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Sports Psychology for Swimmers
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Sports Psychology for Swimmers


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Dr. Patrick Cohn, owner of Peak Performance Sports at - helps athletes and coaches improve mental toughness for sports. Learn mental game strategies to help you perform your …

Dr. Patrick Cohn, owner of Peak Performance Sports at - helps athletes and coaches improve mental toughness for sports. Learn mental game strategies to help you perform your best in meets and competition.

Published in: Sports, Technology
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Sports Psychology And Swimming Performance Patrick J. Cohn, Ph.D. Peak Performance Sports Orlando, Florida
    • 2. Sports Psychology
      • About i mproving performance
      • Uncover negative thinking
      • H elp healthy athletes get better
      • Improve practice efficiency
      • Improve team unity & cohesion
      Peak Performance Sports
    • 3. We earn Competence in a Lifetime, but Choose our Attitude Every Single Day Peak Performance Sports
    • 4. Ten Signs Your Mind is in the Tank
      • Meet times are slower than practice times.
      • Lose focus during critical times of the race.
      • Confidence dives when you go to big meets.
      • Best technique on the team, but slow times.
      • Swim worse when others are watching you.
      Peak Performance Sports
    • 5. Ten Signs Your Mind is in the Tank (Cont.)
      • You have negative thoughts before meets.
      • You feel sick or really scared before meets.
      • You focus too much on your competitors.
      • You worry about mistakes & embarrassment.
      • You worry too much about what others think.
      Peak Performance Sports
    • 6. Mark of Champion Swimmers
      • Dreams of greatness
      • Clear and simple goals
      • Belief in one’s ability
      • Focus on one stroke at a time
      • “ See” the successful race
      • Perform improves in meets
      • Ability to discard doubts
      • Let it happen, not force it
      • Ability to let go of mistakes
      • Train like a champion
      • Swim without mental roadblocks
      Peak Performance Sports
    • 7. The Three C’s for Success in Sports Peak Performance Sports
      • C onfidence
      • C oncentration
      • C omposure
    • 8. You Must Believe Before You Can Achieve Peak Performance Sports
      • What is self-confidence?
      • Sources of confidence for swimmers
      • Take control of your confidence
      • Focus on reasons to be confident
      • Fight the “doubter” inside you
      • Prepare to feel confident
    • 9. Focusing on the Process Brings Desired Results Peak Performance Sports
      • Define what’s important to focus on
      • Know what’s not important to racing
      • Immerse yourself in those tasks
      • Be aware when you get off task
      • Learn to refocus when off-task
    • 10. Choose to Stay Composed Peak Performance Sports
      • You can control your reactions
      • Stop the dwelling!
      • Focus on improving for next event
      • Be your own best coach
    • 11. Common Challenges for Swimmers Peak Performance Sports
      • Nerves before races
      • Doubt or low confidence
      • Intimidation from others
      • Can I beat this gal/guy?
      • Protecting your lead
    • 12. Positive Thoughts for Mental Toughness Peak Performance Sports
      • “ Take it one stroke at a time”
      • “ I have no limitations”
      • “ I’ve trained & deserve to win”
      • “ No one can distract me today”
      • “ It’s just me and my lane”
    • 13. Commitment is a Choice You Make Everyday
      • Self-motivation
      • Personal goals
      • Practice plan
      • Self-monitoring
      Peak Performance Sports
    • 14. Choose to Learn & Grow in the Face of Failure
      • What are the positives?
      • How can you learn?
      • How can confidence grow?
      Peak Performance Sports
    • 15. Tips for Coaches
      • Encourage a process focus
      • Focus on goals, not outcomes
      • Reinforce athlete’s confidence
      • Use objectives, not expectations
      • Utilize specificity training & routines
      Peak Performance Sports
    • 16. 8 Guidelines for Parents
      • Sports should be just a game.
      • Your agenda is not your child’s.
      • Emphasize process not results.
      • Model composure & poise.
      • Refrain from game-time coaching.
      • Detach self-esteem from achievement.
      • Ask the right questions.
      • Pledge: P.A.Y.S. Parent’s Code of Ethics.
      Peak Performance Sports