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  1. 1. 4WT33, 4WT40, 4WT41, 4WT42A thru Operating Instructions & Parts Manual 4WT45A and 4WT46 thru 4WT49 Please read and save these instructions. Read carefully before attempting to assemble, install, operate or maintain the product described. Protect yourself and others by observing all safety information. Failure to comply with instructions could result in personal injury and/or property damage! Retain instructions for future reference. Dayton AC Axial Fans ® Description Dayton AC axial fans are single speed units used for spot cooling where space is limited. They are widely used in computers, copy machines, electronic instrumentation, cabinet cooling, machine tool products, and solar systems. They are field interchangeable with most other axial fans, ball bearing units can be mounted in any discharge position while sleeve units can ONLY be mounted horizontally. Molded polycarbonate fan blade is driven by an impedance protected, shaded pole, unit bearing motor with a cast zinc Figure 1 venturi. Maximum ambient temperature is 158° F for sleeve bearing type and 176° F for ball bearing type. Model 4WT42A, 4WT43A, 4WT44A and 4WT45A have a PSC, thermally protected ball bearing motor. Optional finger guard and cordset (4WT40 and 4WT41 can not use a cordset) are available as accessories. Order separately. Specifications & Performance Specifications Performance† Overall Mounting Motor Dimensions Hole Mounting No. CFM * Pwr. (in.) Dimensions Hole Bearing Blade Air SIL Model Req’d Dia. H & W D on Center (in.) Dia. (in.) TYPE Wings Delivery RPM Watts Amps db 4WT33 230V – 411/16 11/2 41/8 0.169 Sleeve 5 105 2900 19 0.11 48 60 Hz 4WT40 115V – 31/8 11/2 213/16 0.169 Sleeve 7 30 2750 12 0.13 35 60 Hz 4WT41 230V – 31/8 11/2 213/16 0.169 Sleeve 7 30 2750 16 0.08 35 60 Hz 4WT42A 115V 63/4 57/8 2 63/8 0.177 Ball 5 239 3200 27 0.23 55 60 Hz 4WT43A 230V 63/4 57/8 2 63/8 0.177 Ball 5 239 3200 26 0.11 55 60 Hz 4WT44A 115V 10 – 31/2 911/16 0.177 Ball 3 665 1600 23 0.23 52 60 Hz 4WT45A 230V 10 – 31/2 911/16 0.177 Ball 3 665 1600 30 0.13 52 60 Hz 4WT46 115V – 411/16 11/2 41/8 0.169 Sleeve 5 115 3100 20 0.24 49 60 Hz 4WT47 115V – 411/16 11/2 41/8 0.169 Sleeve 5 105 2900 18 0.18 48 60 Hz 4WT48 115V – 411/16 11/2 41/8 0.169 Sleeve 5 70 2000 11 0.13 36 60 Hz 4WT49 115V – 411/16 11/2 41/8 0.169 Sleeve 5 55 1750 11.3 0.12 33.5 60 Hz NOTE: All data based on 60 Hz operation. When operated on 50 Hz, a decrease of approximately 20% will occur in flow rate performance. (†) At free air. (*) SIL db – Speech interference Level in decibels. This figure represents an average of the sound pressure levels in the 500, 1000, and 2000 Hz octave bands. (NEC) and the Occupational Safety to the fan frame with a self-threading General Safety Information and Health Act (OSHA) in the United screw (not furnished) in the hole Disconnect power WARNING before installing States. provided. or servicing 2. Fan must be securely and adequately 3. Lock and tag power disconnect to grounded. This can be accomplished prevent unexpected application of 1. Follow all local electrical and safety by connecting a separate ground wire power. codes, the National Electrical Code Form 5S4298 Printed in Taiwan SUN001 09670 08/06 0706/194/VCPVP
  2. 2. 4WT33, 4WT40, 4WT41, 4WT42A thru 4WT45A and 4WT46 thru 4WT49 Dayton Operating Instructions and Parts Manual Dayton AC Axial Fans ® General Safety Information 2. Secure fan in place with screws and Operation tinnerman clips or nuts and bolts (Continued) Dayton Unit Bearing Axial Fans are (Mounting hardware not included). designed to operate optimally in 4. Guard all moving parts. WIRING horizontal airflow position. Arrows 5. Protect the power cable from coming stamped on housing indicate direction Refer to Grainger Catalog for a in contact with sharp objects. of blade rotation and airflow. Ball complete list of cordsets. Plug cordset 6. Do not kink power cable and never Bearing Axial Fans are designed to into fan and connect leads to 115 volt allow the cable to come in contact mount in any position. or 230 volt power source. Models with oil, grease, hot surfaces, or 4WT40 and 4WT41 have 12” leads and Maintenance chemicals. do not require a cordset. Always disconnect 7. Make certain that the power source WARNING Exposed wires should power supply before CAUTION conforms to the requirements of your not come in contact inspecting the axial fan or working with equipment. with fan housing. the unit for any reason. Do not use in explo- 3. Fan must be adequately grounded. This Axial fan cannot be field serviced. WARNING sive atmospheres. can be accomplished by connecting a Replace entire unit if defective. Installation separate ground wire to the fan hous- NOTE: No replacement parts available. ing with a #10 self-threading screw 1. Mount fan in the position most Accessories (not furnished) in the hole provided. desirable to your needs. Refer to Grainger Catalog for complete list of axial fan accessories. LIMITED WARRANTY DAYTON ONE-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY. Dayton® AC Axial Fans, Models covered in this manual, are warranted by Dayton Electric Mfg. Co. (Dayton) to the original user against defects in workmanship or materials under normal use for one year after date of purchase. Any fan which is determined to be defective in material or workmanship and returned to an authorized service location, as Dayton designates, shipping costs prepaid, will be, as the exclusive remedy, repaired or replaced at Dayton’s option. For limited warranty claim procedures, see PROMPT DISPOSITION below. This limited warranty gives purchasers specific legal rights which vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY. To the extent allowable under applicable law, Dayton’s liability for consequential and incidental damages is expressly disclaimed. Dayton’s liability in all events is limited to and shall not exceed the purchase price paid. WARRANTY DISCLAIMER. Dayton has made a diligent effort to provide product information and illustrate the products in this literature accurately; however, such information and illustrations are for the sole purpose of identification, and do not express or imply a warranty that the products are MERCHANTABLE, or FIT FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, or that the products will necessarily conform to the illustrations or descriptions. Except as provided below, no warranty or affirmation of fact, expressed or implied, other than as stated in the “LIMITED WARRANTY” above is made or authorized by Dayton. PRODUCT SUITABILITY. Many jurisdictions have codes and regulations governing sales, construction, installation, and/or use of products for certain purposes, which may vary from those in neighboring areas. While Dayton attempts to assure that its products comply with such codes, it cannot guarantee compliance, and cannot be responsible for how the product is installed or used. Before purchase and use of a product, review the product applications, and all applicable national and local codes and regulations, and be sure that the product, installation, and use will comply with them. Certain aspects of disclaimers are not applicable to consumer products; e.g., (a) some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you; (b) also, some jurisdictions do not allow a limitation on how long an implied warranty lasts, consequentially the above limitation may not apply to you; and (c) by law, during the period of this Limited Warranty, any implied warranties of implied merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose applicable to consumer products purchased by consumers, may not be excluded or otherwise disclaimed. PROMPT DISPOSITION. Dayton will make a good faith effort for prompt correction or other adjustment with respect to any product which proves to be defective within limited warranty. For any product believed to be defective within limited warranty, first write or call dealer from whom the product was purchased. Dealer will give additional directions. If unable to resolve satisfactorily, write to Dayton at address below, giving dealer’s name, address, date, and number of dealer’s invoice, and describing the nature of the defect. Title and risk of loss pass to buyer on delivery to common carrier. If product was damaged in transit to you, file claim with carrier. Manufactured for Dayton Electric Mfg. Co., 5959 W. Howard St., Niles, Illinois 60714 U.S.A. Manufactured for Dayton Electric Mfg. Co. Niles, Illinois 60714 U.S.A.