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Aksa Bss 2009(Bangkok Thailand)
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Aksa Bss 2009(Bangkok Thailand)


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Do The Right Thing In A Right Way Company P C Presentation t ti Business Intelligence, Automation & Content Provision Smart & Intelligent Solutions Development Services Presented by: AKSA-SDS (PVT.) LTD. – Pakistan. January 2009
  • 2. About AKSA
  • 3. Mission Statement Mission Statement We are committed to create, develop and grow a profitable global business, by providing cost effective, innovative and value added solutions in the areas of Business Process Outsourcing Document Outsourcing, Imaging and Digital Preservation, Business Solutions, Embedded Systems and Telecommunications Infrastructure Development Work.
  • 4. AKSA-SDS Introduction AKSA-SDS Introduction Comprehensive Software, Hardware Product p , Development and Services Company. Our Expertise are result of versatile experience spanning over a decade. Swift Effortless Deployment AKSA's expertise cover a wide range of in-house capabilities like: Software applications AKSA Our Value Proposition development Embedded systems programming Hardware design and development to board level designing
  • 5. Technology Technology Focus gy Focus Document Imaging Archiving & Retrieval Solutions Image Compression Business Intelligence Solutions Digital Preservation Customer Support pp ASIC/FPGA based Design Embedded Systems Forward Error Correction Microprocessor/Microcontroller based Design Telecommunications
  • 6. Software Development p Software Development Software Capability Matrix: Functional Specifications and Business Requirements Software and System Design Algorithm Design and testing using MATLAB and other RAD methods Software Development Cycle using different Software Engineering Methodologies Coding using AKSA’s coding convention g g g Multi-tier architecture design and development High Level Front-end Software Development Low Level Back-end Software Development Software Testing Technical Documentation Release Control Supportability S bili Deployment and Implementation Strategies
  • 7. Software Expertise & Capabilities p p Software Expertise & Capabilities Client (Front-end) Application MS.NET, ASP.NET and JAVA technology based application system Security certified communication medium Connectivity over LAN/WAN/GPRS/EDGE protocols Designing Smart Input user interface GU GUI Architecture & Drill down Reporting c ec u e do epo g Data integrity & persistency Scalable and rich application architecture AKSA Express Link (Middle-ware Server Application) Client Communication Services System Data Transformation Application Security Administration Tracking & Monitoring Solution Central Database Server (Back-end Architecture) ( ) Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) Management reporting system Backup & replication services Server level reporting (sessions, logs, errors & performance) Server Databases
  • 8. ASIC/FPGA ASIC/FPGA Architecture Definition Methodologies and Tools Setup Verification Plan Development Algorithm tailoring for Hardware efficiency g g y RTL coding in Verilog/VHDL Behavioral Modeling Front-end design (RTL Level) and Gate-level synthesis Scan Insertion and Design for Testability Gate Level Simulation Floor Planning and Optimization Place and Route Static Timing Analysis and Timing Extraction ATPG/Test Vector Generation Formal Verification
  • 9. System/Board Level Designing g System/Board Level Designing y g Partition functional units among hardware, software and programmable devices Analog and Digital Design Perform complete schematic designs Develop physical board placement and routing requirements Produce ready-for-fab PWB artwork and assembly documentation Board specification Mixed Signal PCB Design Single and Multi-layer board Design PCB Layout PCB Production and System Assembly
  • 10. Embedded System Programming g Embedded System Programming y g Algorithm development for microcontroller/microprocessor based design Firmware development using Assembly/C Handle hardware modules like RS232, RS485 and Flash etc. Integration of different software modules f ff f Port software modules to different embedded platforms
  • 11. AKSA Solutions & Future Enhancements
  • 12. AKSA Solutions & Future Enhancements Future enhancements AKSA Data Bank Multi- Multi-lingual SMS AKSA Linguistics AKSA POS Broadcast Bulk SMS in Verification of National ID Convert Arabic text into POS Device for Telcos Multiple Languages English and vice versa Check Name Electronic Recording of (Arabic, Spanish, French (Arabic Spanish French, Quality Translation Customer Data Real-time processing Russian and more…) Queue Management/ Fingerprint Scanner Track lost/stolen NIC’s Job Scheduling Reporting 1D, 2D Barcode Data integrity and security Unicode Support Accurate & Reliable Integrated NIC Scanner Precise, Cost affective Delivery Reports with GSM Smart Data Solution QWERTY Keypad error codes Admin Control and Management Reporting Cross-release • Reliability & Security • Lowest TCO objectives j • Integrated Business Intelligence g g • Automatic Tuning g
  • 13. System Integration & Implementation y g p System integration Client End (Front-end) SMTP POP3 IMAP LDAP HTTP GPRS EDGE 3G WAP All International communication protocols Data Security & Integrity AKSA Solutions Development Services Cycle Bulk Multi-lingual SMS NIC Data Verification Technical Help Desk AKSA ALT Document Imaging & Archiving Digital Preservation AKSA POS ATM Security AKSA VAS AKSA’s Time Xpress MLM Solutions HDMCR Solutions Trans. Log, Load Bal. Digital Certificates Connectors Connectors Other Open Source Oracle SQL Backup & Replication RDBMS My SQL Server Databases Server End (Back-end) Back Log Data can be imported into any system
  • 14. Unique Advantages of AKSAAKSA qUnique advantages of Solutions g AKSA Solution Problem Benefit Digital information availability. AKSA-SDS automates the Manual processing of massive Excellent customer satisfaction manual processing of paper-work of customer achieved, ease of customer data paperwork, digitally archives application forms – hectic, time access and verification customer data and integrates g consuming and problematic into Telecom’s CRM system Accurate translation, System throughput with a quick Converting text/data from English AKSA Language Translator response. Multi-threading support. to Any Language and vice versa? Queue management, Reports/ Real-time Alerts with QA Increase in throughput of sending SMS using Asynchronous Problem sending bulk AKSA Bulk Multi-lingual Message Communication mode. Job Scheduling. messages to a group of people Unicode Support. Delivery reports with Broadcast Services in different languages GSM error code. GSM character support. Group and Contact Management System p g y Quick data verification from AKSA’s internally developed and Problem verifying clients’ data AKSA Data Bank maintained “Data Bank” system. from NADRA (NADRA verification services) Swift and efficient retrieval of data. Maximum advantage with less cost.
  • 15. Unique Advantages ofcontinue q Advantages AKSA Solutions g AKSA Solution Problem Benefit Cheap solution, totally customizable. Data acquisition, integrity and AKSA Point of Sale (POS) Electronic recording of customer data. verification of mobile phone for Mobile Companies Eliminates back-end documentation. connection sale is becoming a major issue in Telecom industry. More (Hardware & Software) Smart user input interface. problems and complexities with papers. bl d l iti ith Mass storage of data on Flash Cannot keep track of employees’ Valuable time is saved. Easy time in and time out. AKSA Time Xpress maintenance of employee records. Hard to H d t manage attendance. tt d Attendance Management System Att d M tS t Flexible Fl ibl & customizable R t i bl Reporting.ti Maintaining manual registers almost (Hardware & Software) Paperless, cost affective and real-time impossible. Waste of stationary. powerful solution. More productivity. Control and restrict access with Security concern is a major issue world-class access control solution. in the present time and it is very AKSA’s Access Control Solution Real-time monitoring and recording. difficult to protect premises from (Hardware & Software) Protect restricted areas. Centrally un-authorized access. managed. Reports based on access. Processing manual checks is a time Quick and automatic processing consuming and a hectic function of checks. Controlled a/c transactions AKSA’s Check Imaging Solution in the banking and commercial sector. reduce fraud. Central administration. (Hardware & Software) Cannot control fraud. Increased Highest customer satisfaction achieved. No courier or transportation cost. courier & transportation cost.
  • 16. Document Imaging & Archiving Solutions
  • 17. Document Imaging & Archiving g Document Imaging & Archiving gg Business Case Cycle: Workflow World-class Office Automation Scanning Technology DMS ERP Scan CRM Capture Software Data Bank Capture Digital Storage Aksa can integrate Data into any 3rd Film Storage Party System AKSA’s Database Archival & Retrieval Architecture Programs Internet/Intranet 3rd Party g Business Intelligence Software Database Dtb Business Un-structured Data Applications in any Language Share on Network Print/E-mail
  • 18. Document Imaging – How it works? gg Document Imaging – How it works? Today’s Documents are complex. How would you access these documents? GENERAL APPLICATION Scan to Files to Network Network CB-Expense.PDF Locate file Enter File Name Through That I can Identify File Manager INVOICE APPLICATION AKSA-SDS can Help! Retrieves Scan to Files to Import to by entering INV# Network Network INV1232.PDF Database INV2314.PDF INV8672.PDF INV4390.PDF PGM looping Image INV9802.PDF Enter INV2417.PDF Reads file name Displayed INVOICE # Adds to Database
  • 19. Document Imaging – Example (1) gg p () (International Project Workflow) Scanned Images (Tiff, BMP etc.) Scanning Internet (FTP/VPN) Server Customer Data Main Offi M i Office Retrieval Customer’s Central Server Database Export Documents Papers Forms Indexing & Processing Data Capture OCR ICR XML Conversion Customer Branch g Data Processing Quality Control Language Conversion Meta Data Enrichment Solutions Development
  • 20. Document Imaging – Example (2) gg p () (Local Project Workflow) Main Office Customers Main Office Documents, Papers & Forms Scanning Data Retrieval Scanned Images OUTPUT (, ) (Tiff, BMP etc.) Customer’s Central Server Database INPUT Server Export Indexing & Processing Data Capture OCR / ICR OMR XML Conversion Data Processing Language Conversion Meta Data Enrichment Quality Control Solutions Development
  • 21. AKSA Multi-lingual Bulk SMS Multi- Broadcasting Services
  • 22. AKSA Bulk Multi-lingual SMS g AKSA Bulk Multi-lingual SMS Features: Technical Details: AKSA-SDS offers bulk SMS in Multiple languages AKSA Bulk Multi-lingual SMS application communicates directly Increase in throughput of sending SMS using Asynchronous with SMSG. communication mode Tracking of responses Gateway supports the SMPP to Creating/maintaining the Group and Contact Management connect to an SMSC over the Systems internet or other private TCP/IP Template Management network. Job Scheduling Admin Module, History management and Reporting Interaction between SMSC and SMSG is through messages or messages, Supported Features: PDUs. Ability to set alpha or numeric sender id System architecture used in Aksa (originator address) dynamically Bulk Multi-lingual SMS i th B lk M lti li l is three-tier ti architecture. Delivery reports with GSM error codes Presentation Layer GSM character support Business Logic Layer g y Unicode UCS2 Data Layer
  • 23. AKSA Bulk Arabic SMS – Screen Shot Screen Shots User can add a new message template using Virtual Arabic keyboard
  • 24. AKSA Bulk Spanish SMS – Screen Shot p Screen Shots User can add a new message template using Virtual Keyboard y
  • 25. AKSA Bulk French SMS – Screen Shot Screen Shots User can add a new message template using Virtual Keyboard
  • 26. AKSA Bulk Russian SMS – Screen Shot Screen Shots User can add a new message template using Virtual Russian Keyboard Kb d
  • 27. AKSA Bulk URDU SMS – Screen Shot Screen Shots User can add a new message template using Virtual URDU Keyboard
  • 28. AKSA Bulk Vietnamese SMS – Screen Shot Screen Shots User can add a new message template using Virtual p g Vietnamese Keyboard
  • 29. AKSA Language Translator (ALT)
  • 30. AKSA Language Translator (ALT) AKSA Language Translator gg ( ) 2 1 Franchise/Retailer sends Customer requests the request to its Telecom for q Franchise/Retailer t F hi /R t il to the verification of issue new SIM Customer’s Information Franchise 3 Telecom sends the information to National Customer Database (ID) Authority for 5 verification AKSA Language Translator is a trained and matured Language Translation Software, which Company sends Text /Data py can intelligently translate Multi-lingual text into its g y g respective English translation and vice versa. to AKSA for Conversion ALT’s Professional Multi-lingual translation services ensure quality and precision translations National ID 4 for target clients. Authority ut o ty The Authority sends AKSA is proud to offer a wide range of services for the response back to the purpose of translating customer’s data. the Company in the local text Then AKSA Language Translator (ALT) 6 converts the text from the Local language to Roman English language and forwards this converted text/data to the Company.
  • 31. AKSA Point of Sale (POS) System (Hardware & Software)
  • 32. AKSA Point of of Sale (POS) AKSA Point Sale (POS) ) ( The POS will have either all or some of the following features depending on the device model: Cheap solution, totally customizable as per Customer demand Real-time data processing Electronic recording of customer data Need for extensive back end documentation eliminated Integrated fingerprint scanner for Customer Thumb image capturing Mass storage of sales data on Flash memories Interfaces for All kinds of Flash memories including SD, Mi It f f ki d f Fl h i i l di SD Micro SD MMC etc SD, t Business Card Scanner and NIC Scanner with Integrated Camera for Image capturing SIM interface for NIC number verification through GSM Network 1D and 2D Barcode Scanner Interface Paperless Solution – No need to sign up applications World class World-class Security
  • 33. AKSA Point of Sale (POS) ( ) Support 2 Customer Data is Ct Dt i captured automatically via the POS device 1 3 Customer walks into Customer Data is sent Ct Dt i t the Franchise/Retailer to Telecom Main Office to request a new SIM AKSA’s POS Device 4 Main Office New Connection Franchise/Retailer/ and SIM issued Telecom Branch Customer Telecom main office sends Tl i ffi d Office customer information to 8 National Database (ID) Authority for verification 7 5 National ID Authority 6 Central Database Customer Data/Information is stored into Telecom’s Customer Service Central Database
  • 34. AKSA’s Check Imaging Solution (Hardware & Software)
  • 35. AKSA s AKSA’s Check Imaging Solution No matter what your business is accepting checks represents y pg p time and effort to process them. AKSA check solution allows retail and commercial locations to capture checks at the point of presentment and electronically clear them. No longer do the checks have to be picked up and transported to your bank. The benefits are obvious no matter how many locations you have. Easy installation and integration Speed up recognition of checks p p g Central administration reduces complexity in maintaining your locations Reduce fraud Magnetically reads MICR data for highly accurate data capture Export images and data to existing in house systems Fast efficient scanning Additional revenue generating service for downstream banks Image quality that meets or exceeds industry standards Additional service that you can provide to your commercial clients Reduces or eliminates transportation and courier costs Funds are available faster Today – Multiple Days for Processing Bank Branch Remote Deposit With AKSA’s Check Imaging Solution – Almost Immediate Processing
  • 36. AKSA’s Time Xpress (Attendance Management System)
  • 37. AKSA Time Xpress – AMS AKSA’s Timep AKSA s Xpress AKSA’s Time Xpress (TX) is a paperless, cost effective and real time solution for the automation of employee “Time & attendance” recording at the place of work. work It comprises a swipe reader for recording arrivals and departures departures, Magnetic (Plastic) card for each employee and a simple Windows-based software package for recording and managing the Time & attendance data in a real-time environment. Advantages of AKSA’s Time Xpress: Valuable Time is saved of Higher Management in checking attendance. Easy to maintain records as compared to manual system. system No fear of losing data/records as it is in the case of manual system. No time required for tracking Employees attendance records. Lesser time is required for preparing salaries and reports. Reliability of the entire system. system AKSA’s Time Xpress is a cost effective solution. Main Features: Powered by the serial port – no external power supply required. Small & Low Cost. Single, Dual or Three track capabilities. Green / Red status indicator indicator. Mono-directional read capabilities. Single Cable adapts to AT or PS /2 configurations.
  • 38. AKSA’s Value-Added Services Value- (VAS)
  • 39. AKSA’s Value-Added Services (VAS) Value Added Services ( ) What is it? Value Added Services (VAS) allow telecom operators to increase and gain Average Revenue Per User by delivering various y g applications and services bringing about and extending to a personalized experience of subscriber needs.
  • 40. AKSA’s Value-Added Services (VAS) ( ) Value Added Services VAS Vision: To Facilitate the everyday life of people in an increasingly dynamic and interactive world empowering them to access our extensive services catering their needs via an array of innovative and reliable telecom channels VAS Mission: To become a l di Tb leading VAS P id Provider regionally as well as Globally offering Unique, Attractive and Rich content through hi h th h high-reach services guaranteeing h i ti the largest exposure in Partnership with all operators in:
  • 41. AKSA’s Value-Added Services (VAS) ( ) Value Added Services Corporate Info Services Applications (Push & Pull) Ring B k Ri Back SMS Chat S S Ch Tones Portals VAS Services Song Dedications (Wap & Web) Interactive TV It ti (SMS & MMS) Entertainment & Fun (Mobile Rich Media) Competition (Call & Win...etc.)
  • 42. AKSA’s Value-Added Services (VAS) ( ) Info Services Info Services: Services: Enables users to get information instantly simply by typing the code for the information type. News Break & Updates Nigh Life Restaurants Guide Guide Sports News Cinema Horoscope Guide Stock Quotes
  • 43. AKSA’s Value-Added Services (VAS) ( ) STK Services STK Services: Services: Breaking News Islamic Info Stock Updates Prayer Timings Weather Coverage Jokes Sports Coverage Quotes Ring Tones Bill Info Greeting Cards English Dictionary Logos
  • 44. AKSA’s Value-Added Services (VAS) ( ) Corporate Services Corporate Services: Services: All Way Messaging: Bulk SMS – MMS – WAP push Sender Application for f corporate t ASP model or direct purchase model Admin and users levels identified under a back & front office Full reporting
  • 45. Value Added Services-delivery architecture) AKSA’s Value-Added Services (VAS)( (Delivery Architecture)
  • 46. AKSA s AKSA’s VAS - Support Internet Country’s (FTP/VPN) Main Office Firewall Support Secured AKSA Support Master VPN Central Database Centre Support Secured Branch Secondary VPN Customers Branch Branch Branch Branch
  • 47. AKSA Achievements
  • 48. AKSA Achievements AKSA Achievements High Density Magnetic Card Reader for ISO7811-7 Time Xpress for Magtek USA for AKSA-SDS (Internal Project) Web Gamut E-Bazar for RITRC for AKSA-SDS (Internal Project) Compression of Color Facial Images Character Separation for Magtek USA for RITRC/US Census Bureau Matlab Simulation for Multiple data structure Digital Preservation Image QA for ISO/IEC WD 7811-7 for AKSA-SDS (Internal Project) for Magtek USA Electronic Document Flow (EDF) OCR Reject Processing for AKSA-SDS (Internal Project) for RITRC/US Census Bureau Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) OCR Truth Scrubbing for Upitercom for RITRC/US Census Bureau Linguistics for AKSA-SDS (Internal Project)
  • 49. AKSA Achievements AKSA Achievements Web Archiver Digital Filters in FPGA for AKSA-SDS (Internal Project) for AKSA-SDS (Internal Project) Reed Solomon Codec Data Capture System for AKSA-SDS (Internal Project) AKSA SDS for AKSA-SDS Inc. AKSA SDS Automated Backup and Retrieval System Internet Image Retriever for AKSA-SDS (Internal Project) for KODAK IMS Cartridge Feeder Digital Imaging and Archiving for KODAK for Ufone, Telenor, Mobilink, Paktel, Instafone CORDIC Processor in FPGAs AKSA Language Translator (ALT) gg ( ) for AKSA-SDS (Internal Project) for Ufone, Telenor, Mobilink Viterbi Codecs Vending Machines for AKSA-SDS (Internal Project) ( j) for PTC, Pepsi , p
  • 50. AKSA s Upcoming Projects AKSA’s p g j AKSA’s Upcoming Projects AKSA’s Interactive Point of Sale (AIPOS) for the Telco Industry y Easy SMS for the Telco Industry Bulk Multi-lingual Message Broadcast for the Telco Industry Value-Added Services (VAS) for the Telco Industry
  • 51. AKSA Clients & Partners
  • 52. AKSA Clients & Partners AKSA Clients & Partners
  • 53. Why AKSA-SDS? AKSA-
  • 54. Why AKSA-SDS? AKSA SDS? Why AKSA-SDS? AKSA’s objective is to provide clients with world-class software solutions surpassed by none, and supported by an experienced, competent and reliable team of experts , pp y p , p p having a decade of professional and international software development experience . We have assembled a system, with an array of skills and specialties and can custom-fit the knowledge and strengths of our software to your specific projects. We are ISO-9001 and 2000 Certified for Software Development, Digital Imaging & Archiving, Electrical Repair and Development LAB. Standard, Innovative Technologies Integrated AKSA’s Support to You: into AKSA’s Business Intelligence We can provide you consultancy in Digital Fool-proof Software Security Preservation Data Collection Capabilities Each and every solution of ours is customizable Smart Systems S tS t We have developed an OMR system that can be scanned from any ordinary scanner Change in operational thinking
  • 55. Contact AKSA Contact AKSA – Thank you! Thank you! AKSA SDS AKSA-SDS (PVT.) LTD.: Ground Floor, Software Technology Park, 5-A, Constitution Avenue, F 5/1, F-5/1, Islamabad – Pakistan. Tel: 92-51-2828176, 2827582, 2823105 Fax: 92-51-2827511 * This presentation is for information purposes only. Copyright © 2009. AKSA-SDS (PVT.) LTD. All rights reserved.