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Final presentation christian lawlor
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Final presentation christian lawlor


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Published in: Travel

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  • 1. Travel Agent Christian Lawlor Technology & Multimedia Spring 2009
  • 2. Project Description
    • Christian Lawlor
    • I will be discussing six different countries in Europe and how these countries are uniquely appealing to visit.
  • 3. Table of Contents
    • Spain
    • Portugal
    • England
    • France
    • Germany
    • Italy
    • Video
    • Works Cited
  • 4. Spain: Basic Information
    • Population: About 46 million
    • Capital: Madrid
  • 5. Spain: Famous Sites
    • Barcelona- guided city tours, private tours, guided visits to the prominent monuments and visits to nearby towns of high historical interest
    • Cordoba- boasts numerous monuments such as the old Moorish Mezquita, the Alcazar fortress and the Synagogue
    • Granada- tourists are offered guided tours to the famous Alhambra and Generalife palace and fortress, a historical guided tour through the old part of the town and visits to nearby towns of interest (Rust 1).
  • 6. Spain: Tourist Information
    • Spain is second in the world for tourism behind the United States
    • Spain has 4 major coasts that have summer resorts and beaches
  • 7. Spain: Interesting Facts
    • Known for influencing other countries; over 400 million Spanish speakers today
    • Spanish culture has its origins in the Iberian, Celtiberian, Latin, Visigothic, Roman Catholic, and Islamic cultures
    • Running of the bulls is a trademark of Spain
    • Located in southwestern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula (Clout 8).
  • 8. Portugal: Basic Information
    • Population: About 10 million
    • Capital: Lisbon
  • 9. Portugal: Famous Sites
    • Belem Tower is one of the most famous landmarks in Lisbon, one of the leading tourism cities in Europe
    • Batalha- Portuguese Gothic masterpiece, the Santa Maria da Vitória Monastery (14th-16th centuries) is a national landmark (Rust 4).
  • 10. Portugal: Tourist Information
    • Main tourist areas include Greater Lisbon, Algrave, and Greater Porto
    • Tourism regions encompass Costa Verde, Costa da Prata, and Costa de Lisboa
  • 11. Portugal: Interesting Facts
    • Portugal’s culture has changed over the years and they have increased their number of public cultural facilities
    • Located in southwestern Europe in the Iberian Peninsula (Clout 3).
  • 12. England: Basic Information
    • Population: About 52 million
    • Capital: London
  • 13. England: Famous Sites
    • Big Ben is one of the most known symbols of London
    • Stonehenge is definitely a stop for every tourist that visits England (Rust 2).
  • 14. England: Tourist Information
    • Part of the United Kingdom that borders with Scotland and Wales
  • 15. England: Interesting Facts
    • Aston Martin is a well established English automobile company
    • English football (soccer) is the best in the world especially the world famous football club Liverpool F.C. (Clout 11).
  • 16. France: Basic Information
    • Population: About 65 million
    • Capital: Paris
  • 17. France: Famous Sites
    • Eiffel Tower is by far the symbol of France
    • The Louvre Museum is also considered very famous
  • 18. France: Tourist Information
    • Located in western region of Europe
    • Tourist sites include the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, and the Arc de Triomphe
  • 19. France: Interesting Facts
    • Paris is the most visited city in the world
    • Eastern parts of France contain many ski resorts in the Alps
  • 20. Germany: Basic Information
    • Population: About 82 million
    • Capital: Berlin
  • 21. Germany: Famous Sites
    • The Berlin Wall is one of the biggest attractions while visiting Germany
  • 22. Germany: Tourist Information
    • Tourist towns include Berlin, Hamburg, and Munich
    • Bamberg, Dresden, and Goslar are also tourist hot spots
  • 23. Germany: Interesting Facts
    • Germany is the seventh most visited country in the world
    • Located in Central Europe
  • 24. Italy: Basic Information
    • Population: About 60 million
    • Capital: Rome
  • 25. Italy: Famous Sites
    • The Colosseum and the Vatican Museums are two main attractions for tourists
    • Other main sights include the Pantheon, St. Peter’s Basicalla, and the Spanish Steps
  • 26. Italy: Tourist Information
    • Famous works of art include Michelangelo’s David and Botticelli’s Birth of Venus
  • 27. Italy: Interesting Facts
    • Located in Southern Europe, boot-shaped peninsula
    • Known for Italian Renaissance (13 th century)
    • Rome is one of the most visited cities in the world
  • 28. Video
  • 29. Works Cited
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