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  • 1. Microsoft Word
  • 2. Microsoft Word Window Title Bar Menu bar Toolbar Text Area
  • 3.
    • Click View
    • Select Toolbars
    • Select Standard, Formatting, and Drawing
    • Other toolbars can be selected if you wish
    Viewing the Toolbars
  • 4. Formatting Toolbar Font Font Size Font Styles Font alignment Line Spacing Numbering Bullets Tabs Borders Font Color
  • 5. Add a New Page
    • Click on File
    • Select New
    • Or you can just click
    • on this icon on the
    • on the standard toolbar.
  • 6. Setup Margin
      • Click on File Menu
      • Click on Page Setup
      • Change the measurements on:
      • Top, Bottom, Left and Right to 2.5 cm or 1”
      • Click on Ok.
  • 7. Setup Line Spacing
    • Click on Format Menu
    • Click on paragraph
    • Change the Line spacing to Double
    • Click on Ok.
  • 8. Add Tables 1.Click on Table Menu. 2. Click on Insert. 3. Select Table. 4. Type the number of columns and rows that you will need. 5. Click on ok.
  • 9. Add Columns
    • There are two ways to add columns to your text.
    • Select the text where you will make the changes.
    • Click on Format Menu
    • Click on Columns
    • Type the number of columns you will need.
    • Click on Ok
  • 10. The other way to add columns is just to click on this icon: Then just choose the columns that you’ll need.
  • 11. Save Documents To save your document the are 2 ways; click on this icon or
    • Click on File Menu
  • 12.
    • Click on Save if is the first time you save this document.
    • Choose the folder where you´ll save the document.
    • Type the name of your document and click Save.