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  • 1.  
  • 2. Back Softball
    • “Back Softball” is the official name of the campaign launched by the International Federation to reinstate Softball into the Olympic Programme (for the Olympic and Paralympic Games) in 2016.
  • 3. Cont.
    • The Back Softball Campaign includes a ten point blueprint that lays out how the sport will continue to meet and exceed the IOC evaluation criteria for inclusion of a sport into the Olympic Programme.
  • 4. Blue Print
    • The Back Softball blue print includes the following initiatives:
    • Increase number of nations playing softball (see following slide)
    • Increase number of youth accessing sport through softball
    • Increase number of worldwide participants playing softball (see following slide)
    • Place even greater emphasis on opportunities of women in sport
    • Provide even greater worldwide access to people with disabilities
    • Provide softball equipment/coaching to where it is most needed
    • Increase television time broadcasting tournaments
  • 5. Scope:
    • Current countries belonging to the ISF are in red
  • 6. Working Together
    • As members and board directors of GASP, your leadership within the softball community is ever present.
    • With your help and guidance, along with the Back Softball blueprint, we can do our part to bring softball to the Olympic programme in 2016.
  • 7. GASP’s Vision
    • To be the recognized leader in player, coach and team development.
    • To provide opportunities for all players to progress and gain life skills, self-esteem and to continue to contribute to the sport on a life long basis.
    • To produce a growing number of players who excel in the game.
    • To provide education and development within the program as well as in the communities and sports associations.
    • To conduct affairs with fairness, integrity and equal opportunity.
  • 8. Working Together
    • Both GASP as well as the ISF have coinciding visions. For continual training of players and coaches in order to develop life skills such as self-esteem and confidence as well as to provide playing opportunities to all players.
  • 9. Partnership
    • Though the Back Softball campaign, and numerous GASP tournaments, together we can:
    • Organize a drop off point for old equipment
    • Bring awareness to the Back Softball campaign
    • Provide coaching opportunities
    • Broadcast tournaments to capture a larger audience, in turn bringing more girls to GASP, and more awareness to the campaign
  • 10. SOURCES
    • Photo: taken from and edited http://www.dordt.edu/main/alumni/wallpaper/softball1280.jpg
    • http://www.backsoftball.com
    • http://www.allstarsoftball.ca/league.php?scriptName=HOME&leagueID=13043