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Motorcycles 2
Motorcycles 2
Motorcycles 2
Motorcycles 2
Motorcycles 2
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Motorcycles 2
Motorcycles 2
Motorcycles 2
Motorcycles 2
Motorcycles 2
Motorcycles 2
Motorcycles 2
Motorcycles 2
Motorcycles 2
Motorcycles 2
Motorcycles 2
Motorcycles 2
Motorcycles 2
Motorcycles 2
Motorcycles 2
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Motorcycles 2


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  • 1. Motorcycles:
    Accidents, Injuries, and Fatalities
    Ali Alsagoor, Abdullah Yousef,
    Brice Biruta, & Gael Somayire
  • 2. Overview
    Introduction to motorcycles
    Motorcycles versus motor-vehicles
    Types of motorcycle injuries
    Motorcycle facts
    Likelihood of motorcycle fatalities
    Out of all motorcycle accidents
    Out of all accidents
    Out of all fatalities
  • 3. Overview (…Continued)
    Fatalities by age group
    Motorcycles versus motor-vehicles
    Registration & interesting facts
    Conclusion & suggestions
  • 4. Introduction To Motorcycles
    Single track, two-wheeled motor vehicle
    Most affordable form of motorized transport in many parts of the world, including U.S.
    Approximately 200 million motorcycles in
    use worldwide
    Highest rate of accident among motorized vehicles
  • 5. Motorcycles & motor-vehicles
    Typical driver:
    Near-automobile accident 1-2 times each month
    Collision every 6 years
    Injury rate: 1.2 times higher for motorcycle riders (compared to car riders)
    Fatality rate: 5.5 times higher for motorcycle riders (compared to car riders)
  • 6. Trauma Center Admissions Most Common
  • 7. Motorcycle Accident Facts
    Of motorcycle riders in fatal crashes:
    36% were speeding
    26% did not have valid licenses
    27% had a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) over 0.08 percent.
    Decline in helmet use:
    Helmet use declined 20% in 6 years (2001-2006)
  • 8. PA Resident Fatalities
    PA fatalities: 225
    Nationwide fatalities: 5,154
    4.37%of 2007 fatalities were PA residents
  • 9. Likelihood of a motorcycle fatality (out of all motorcycle accidents)
    4,111 motorcycle accidents in PA
    225 accidents = fatal
    The likelihood of a motorcycle fatality is 5.4%
  • 10. Likelihood of a motorcycle fatality (out of all accidents)?
    • 12 million + motor vehicle accidents each year
    • 11. This includes 20 million + vehicles
    • 12. Result: 5 million non-fatal accidents
    - National Safety Council (NSA)
    The likelihood of a motorcycle fatality is 4%
  • 13. Likelihood of a motorcycle fatality (out of all fatalities)?
    Motorcycle fatalities in 2008: 5,290
    Motor vehicle accident deaths: 46,000
    • National Safety Council (NSC)
    Likelihood of a motorcycle fatality is 11.5%
  • 14. Most Fatalities Age 40+
  • 15. Registered vehicles: fatalities & miles traveled
  • 16. Registered Motorcycles Today
    75% more registered motorcycles today than 10 years ago( 1999= 4,152,433)
    Today there are about 7,266,758registered motorcycles
  • 17. Registered Motorcycles & Fatal Accidents
    # of registered bikes expected to be involved in a fatal accident: 5,427
    This includes 1,682riders from our age group (30 years and younger)
    It also includes approximately 1,000 riders who were speeding
    Out of the 5,427could have been saved by wearing a helmet
  • 18. Miles Traveled Per Motorcycle
    Total vehicle miles traveled = 10.5 k
    Total number of registered bikes today = 7,266,758
    Each motorcycle travels an average of 690miles.
  • 19. Interesting Facts
    In America , 75.19 per 100,000 fatal crashes occur per registered motorcycle vehicle compared to 18.62 for 100,000 registered vehicles .
    The U.S has non-profit motorcycle safety organizations like MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) to prevent and reduce accidents.
  • 20. Conclusion
    Based on injury and fatality rates, motorcycle riders are more likely to be injured or die in an accident (compared to people riding in a car).
    The most common motorcycle injuries result in admission to a trauma center.
    Most motorcycle fatalities involve people age 40 and over.
  • 21. Suggestions
    New safety precautions
    Required safety trainings
    Stricter helmet laws (because of usage decline)
    Frequent riding tests to renew licenses
    Updated, enforced laws
    Higher fines for speeding (36% speeding in fatal)
    License validation checks (26% not valid in fatal)
    Alcohol checks (27% high BAC in fatal)
  • 22. References
    • 23.
  • 24. Questions
    Are there any questions?