt. I'm a Seed. (1996.) New York, New York: Scholastic Inc. Stevens, Jean. Tops and Bottoms. (1995). New York, New York: HarcourtBrace and Company. Udry, Janice M. and Marc Simont. A Tree Is Nice. (1987). United States: Haper Collins Publishers. Yang, Myser. (2010). Plant Unit Art Slides. Retrieved from