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180 Sept 2009 Class
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180 Sept 2009 Class


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A slide show of the food produced by the 180 Sept 2009 Class

A slide show of the food produced by the 180 Sept 2009 Class

Published in: Education

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  • 1. 180 ° September 09
  • 2. Gianduja Mousse Quiche Lorraine
  • 3. Poached Chicken and Noodle Soup Grapefruit with Pernod Biscotti
  • 4. Gorgonzola Tart Roast Pork Loin with a Potato Galette and Red Pepper Coulis Le clafoutis
  • 5. Tomato Tart Potato Wrapped Bass with Saffron Broth Molten Chocolate Cake
  • 6. Orange and Grilled Fennel Salad Representatives of the Mexican Cultural Center who presented Mexican wines
  • 7. Le Grand Aioli Individual Apple Tarts
  • 8. Brandade and Tapenade Scampi Provencal with Fazzoletti Vacherin with Fresh Fruit
  • 9. Curried Carrot Soup Roasted Chicken with Samfaina and Pommes Berny
  • 10. Amuse Duck Liver Mousseline filled Profiteroles with Duck Consommé Duck with Verjus and Walnut Sauce Mousse Cake
  • 11. Crespeau Pan fried Trout with Sauce Grenobloise Sorbet
  • 12. Un dia con Roberto Solis
  • 13. Croquettas with Jamon Serrano Spanish Garlic Soup Paella Selection of Spanish Cheeses
  • 14. Soba Noodle Amuse Jaeger Schnitzel Black Forest Cake
  • 15. Carabaccia Risotto al Frutti di Mare
  • 16. Spinach Soup Fonduta Roasted Pepper and White Anchovies
  • 17. Celery and Rice Soup Beef Braised in Barolo with Pappardelle
  • 18. White Salad Lasagne
  • 19. Exam Day
  • 20. Tomato and Cauliflower Soup Oeufs à la neige Pan Seared Chicken Breast with Sauce Robert
  • 21. Seared Scallops and Tuna Tartare with Beurre Blanc Lemon Tart Duck with Sauce Bigarrade
  • 22. Slow Roasted Strip Loin Mussel and Potato Salad Onion Tarts Three Chocolate Mousse Cake
  • 23. The kitchen crew for 180 ° Dining: Friuli Menu
  • 24. 180 ° Dining Friuli Menu Frico and Salume Mezza Luna Ravioli Roasted Venison with Polenta Pear Strudel
  • 25. Omelet with wilted Spinach and Potato Pancake Apple Croustade
  • 26. Poached Salmon Medallions Mushroom Soup Fraisier Potato and Roasted Beet Salad Mayonnaise Derivatives
  • 27. Oeufs en Meurette Crème Brul é e Poached Chicken Roulade
  • 28. Lentil Salad Rable de Lapin with Pommes Dauphine
  • 29. Cheese Souffl é Medallion of Beef Maple ice cream
  • 30. Leek Soup with Salmon quenelles Sole en papillotte Crème Caramel P â te de Fruits and Truffles
  • 31. Clams Casino Lemon Soufflé Halibut à la nage with Pesto Aioli
  • 32. Oysters Rockfeller Stripped bass wrapped in brik dough with a soupe de poisson emulsion Chocolate Soufflé
  • 33. Smoke Salmon Bavarois Lobster à l’Am é ricaine Ice Cream Buffet
  • 34. Seafood Buffet
  • 35. Panzanella Scaloppini Parmesan Zuccoto
  • 36. Fettucine with Braised Garlic and Balsamico Saltimbocca with Gorgonzola Potato Pancakes and Broiled Radicchio Rice Pudding
  • 37. Some of practical exam 2
  • 38. Bagna Cauda Osso Bucco Semi Freddo
  • 39. Artichoke Soup Roasted Pistachio Crusted Rack of Lamb with Ratatouille Paris Brest
  • 40. Flammenkuchen Choucroute Garni Mille Feuilles
  • 41. Duck with Mushroom Ragout Pan Fried Trout with Riz Basquaise
  • 42. Salmon Tartare with Consommé Roasted Beef Tenderloin Bordelaise with Truffle Fries Quatre Quarts with Orange Curd
  • 43. Lobster Bisque Roasted Venison, Sauce Grand Veneur with Butternut and Chestnut Pur é e Assorted Molded Chocolates
  • 44. Salade Ni ç oise
  • 45. Pasta Carbonara Olive and Garlic Studded Roasted Lamb Loin with Broccoli a la Romagna This is what happens when you put Duane in charge of flambéing a Zuppa Inglese with a whole bottle of 151.
  • 46. 180 ° Dining, Réveillon Dinner Smoked Salmon Profiterole Lobster Napoleon Ashley applying gold leaf to the Op é ra cakes Mignardises on Bauscher Plates Filet de Boeuf Paul Mercier
  • 47. Pasta with Comt é and Cucumbers Pork Tenderloin with Shiitake Matefaims
  • 48. Vichyssoise with Osetra Filet de Boeuf Paul Mercier The filet before we trussed her up Black Currant Tart
  • 49. Agnolotti Frogs Legs with Romesco Sauce Veal Cheek with Aioli and Gnocchi Gorgonzola Soufflé in a Port Poached Pear with Port Sorbet
  • 50. Game Hen Terrine with Puy Lentils Sole Normande Cr ê pe Cake with Apples and Caramel Ice cream
  • 51. Roasted Strawberries with Thyme Cassoulet Beet, Walnut and Humboldt Fog Salad
  • 52. Tortellini with Pesto Wood Fired Prawns with Orange and Basil
  • 53. Those that made it to the finish line Notice that it was taken at almost the exact same time as the picture on the first day
  • 54. Duane (‘s World) Bunch He came to us from St. Martin. Here he is lifting up two glasses as he usually made sure that he sat by an empty place setting to reap the rewards He is an avid fisherman He got engaged at the end of the program and plans to cook on high end yachts The only person in the class who could clean the hood without a stepstool
  • 55. Tully Cox Originally from the east coast. He comes from the world of graphic design. Like many that get the food bug, it is all he can think about. I particularly appreciated his attention to keeping hot line spotless. His sense of discipline and attention to detail will take him far in the food world.
  • 56. Ron Farinelli He’s been a police officer, a prison guard and a driver of hazardous material living in Wyoming Quite a character with a slightly warped sense of humor, which will suit him perfectly in the restaurant world
  • 57. Linda Fitzpatrick She is a tough cookie She has good cooking skills and don’t underestimate her It is always rewarding to see career changers take to this craft with passion Go girl! (OK young lady)
  • 58. Gian Luigi Frau Is a fairly new import from Italy. Born in Torino and spent most of his time in Florence working as a bartender and waiter He asked many questions, always starting with “excuse me chef?” Gian Luigi is a very hard worker and passionate about food With his understanding of the front of the house and now his focus on the kitchen he will be a well rounded chef
  • 59. Ashley Frederiksen Came to us from the army and every response was always “yes sir” or “no sir” which is always a welcome response She also had no problem taking a leadership position when she saw an opportunity to exercise it She was all over the Deep Plate presentation project She is a hard worker and has the right attitude to succeed in this industry
  • 60. Alan Hubbard Was so reserved and kind of shy and certainly appeared to sometimes be on another planet Every once in a while he would surprise us and come up with an incredibly insightful question or response
  • 61. Genevieve Marcelino I applaud Genevieve for taking on this program newly pregnant It is an intense program and also one where a lot of very nice and I imagine tempting wines are served with lunch Genevieve stuck with the program to the end and only had to leave a few times for pre-natal appointments I’m sure her baby will be a gourmet
  • 62. Victoria (Veronica) McGuire Surprised us all We assumed she was just coming to culinary school to be a better home cook But it turned out she really did want to become a professional cook She really applied herself to the program Unfortunately she had to leave early to give attention to her family She’s moved to Maui and is thinking of getting into the restaurant business Mahalo
  • 63. Shannon McClane Came to us from Texas A very strong student who was completely dedicated to her education I always misinterpreted her facial expressions I would be talking about a dish and it just looked like she was being pained by what I was saying She got engaged on the night before the last day of the program I hope he likes Christmas music
  • 64. David Mendoza Extreme skier turned cook Spent a lot of time texting on his cell phone and when I would bust him on it he would always say “it’s not fair” He is heading back up to the mountains to ski and cook
  • 65. Laura (Squeak) Montgomery Ron was paired with Laura for all 3 rotations and by the time she got to Hot Line Ron had figured out how to get her to believe anything he said. He, along with Duane would send her off to get various made up items, so that she would have to ask Chef Dale what it was This led to some pretty funny conversations We called her squeak (we had many other nicknames we considered) because she would make these series of squeaky little sneezes After graduation, her husband and her moved to Nebraska. We trust she is well there
  • 66. Jordan Muraglia An outstanding student with such a strong sense of aesthetic He is ambitious as well with a desire to work at John Besh’s restaurant in New Orleans and then maybe go visit Roberto Solis in Mexico And then he would like to go work in Spain Viaje con dios and bueno suerte
  • 67. Todd Somma When I saw Todd come in on the first day of school, I thought oh my God we got a live one Multiple piercings, African expanded ear lobe piercing, a healthy dose of tattoos and skin tight pants that looked like he melted into them but still managed to slide off his ass It turns out he is a really caring individual who is crazy about cooking. A super hard worker that is clearly motivated to become a great cook He is in the northeast looking for a great French Bistrot to work in
  • 68. Laura (Lu) Stever Is a Registered Dietician from California I really think that Culinary School combined with an RD background is a winning ticket She is back in California trying to adjust to her boyfriend leaving for Nicaragua to join the Peace Corps Get in a kitchen girl You’ll be so busy you won’t have time to think
  • 69. Jennifer (JT) Truel JT went from arranging organ transplants to an archeological dig and then decided she was going to follow her true passion cooking She is very bright with just the right amount of disdain for authority to get her in a little trouble Go gently JT
  • 70. Gary (Gee Gee) Wong Ask him about his nickname Gee Gee is a really hard worker and if I would announce I needed something, the words would barely leave my mouth before he would be on his way to bring it to me He had me eat a cooked black egg, it tasted ok With French technique and a solid grasp of his cuisine of origin He should be very marketable