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Final So Handbook

  2. 2. EQUAL OPPORTUNITY STATEMENT The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) will not discriminate in its educational programs, activities, or employment practices, based on race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, disability, age, religion, ancestry, union membership, or any other legally protected classification. Announcement of this policy is in accordance with State law, including the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act and with Federal law, including Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967, and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. If you have questions about this publication, or for additional copies, contact the Career and Technical Student Organization Office, Department of Education, 333 Market Street, 11th Floor, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17126-0333, Voice Telephone: 717-783-6952, Text Telephone TTY: 717-783-8445, FAX: 717-783-6672, E-mail: FCCLA members with disabilities as properly identified by a certified psychologist or physician and having an Individualized Education Plan (I.E.P.) will be reasonably accommodated in FCCLA regional, state, and national events. Any competitive events will be modified to provide an equal competitive opportunity. Such members may be allowed to provide and utilize special equipment that FCCLA may not be able to provide. Requests for reasonable accommodations should be made in writing, with a description of the handicap, along with any specific needs stated, to the State Facilitator and returned by the regional or state conference registration form deadline. For national events, the request must be submitted 90 days prior to the start of the national meeting. 2
  3. 3. STATE OFFICER AND ADVISER HANDBOOK TABLE OF CONTENTS 2008-2009 PA FCCLA State Officer and Adviser Calendar of Events 4 Role of the State Officer Adviser 5 Role of the State Officer 6 PA FCCLA State Officer Policy 7 PA FCCLA Code of Ethics 9 Pennsylvania National Officer Candidate Endorsement Criteria 11 PA FCCLA National Officer Role 12 PA FCCLA State Executive Council Responsibilities 13 Meetings 16 Regional Leadership Meeting Guidelines 18 Regional Leadership Meeting Sample Website Release 20 Regional Leadership Meeting Sample Press Release 28 PA FCCLA Regional Leadership Meeting Permission/Consent Form (RM 100) 29 PA FCCLA Regional Leadership Meeting Report Form (RM 101) 31 Note on forms  200s - completed at Work Sessions  300s - sent to state office at regular intervals;  500s & 400 - submitted to state office at beginning of term of office State Officer Legislative Visit Guidelines 33 PA FCCLA State Executive Council Committee Report Form (SEC 200) 41 PA FCCLA Middle Level State Officer Report Form (SEC 201) 42 PA FCCLA State Officer Monthly Report Form (SEC 301) 43 PA FCCLA State Officer Expense Account Form (SEC 302) 47 PA FCCLA Chapter Visit Outline and Speaking Points 49 PA FCCLA State Officer Chapter Visit Request Form (SEC 303) 51 PA FCCLA State Officer and Adviser Contact Information Form (SEC 500) 53 PA FCCLA State Executive Council Permission/Consent Form (SEC 501) 55 PA FCCLA Website Photograph Waiver Form (SEC 502) 57 PA FCCLA Meeting Rules and Regulations 59 Rules and Regulations Acknowledgement Form (SLC 400) 62 Uniform Code and Selection 63
  4. 4. 2008-2009 STATE OFFICER AND ADVISER CALENDAR OF EVENTS Event Dates Facility City Comments April 21-22, Holiday Inn Mechanicsburg, PA New State Officer 2008 Harrisburg West Orientation Action for Healthy June 12, American Cancer Hershey, PA Vice President of September Society Office National Programs Kids Pennsylvania Division 11, and Adviser December 11, 2008 National Leadership July 12-18, Includes travel Orlando, FL Strongly Meeting 2008 dates recommended State Officer July 29-31, Holiday Inn Mechanicsburg, PA Board of Directors 2008 Harrisburg West Meeting Training July 31, 2008, 1:00-4:00 pm USA Leadership September Crystal City 25-28, 2008 Optional Training Phase 2 Washington DC Metro area Fall SEC Work October Best Lewisburg, PA Session 20-22, 2008 Western/Country Cupboard Board of Directors October 21, Best Lewisburg, PA 4:00-6:00 pm Meeting 2008 Western/Country Cupboard Fall Regional Plan on arriving Leadership TBA TBA TBA the evening before Meeting National Cluster November Providence, RI Optional Meeting 14-16, 2008 November Cincinnati, OH 21-23, 2008 SLC and STAR forms January 27, Online and and monies due to 2009 Postmark date State Office Lancaster Host Lancaster, PA SEC Winter Work February Resort and Board of Directors 8-10, 2009 Meeting Session Conference February 8, 2009, Center 1:30 pm PDE BCTE Week February The Capitol and Harrisburg, PA State President Activities 10-11, 2008 Harrisburg Hotels and Adviser (tentative) attend; optional for other officers SLC Hotel Registration February Received by date due to Lancaster Host 13, 2009 SEC Work March Lancaster Host Lancaster, PA Sunday Evening, Session 16-18, 2009 Resort and March 15 arrival Conference Center Lancaster Host Lancaster, PA State Leadership March Resort and 18-20, 2009 Conference Center Conference
  5. 5. ROLE OF THE STATE OFFICER ADVISER - PA FCCLA POLICY Advisers are expected to participate with their student officers in all planned meetings, activities and meals during all work sessions. If an adviser cannot be present at all times due to emergency reasons, he must submit written approval from his administrator for that absence to the State Facilitator. The school district is responsible for appointing a qualified substitute to accompany the student in the emergency absence of the adviser. If that appointed substitute is from another district, written permission must be given from both school districts. A. Assist state officer with planning of Regional Leadership Meetings including: 1. Attending regional committee planning meetings 2. Obtaining guest speakers 3. Conducting workshops 4. Determining registration fee 5. Deciding on refreshments 6. Producing programs 8. Deciding on location B. Transport your officer to all meetings or arrange for transportation. C. Assist state officer with assignments and review all materials prepared by the state officer. Keep file copies of all materials sent to the state office. D. Make sure the state officer meets all deadlines. E. Make sure all state officers conduct themselves in an appropriate manner. F. Proofread and approve all written material and committee reports. G. Always maintain a professional attitude and performance. Be a role model. H. Assist in planning State Leadership Conference. I. Work at State Leadership Conference as needed, which may include STAR Events, general sessions, registration, and workshops. J. Attend all State Officer Meetings. 1. State Officer Orientation Session – April (2 days) 2. National Leadership Meeting – July 3. State Officer Training Session - July 4. Regional Leadership Meetings - October/November (1 or 2 school days) 5. PA FCCLA State Executive Council Work Sessions - Fall/Winter (2-3 days each) 6. State Leadership Conference - March/April (5 days) K. State Officer adviser is responsible for his state officer’s actions and responsibilities. 5
  6. 6. ROLE OF THE STATE OFFICER The following is written from Article V, Pennsylvania Association Family, Career and Community Leaders of America Bylaws: All State Officers shall serve as members of the PA FCCLA State Executive Council. A. The State Executive Council. The state organization shall have eleven elected officers; nine of the officers shall be elected by their respective regions; and two members elected as middle level officers at large. Such officers shall be members of the State Executive Council and shall elect from their ranks a President, First Vice President, and Secretary. Each of the remaining officers shall be appointed as Vice President of National Programs, Vice President of Membership, Vice President of Public Relations, Vice President of Recognition, Vice President of Elections, Vice President of Meetings; and two Vice Presidents of Middle Level Chapters. B. Duties. The Executive Council shall: Be represented on the Board of Directors to help determine policies and procedures as they affect the program. Determine the business to be brought before the delegates at the annual meeting, conference or special meeting. Plan the program and preside over the state meetings. Be responsible for planning and promoting the state/national theme and projects. Conduct other business as shall be necessary to facilitate the progress of the organization. Review the annual Pennsylvania Association Family, Career and Community Leaders of America budget. C. Term of Office. The term of office shall be one year, beginning after state officer installation at the annual State Leadership Conference. D. Vacancies. Appointments for all vacancies of the State Executive Council shall be made by the State Executive Council in consultation with the State Adviser considering Article V, Section 2. If a vacancy occurs after the start of the Fall State Executive Council Work Session, then the other members of the State Executive Council will assume the responsibilities of the office. If the office of President should become vacant, the First Vice President shall automatically assume the office and duties of the President. A First Vice President would then be elected by the State Executive Council. E. Duties by Office. (See attached sheet) F. Duties by Committees. (See attached sheet) 6
  7. 7. PA FCCLA STATE OFFICER POLICY STATE OFFICERS: A. During any FCCLA activity, the state officers shall conduct themselves in a professional and mature manner at all times. B. The officer is expected to follow all state rules, procedures and policies whenever representing the office to which the officer was elected. C. The officer is expected to attend all required meetings. Required: 1. State Leadership Conference New State Officer Orientation Meeting 2. State Officer Training Session 3. Fall State Executive Council Meeting 4. Winter State Executive Council Meeting 5. Final State Executive Council Meeting and State Leadership Conference Strongly Recommended: 1. National Leadership Meeting 2. National Cluster Meeting when scheduled in PA 3. USA Leadership Academy Optional: 1. Cluster Meeting 2. CTSO Dinner D. In the event a state officer does not meet assignment due dates, on the first offense the officer and state officer adviser will be notified in writing that the student is on probationary status and must submit work within ten days. In the event of a second offense or failure to meet the ten-day deadline, the officer, state officer adviser, parents and principal will be notified that the officer is on probation and has ten days to submit missing items. In the event of a third failure to submit by given deadline or failure to meet ten-day deadline, the officer will remain on probation until the Policy Committee of the Board of Directors determines if the student may remain in office. E. In the event a state officer is not fulfilling the duties of office, that state officer may be removed from the office as decided by the Board of Directors. F. State Officers will sign a “Code of Ethics” to be in effect during their term of office. G. All decisions made by the Board of Directors are final. STATE OFFICER RESIGNATION: Adopted July 26, 2007 A. If a student resigns his/her state officer position, any money received for officer expenses will be refunded to PA FCCLA. Expenses may include but are not limited to: name badge and jewelry; national, cluster, and state leadership conference expenses; USA training and other expenses paid for the officer by the organization. STATE OFFICER CANDIDATES: A. There will be no campaigning for state office. B. No props or materials may be used in presentation of the candidate's speech. C. Each candidate is expected to submit to an FCCLA knowledge test. VOTING DELEGATES: When applicable, voting delegates shall vote for three candidates in each region for ballots to be considered valid. Adopted, 2/98; State Officers: Letter D adopted, 1/31/99; Letter F adopted, 2/11/07 7
  8. 8. 8
  9. 9. PENNSYLVANIA ASSOCIATION FAMILY, CAREER AND COMMUNITY LEADERS OF AMERICA, INC. CODE OF ETHICS The three decision-making bodies of Pennsylvania Family, Career and Community Leaders of America officers and advisors are: for policy – the Pennsylvania Board of Directors and the State Executive Council, and for management – the State Leadership Conference staff. Conduct of the Pennsylvania Board of Directors, the State Executive Council, and the State headquarters staff shall be above reproach so as to maintain the respect and trust of each other and all members. These groups shall: • Conduct themselves, collectively and individually, in good faith while maintaining a high level of ethical and professional behavior. • Consider themselves as “trustees” to ensure that FCCLA is well maintained, financially secure, growing and always operating in the best interests of the organization and its membership. • Utilize opportunities to increase public understanding of Family and Consumer Sciences and FCCLA. • Use FCCLA resources with scrupulous regard and only for the purpose for which they are intended. • Keep well informed about developments relevant to FCCLA and bring to the attention of the decision-making bodies any issues that may have an adverse effect on the organization. • Declare conflicts of interest and abstain from voting or discussion when appropriate. • Listen to and respect the opinions of others and support majority decisions. Members of the Pennsylvania Board of Directors, the State Executive Council and the state officers and advisors staff shall not: • Seek or accept on behalf of themselves or any other person, any financial advantage or gifts offered as a result of affiliation with FCCLA.) • Knowingly place themselves in a position that poses a conflict between their interests and those of FCCLA. • Publicly use any FCCLA affiliation in connection with the promotion of partisan politics, religious matters, positions, or any issue not in conformity with the policies of FCCLA. • Disclose confidential information about FCCLA to any person or entity not authorized to receive such information. • Knowingly take any action intended to influence FCCLA in such a way as to confer financial benefit on any entity in which the individual has a significant interest or affiliation. • Criticize fellow members or their opinions, interfere with the duties of the administrator or undermine the administrator’s authority with staff members. • Operate in any manner that is contrary to the best interests of the membership of Family, Career and Community Leaders of America, Inc. • Commit any actions that result in expulsion or suspension from their home school. The Pennsylvania FCCLA Board of Directors shall address any infringement of these guidelines. Infringement may result in immediate removal from the State Executive Council. As a member of the Pennsylvania Family, Career and Community Leaders of America State Executive Council officers and advisors, I agree to adhere to the Code of Ethics of Pennsylvania Association Family, Career and Community Leaders of America, Inc. Signature_______________________________________________________________ Date____________________________ 9
  10. 10. 10
  11. 11. PA FCCLA POLICY PENNSYLVANIA NATIONAL OFFICER ENDORSEMENT CRITERIA A. To become a candidate: 1. In the year application for national office is made, must be currently serving or have served as a state officer. 2. Cannot run or serve as a state and national officer during the same year. 3. Must receive an official endorsement from the PA FCCLA Board of Directors. B. To receive an endorsement, the candidate shall provide: 1. Two letters of recommendation. 2. Adviser's written recommendation and support. 3. School attendance record. 4. School transcript. 5. Completed application form from the National FCCLA office. C. The candidate shall: 1. Be interviewed by the PA FCCLA Board of Directors or subcommittee thereof. 2. Submit to a test including a writing sample. D. The PA FCCLA Board of Directors will: 1. Choose the candidate(s). (Two is the maximum that may be endorsed.) 2. Choose the national office for which the candidate may run. E. The endorsement of a national candidate by the Board of Directors is a final decision and is the only method by which an FCCLA member may seek a national office in the State of Pennsylvania. 11
  12. 12. PA FCCLA STATE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL PA NATIONAL OFFICER ROLE When PA FCCLA has a member serving as a National Officer, he will assume an active role on the State Executive Council, serving without vote. PA FCCLA will benefit from a direct link to national news, happenings, and leadership. Participation may include, but is not limited to the following: A. State Association 1. Offers local chapter visits whenever possible on behalf of the state association; may submit mileage for reimbursement. 2. Attends own Fall Regional Leadership Meeting. 3. Presents workshops at the Fall Regional Leadership Meetings at the invitation of the Regional State Officers. Expenses are the responsibility of the Regional Leadership Meeting account. Regional State Officers must submit a national presenter request form to national headquarters. 4. Represents PA FCCLA as well as the national organization when speaking to civic groups, school groups, legislators, etc. 5. Sends reports of activities and communication to the state office. 6. Maintains an open line of communication with the state office. B. State Executive Council Work Sessions 7. Attends at least one day of the Fall and Winter State Executive Council Work Sessions; may attend the entire Work Session. 8. Prepares written and oral National Updates to present to the Board of Directors and State Executive Council at the Fall and Winter Work Sessions. 9. May attend Board of Directors meetings and share national updates. 10. Presents leadership training to the State Executive Council at the Fall and Winter State Executive Council Work Sessions. 11. Assists with committee work as needed. 12. Provides peer leadership support to the state president. 13. The adviser of the national officer does not need to be present at these meetings. 14. The national officer may attend a portion of State Officer Training in July. C. State Leadership Conference 15. Participates actively in the State Leadership Conference. 16. Arrives at State Leadership Conference no later than the beginning of activities one full day before the start of the conference; may attend the full week. 17. Delivers greetings at Adviser Orientation. 18. Brings greetings at the Opening Session. 19. Attends own Regional Leadership Meeting. 20. Participates in state officer visits to chapter meetings if needed. 21. Officially participates in Annual Business Meeting by giving a. National Officer Report. b. National Leadership Meeting Preview. c. National Cluster Meeting Preview and report from Fall Cluster Meetings. 22. Conducts a State Leadership Conference workshop relevant to the national officer position. 23. Co-presides with the State President at Leadership 101. 24. Presents greetings at Alumni and Associates Meeting. 25. Introduces State Officers at banquet. 26. Announces the National Team from PA FCCLA. 12
  13. 13. PA FCCLA STATE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL RESPONSIBILITIES A. Duties By Office 1. All State Officers shall: a. Be familiar with the Member Handbook and Website contents. b. Be proficient at using parliamentary procedure to participate in State Executive Council Meetings. c. Be familiar with state association bylaws. d. Be informed about the organization on a state and national level. e. Work closely with local adviser. f. Be cooperative and dependable. g. Work closely with the other members of the State Executive Council. h. Be able to speak well in front of a group. i. Be able to recite the opening and closing sessions and the creed. j. Possess good verbal and written communication skills. k. Submit a monthly report to the State Facilitator, State President, and State President’s adviser postmarked by the first day of every month of their term of office. 2. The President shall: a. Preside at all State Executive Council meetings and the Annual Business Meeting using an agenda and the appropriate parliamentary procedure. b. Help the group to make decisions through member participation. c. Serve as an ex-officio member on all committees. d. Know the duties of all officers and committee chairpersons. e. Start meetings on time and keep them moving. f. Be called upon to represent the organization at special events. g. Provide an opportunity for all State Executive Council members to express ideas and share responsibilities. h. Sign state recognition certificates. i. Serve as a member of the PA FCCLA Board of Directors. j. Be responsible for assembling the State Scrapbook for display at State Leadership Conference. k. Serve as the first PA FCCLA voting delegate at the National Leadership Meeting. 3. The First Vice President shall: a. Assume the duties of president in the president's absence (see presidential duties). b. Assist, as needed, with committee work and State Leadership Conference. c. Serve as chairperson of committees as assigned by the President. d. Serve as Parliamentarian at State Executive Council business meetings and the PA FCCLA Annual Business Meeting. e. Prepare and present overall State Executive Council report at Annual Business Meeting. f. Serve as the second PA FCCLA voting delegate at the National Leadership Meeting. 4. The Secretary shall: a. Keep an accurate, complete record of all State Executive Council meetings. b. E-Mail copy of minutes within ten days of each meeting to the state facilitator. c. Count and record State Executive Council and membership votes. d. Report to the delegates assembled in a state meeting on the financial status of the organization and at State Executive Council business meetings. e. Serve as Chairperson of the Bylaws/Handbooks committee and other committees as assigned by the President. 13
  14. 14. 5. The Vice President of Membership shall: a. Serve as chairperson of the Membership Committee. b. Serve as the National Membership Representative. c. Serve on the PA FCCLA Board of Directors. d. Provide leadership in the planning and implementation of programs for membership promotion and development. e. Promote the membership campaign. f. Establish contact and provide follow-up to new chapters and/or schools interested in affiliation. g. Preside over recognition of participating members/chapters at State Leadership Conference. h. Review membership awards and select categories for membership recognition at State Leadership Conference. i. Report on current membership at all State Executive Council and Board of Directors meetings. 6. The Vice President of National Programs shall: a. Serve as chairperson of the State Emphasis Committee. b. Provide leadership in the implementation of FCCLA National Programs. c. Decide what the State Emphasis Area shall be and develop a promotional campaign. d. Review State Emphasis Area evaluation procedure. e. Serve as the SEC representative on the PA STAR Events Advisory Team (PA SEAT). f. Serve as the PA FCCLA representative on the PA Action for Healthy Kids State Team. g. Plan and promote the statewide community outreach project for the State Leadership Conference. 7. The Vice President of Public Relations shall: a. Serve as chairperson of the Public Relations Committee. b. Serve as the Hotline Editor. c. Serve as the National Connection Team Representative. d. Serve as the student coordinator for the PA FCCLA state website. e. Promote positive public relations in chapters and the state association and encourage local chapters to practice good public relations techniques. f. Notify state officers and advisers of newsletter assignments. g. Establish deadline dates for local chapters to submit articles for publication in the statewide newsletter. h. Submit state information articles to Teen Times. i. Design materials to promote a positive image of FCCLA as designated by committee. 8. The Vice President of Recognition shall: a. Serve as the chairperson of the Recognition Committee. b. Provide leadership in the implementation of state level awards and achievements. c. Review recognition awards for Adviser of the Year, Chapter Member of the Year, Honorary Membership, Chapter Service Award, State Service Award and develop a program to encourage local chapters to submit nominees. d. Review the awards presented for state recognition. e. Write accurate and complete lists of all recipients of certificates and awards. f. Coordinate SEC recognition correspondence. 9. The Vice President of Elections shall: a. Serve as chairperson of the Nominations/Elections Committee. b. Provide leadership in the planning and conducting of state officer candidate processes, activities, and sessions. c. Develop a program to encourage local chapters to sponsor state officer candidates. d. Coordinate, plan and preside over candidate activities at State Leadership Conference including orientation, meeting with delegates and state officer candidates. e. Serve as the third PA FCCLA voting delegate at the National Leadership Meeting. 14
  15. 15. 10. The Vice President of Meetings shall: a. Serve as the State Leadership Conference Chairperson. b. Serve as liaison between regions for Regional Leadership Meetings. c. Review the State Leadership Conference program and make appropriate revisions regarding the theme, workshops, speakers, audiovisual needs, and entertainment. d. Write and present detailed reports of all information pertaining to State Leadership Conference at each State Executive Council work session business meeting. e. Publicize the PA FCCLA dress code for all state meetings. 11. The Vice Presidents of Middle Level Chapters shall: a. Attend all meetings of the State Executive Council. b. Perform duties as follows: Host/Hostess at State Leadership Conference workshops and sessions as needed, assist with registration procedures at SLC, guide arriving delegates at SLC. c. Set up a Parent Teacher Group and/or community presentation on FCCLA purposes and programs. d. Complete STEP 1 with chapter members. e. Participate in or help organize a STAR Events team. f. Prepare and give presentation to the local Board of Education. 12. The State Officer-at-Large shall: a. Assume and be entitled to all duties and responsibilities of state officer. b. Serve as chairperson or member of statewide committees as assigned. c. May assume a Vice President title. 13. The State Officers elected from each Region shall: a. Preside at the Fall Regional Leadership Meetings. b. Preside at the Regional Leadership Meetings at State Leadership Conference. c. Represent their region at all State Executive Council meetings. d. Serve as chairperson or member of statewide committees. B. Duties by Committee 1. All Committee Chairpersons shall: a. Keep committee meetings organized and on track. b. Appoint one committee member to take notes. c. Provide leadership while encouraging participation. d. Make sure each committee member knows his assignments and deadlines for completing assigned tasks. e. Prepare a report of committee recommendations and actions and verbally present it to the State Executive Council. f. Submit a typed copy of reports to the secretary to include with the minutes. g. Place a typed copy of report in committee folder. 2. The Bylaws/Handbooks Chairperson shall: a. Revise the Governance Documents on the Website, Membership Brochure, and State Officer and Adviser Handbook. b. Review the existing bylaws, make revisions when necessary and present these revisions to the State Executive Council for approval. c. Coordinate state officer uniform selection. 15
  16. 16. MEETINGS APRIL/MAY Two Day Officer Training Session • State Officers and their advisers must attend. • State committee assignments and National Leadership Meeting responsibilities will be reviewed and Vice Presidents and committee chairs are selected. • Each state committee will set goals. JULY National Leadership Meeting • Attendees include state officers and their advisers and STAR Events winners and their advisers, and is open to all advisers and student members. • Duties include training for specific offices and chairmanships, exploring program ideas, planning and conducting state meetings, and networking with other states. • Phase 1 and Phase 4 of USA Academy training takes place. • Expenses include transportation, meals, registration, lodging and special events. • The Board of Directors will determine the amount of money reimbursed to the state officer by the state; adviser’s fees are his own responsibility. FCCLA State Officer Training Session • Attendees include state officers and their advisers. • Duties include developing a year of planned action for Board of Directors approval. • Officers will also plan Regional Leadership Meetings, determine goals for the year, set goals by committees, and begin State Leadership Conference planning. • Topics covered will be basic training in goal setting, time management, leadership, appearance, speech, writing for publication, and parliamentary procedure. • Expenses include lodging, meals, and transportation; student expenses will be paid by the state association; the adviser fees are his own responsibility; mileage is reimbursable if the state officer’s school district does not pay this expense. OCTOBER/NOVEMBER Regional Leadership Meetings (Central, Eastern, Western) • Regional officers will preside over the meeting and assume responsibility for planning and implementation. • Regional officers will host at least one Regional Leadership Meeting per school year. • Meetings will be held at a host school or at a facility of the state officers’ choice. • Activities include training local officers, highlighting a year of planned action and supporting the peer education projects. • Expenses include lodging, meals, and transportation; student expenses should be paid by the Regional Leadership Meeting budget; the adviser fees are his own responsibility; mileage is reimbursable if the state officer’s school district does not pay this expense. • Adviser and state officer should attend additional Regional Leadership Meeting planning meetings. USA Academy Training Phase 2 • State officers and their advisers are encouraged to attend the Phase 2 USA Academy Training. • Leadership training, legislative training and Capitol Hill visits • Registration is approximately $625 double occupancywhich includes the conference, lodging, meals. Transportation and one meal on Capitol Hill is additional. Cost is at the state officer’s expense and reimbursement for this meeting will be decided upon by the Board of Directors. 16
  17. 17. National Cluster Meeting • State officers and their advisers are encouraged to attend the Cluster Meeting in the North Atlantic Region. Attendance is strongly recommended when the Cluster Meeting takes place in Pennsylvania. • Program ideas, workshops, and networking sessions are a few of the activities sponsored by national headquarters. • Phase 3 USA Academy training takes place at Cluster Meeting. • Expenses include lodging, meals, and transportation; any reimbursement for this meeting will be decided upon by the Board of Directors. Three Day State Officer Executive Work Session • Attendees include state officers and their advisers. • Duties performed include comprehensive planning for State Leadership Conference and review of committee goals and progress. • Expenses include lodging, meals, and transportation; student expenses will be paid by the state association; the adviser fees are his own responsibility; mileage is reimbursable if the state officer’s school district does not pay this expense. FEBRUARY Three Day State Officer Executive Work Session • Information is the same as the October/November meeting. • Most of the agenda is dedicated to State Leadership Conference assignments and preparation. • This session is usually held at the site of the State Leadership Conference. • Expenses include lodging, meals, and transportation; student expenses will be paid by the state association; the adviser fees are his own responsibility; mileage is reimbursable if the state officer’s school district does not pay this expense. MARCH/APRIL State Leadership Conference • State officers and advisers will attend a two and one-half day pre-conference meeting and attend the two and one-half day State Leadership Conference. • State officers preside at all sessions of this conference. • Activities taking place include election of new officers, STAR Events, Regional Leadership Meetings, workshops, installation and awards ceremonies. • Expenses include lodging, meals, and transportation; student expenses will be paid by the state association; the adviser fees are his own responsibility; mileage is reimbursable if the state officer’s school district does not pay this expense. BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING • The FCCLA president and adviser, and the Vice President of Membership and his adviser are required to sit on the Board of Directors and attend all board meetings. • Expenses include travel and meals; student expenses are reimbursed by the state association. • The Board of Directors will meet four times each year. STATE TEAM ASSIGNMENTS • State officers may be assigned to serve in roles pertaining to agencies having partnerships with PA FCCLA • For example, the Vice President of National Programs serves on the PA Action for Healthy Kids State Team during his term of office. 17
  18. 18. REGIONAL LEADERSHIP MEETING GUIDELINES (Eastern, Central, & Western) Held in the months of October/November The Regional Leadership Meetings shall: • Promote the state theme and State Emphasis Area. • Advance the State Executive Council goals. • Provide training for local chapter officers. • Encourage chapter participation in peer education and national programs. • Transact other matters of business as determined by the state officers. • Adhere to official parliamentary procedure. • Include the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. **The Regional Leadership Meeting agendas shall be planned at State Officer Training in July, in order for a more standardized meeting to occur in each region. This should be coordinated with the Vice President of Meetings. **Samples of past Regional Leadership Meeting forms and information sheets are on the following pages of the State Officer and Adviser Handbook. Please note that these samples may not be all- inclusive, but will be helpful references for planning and conducting the Regional Leadership Meeting. Information released to chapters should include: • Invitation to meeting using the state theme. • Objectives of the meeting. • List of Pennsylvania FCS Academic Standards met by attending the meeting. • Date of Regional Leadership Meeting. • Meeting times. • Location of meeting, including a map with directions. • Cost of the meeting for each member. • Registration • Meal • Insurance and processing fee- $1.00 per attendee. • Information concerning adviser sessions. • Schedule of the meeting. • Importance of advance registration and adhering to deadlines. • Statement that the Rules and Regulations for state meetings are in effect. • Permission form with instructions for the adviser to carry to the meeting. • Reminder of the importance of appropriate dress. • Name and telephone number of hotel in the area for attendees needing overnight accommodations. • Maps to include directions, parking, and floor plans if appropriate Registration form should include: • Space for name of school. • Space for the total cost. • Information to whom the check is payable. • Space for names of registrants. • Space for participants to register for a workshop, if appropriate. • Deadline for submitting registration forms. • Address of person to whom registration forms are to be sent. • Space for names of persons registering for workshops. • Statement that the Regional Leadership Meetings are for chapters who have the 18
  19. 19. intention of affiliating in that school year. Details to include at the meeting: • Invite family and consumer sciences students from the Pennsylvania universities and colleges to assist with the meeting and to exhibit their FCS program at the meeting. • Microphone needs to be used for General Sessions. • Designate one person to do all the sound and equipment checks in the rooms. • Designate one person to handle late arrivals. • Print Opening and Closing Ceremonies in program and instruct participants where to find the ceremony before leading it. • Place signage at the doors of workshops, etc. • Place direction signs on stakes on the grounds from parking lot to meeting location • Use chapter members or adult chaperones as courtesy corps, so the state officers are free to focus on starting the meeting. • Use the courtesy corps to greet workshops presenters. • Publicize and close the registration time 15 minutes before you want to start the meeting. • Include Successful Completion Clause in hotel contract. • Presiding officer start the meeting on time. • Have a gavel and use it. • Verify there is an American flag on stage for the Pledge of Allegiance. • Display an FCCLA sign or banner. • Plan on rehearsal the evening before the meeting. • Check registration lists and introduce any PA FCCLA Board members present in the Opening Session. • Hotels usually plan a 5% overage of meals ordered, so do not increase the order. • Plan on rehearsal the evening before the meeting. • Keep the state officers free to focus on beginning the meeting. Dates: *0The dates and locations of the Regional Leadership Meetings should be decided prior to the July training session. *1The meetings will be held in the months of October/November. *2Timeline guideline: • April--general brainstorming; including tentative site information. • July--begin planning; confirm date and location. • August--secure meeting site, sign contracts, contact workshop presenters; prepare Regional Leadership Meeting Release for the Website. • September--check on donations, site and meal arrangements, write scripts. • October--prepare certificates, gifts, and meeting programs. Successful Completion Clause The successful completion of the terms of this Agreement depends upon the ability of students to travel. If national, state, local or school policies restrict student travel during the term of this Agreement due to acts of terrorism, future threat of terrorist acts, or similar concern for students’ safety, this Agreement may be terminated by FCCLA at no penalty to FCCLA, regardless of the date such cancellation becomes effective. Should national, state, local or school policies restrict some student travel during the term of this Agreement due to acts of terrorism, future threat of terrorist acts, or similar concern for students’ safety, and FCCLA elects to hold its meeting, FCCLA 19
  20. 20. will not be liable for any damages, including attrition fees, arising from a decrease in attendees. FCCLA shall submit official letters from the school districts who restrict travel to the event. REGIONAL LEADERSHIP MEETING SAMPLE WEBSITE RELEASE Regional Leadership Meeting Registration Information should be prepared for the state website. It should not be mailed hard copy. Use the following format for release of information WEBPAGE 1: REGIONAL LEADERSHIP MEETING HOME PAGE Welcome to the Home of the Home Regional Leadership 2007 Regional Leadership Meetings! Meeting Home Page Eastern Region Leadership Revolution with Central Region The Ultimate Leadership Experience Western Region Western Regional Leadership Radisson Inn October 17, 2007 Meeting Sharon, PA Northampton Community Eastern Regional Leadership October 29, 2007 College Meeting Bethlehem, PA Central Regional Leadership Bloomsburg University November 5, 2007 Meeting Bloomsburg, PA Registration and forms are not available for Western at this time. Check back soon. Permission Consent Form The permission form is provided for your convenience. Forms are carried by the adviser. The adviser may use this form or a school district form. Conference Rules and Regulations Dress Code Flyer Goals of Regional Leadership Meetings After downloading these documents on the Regional Home page, then link to the region on the left navigation bar. There are different documents for each of the Regional Leadership Meetings. The PA FCCLA Fall Regional Leadership Meetings are designed and intended for FCCLA chapters already affiliated or planning to affiliate for the 2007-2008 school year. Copyright Pennsylvania Family, Career and Community Leaders of America, Inc.(FCCLA)© • All rights reserved. ▪ Contact Pennsylvania FCCLA State Facilitator ▪ ▪ Contact Webmaster • Updated September, 2007 • Home ▪ 20
  21. 21. WEBPAGE 2: SPECIFIC REGIONAL LEADERSHIP MEETING HOME PAGE Fall Eastern Regional Leadership Meeting Leadership Revolution with The Ultimate Leadership Experience Who: All Eastern Region chapter members wanted to join the LEADERSHIP REVOLUTION What: Workshops and activities on how FCCLA can help you with the Leadership Revolution Where: Northampton Community College, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania When: October 29, 2007 - 8:30 AM – 2:00 PM Cost: $15 per person Why: So you can lead the FCCLA Leadership Revolution and learn all the different aspects of FCCLA Registration deadline is October 19. Copyright Pennsylvania Family, Career and Community Leaders of America, Inc.(FCCLA)© • All rights reserved. ▪ Contact Pennsylvania FCCLA State Facilitator ▪ ▪ Contact Webmaster • Updated September, 2007 • Home ▪ 21
  22. 22. WEBPAGE 3: MEETING INFORMATION Meeting Information Monday, November 5, 2007 Bloomsburg University 400 E 2nd St Bloomsburg, PA 17815 2007 Central Regional Leadership Meeting! Start a Leadership Revolution with The Ultimate Leadership Experience Important: • Registration fee is $20.00 per person and is due by October 11, 2007 • Registration is mailed to Sally Matje , Columbia Montour AVTS, 5050 Sweppenheiser Drive , Bloomsburg , PA 17815 • Arrive and register between 8:00 am and 8:15 am • Meeting begins at 9:00 am and ends at 3:00 pm • Lunch is at the Student Dining Hall (Scranton Commons) • No Limit for Attendance • Exciting FCCLA and youth-oriented workshops • Adviser’s workshop with Sue Fisher • Act 48 hours available for advisors with certification in FCS and related occupations • Dress code: NOT TO BE WORN - blue jeans, shorts, and clothing showing mid-riff • Luminaria will be provided for a small donation to be used in the Mini Relay Copyright Pennsylvania Family, Career and Community Leaders of America, Inc.(FCCLA)© • All rights reserved. ▪ Contact Pennsylvania FCCLA State Facilitator ▪ ▪ Contact Webmaster • Updated September, 2007 • Home ▪ 22
  23. 23. WEBPAGE 4: REGISTRATION FORM Fall Western Regional Leadership Meeting Registration Form Please complete the following form and return it to Mrs. Jeanne Lamb, North East High School, 1901 Freeport Road, North East, PA 16428 by Monday, October 8, 2007. School Name ________________________________ Adviser ____________________ Address ________________________________________________________________ School Telephone Number ______________________ Principal _____________________________________ Cost for the day is $25.00 which includes a buffet lunch. Please print the name of everyone from your school/chapter planning to attend the Fall Western Regional Leadership Meeting on October 17, 2007. Please write an “A” beside adult names. Use an “S” plus grade level for students (ex. S 12 – for a senior). 1. ______________________________ 11. ______________________________ 2. ______________________________ 12. ______________________________ 3. ______________________________ 13. ______________________________ 4. ______________________________ 14. ______________________________ 5. ______________________________ 15. ______________________________ 6. ______________________________ 16. ______________________________ 7. ______________________________ 17. ______________________________ 8. ______________________________ 18. ______________________________ 9. ______________________________ 19. ______________________________ 10.______________________________ 20. ______________________________ (Copy this form if more space is needed.) __________ attending X $25.00 = ____________ TOTAL DUE (Make checks payable to North East High School) 23
  24. 24. WEBPAGE 5: MEETING SCHEDULE Meeting Schedule Participants should be dropped off at the catwalk by Bloomsburg University and walk to Kehr Union. Those having accessible needs may be dropped off directly at Kehr Union. Arrival: 8:00 - 8:15 am Kehr Union Registration: 8:15 AM - 8:50 AM Ballroom Lobby Opening and Keynote: 9:00 AM - 10:15 AM Ballroom Relay for Life: 10:20 PM - 10:40 PM Workshops and Lunch: 10:45 PM - 2:30 PM Closing 2:35 - 3:00 PM Special Recognition, Prize Drawings, Closing Ceremony Adjournment 3:00 PM Copyright Pennsylvania Family, Career and Community Leaders of America, Inc.(FCCLA)© • All rights reserved. ▪ Contact Pennsylvania FCCLA State Facilitator ▪ ▪ Contact Webmaster • Updated September, 2007 • Home ▪
  25. 25. 25 WEBPAGE 6: WORKSHOP INFORMATION Keynote and Workshops A.Safety Net Dale Young, a Computer Crime Analyst for the State Police, our keynote speaker will be addressing safety on the internet. He will outline Do's and Don'ts for Myspace safety and show how anyone can become a target. B.Get the Word Out About FCCLA! Does your community know about your chapter's active participation in National Programs? Or the Relay events being planned by your chapter? Do they know what FCCLA is all about? Well get to know how to tell them with this workshop on Public Relations! C. Dating Violence Workshop Nicole Graziano is the Outreach Coordinator for the Blended Program at Columbia Montour Area Vocational Technical School. She provides individual and group support to students in grades nine through twelve dealing with various social and emotional concerns such as relationship issues, self-esteem, and problem- solving skills. She has worked at CMAVTS for nine years and previously worked with the Women’s Center counseling child and adult victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Nicole holds a Bachelor’s degree in education and is currently completing her Masters in counseling. She lives in Bloomsburg with her seventeen year old daughter, Lea, and her two cats. D. Relay for Life This year’s community service project is Relay for Life. What is your chapter doing? Do you need fresh ideas? What else can a chapter do to raise money besides holding a relay event? Check it out and empower your chapter! Also, don't forget to participate in our Mini Relay! E. State Officer Have you wondered how to become more involved with FCCLA? Why not run as a State Officer candidate? Discover what it takes. Meet the 2007-2008 Vice President of Elections and 2007-2007 Vice President of Middle Level Chapters! Use their valuable information on how to become a State Officer. F. Be Part of It! The “Be Part of It” workshop will be presented to the members attending the Central Regional Meeting. We will be going over the many different aspects of the Be Part of It CD, where we’ll be showing them were certain pieces of information can specifically be found. We will also be talking to them on how they can explain the “Be Part of It” campaign to non FCCLA members, so they themselves can promote increasing the membership of the organization. G. Advisers: Mrs. Sue Fisher Need fresh ideas? Not sure why your chapter is not recognized nationally? Come to a workshop designed with you in mind. Become empowered with Mrs. Fisher!! H. Business Ethics: John Terefencko It is never to early to start your own business-learn what it takes to get started. Once in business, how ethical will you be with your customers, employees and vendors? I. What To Do In An Interview!: Tracy Gillespie Ms. Gillespie has been working in the Adult Education Department for the past three years and is currently the Coordinator for the Adult program. Additionally, she works as Co-Facilitator for the Columbia- Montour Business and Education Partnership of the Tri-Chamber Foundation and serves on the CareerLink at Bloomsburg Business Services Team and Job Fair Committee, Luzerne County Community College Workforce and Community Development Advisory Board, Penn College of Technology & CMAVTS Perkins Participatory Planning Committee, the CMAVTS Safety Committee, and is a member of the PA Association of Vocational Administrators. 25
  26. 26. 26 WEBPAGE 7: COMMUNITY SERVICE PROJECT Community Service Project Our 2007 – 2008 PA FCCLA Community Outreach is continuing our support of the American Cancer Society Relay for Life. If you wish to make an individual or chapter donation at this time, please bring a check made out to “American Cancer Society” and turn it in at registration. Copyright Pennsylvania Family, Career and Community Leaders of America, Inc.(FCCLA)© • All rights reserved. ▪ Contact Pennsylvania FCCLA State Facilitator ▪ ▪ Contact Webmaster • Updated September, 2007 • Home ▪ WEBPAGE 8: TRAVEL DIRECTIONS Travel Directions Location: Directions to Northampton Community College Main Campus From North, East or West: Find your best route to Rt. 22. Take the Rt. 191 exit. At end of ramp, turn right onto Rt. 191 north. One tenth of a mile from the exit ramp, turn RIGHT onto Brodhead Road (before the Brodhead Road stoplight). Follow Brodhead until you come to a stop sign, turn right onto Hecktown Road . Proceed past the Hecktown Road Entrance and turn left onto Green Pond Road - the Green Pond Road Entrance to the campus will be on your right. Buses are asked to park in Overflow Lot D. This is the closest entrance to College Center (D ) on campus map. From the South: Take Rt 78 to Rt 33 north. Go to second exit, William Penn Highway , and turn left. Pass Farmersville Elementary School on left, Municipal Building on right. Take the first right after the Municipal Building onto Oakland Rd. Stay on Oakland Rd until you see the entrance to NCC on your right. The street address for Main Campus is: 3835 Green Pond Road , Bethlehem , PA 18020 . Phone: 610-861-5300 Directions to the Fowler Family Southside Center From East or West: Follow Rt. 378 S to the Third Street exit. Merge left onto Third Street and follow to the 500 block. The center is located at 511 E. Third St. , Bethlehem . Copyright Pennsylvania Family, Career and Community Leaders of America, Inc.(FCCLA)© • All rights reserved. ▪ Contact Pennsylvania FCCLA State Facilitator ▪ ▪ Contact Webmaster • Updated September, 2007 • Home ▪ 26
  27. 27. 27 WEBPAGE 9: HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS Hotel Accommodations Overnight Hotel Accommodations  The Radisson Inn Sharon has blocked rooms to be held until September 21, 2007. (If you cannot place reservations by that date, call the hotel and hold the rooms with a credit card until you can place the reservation.)  Room cost is $79.00 + 9% tax  Check out the facility at  Our meeting representative is Jan Heaslip. Sales Manager  (724) 528-2501 27
  28. 28. 28 REGIONAL LEADERSHIP MEETING SAMPLE PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release Contact: (Advisor’s Name) (Current Date) (Phone Number) (Your town, PA) – More than (# attending) attended the Central Regional Leadership Meeting of the Pennsylvania Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) on Monday, November 5, 2007. The theme for this year’s meeting was “Have a Leadership Revolution with the Ultimate Leadership Experience.” Local FCCLA members attending the meeting had the opportunity to mingle with other members and learn about various aspects of FCCLA. All of the members attending the meeting were informed of the State Outreach Project, Relay for Life with the American Cancer Society. Chapter members may participate in their local Relay for Life events. across the state of Pennsylvania. The amount of money raised or hours donated is then reported on the national FCCLA Website. Workshops on numerous topics were offered to students. They each attended (# of workshops) during the day, focused on (workshop topics). These topics were chosen to inform members and create excitement about FCCLA. FCCLA members who attended the meeting were encouraged to pursue career goals, develop leadership abilities, strengthen family ties and increase community involvement. FCCLA is a dynamic and effective national student organization that helps young people address important personal, family, work and social issues through Family and Consumer Sciences education. The organization currently involves over 2600 members in Pennsylvania. FCCLA is unique in that its programs and projects are planned and completed entirely by members. Members participate in National Programs and chapter activities to become strong leaders in their families, careers and communities. ### 28
  29. 29. 29 PERMISSION/CONSENT FORM--PA FCCLA REGIONAL LEADERSHIP MEETINGS (RM 100) Travel Consent I hereby give permission to travel to (Name of Student) , site of the (Eastern, Central, or Western) FCCLA Regional Leadership Meeting, on and participate in the activities identified. (Date of Meeting) I do hereby absolve and release school officials, the FCCLA chapter adviser or other responsible adult and the assigned state FCCLA staff from any claims for personal injuries or illness which might be sustained while the participant is traveling to and from or during the FCCLA sponsored activity. If the medical need should arise, I authorize the FCCLA chapter adviser or other responsible adult to take the named student to a physician or the emergency room of a hospital for treatment while he/she is absent from home. Participant’s last name: First name: Participant’s street address: City: State: Zip: Home telephone number (include area code): School address: State: PA Zip: Telephone number (include area code): Parent/guardian name: (Please type or print) For insurance - SSN: XXX-XX-__ __ __ __ Signature of Parent/Guardian: School District Approval for the above student to attend the conference and participate in STAR Events: School Official/Administrator Signature: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ The local adviser should carry the completed form from departure to and return from the Regional Leadership Meeting. 29
  30. 30. Request this form to be emailed in Excel with formulas included PA FCCLA Regional Meeting Accounting Report Form (RM101) Region ______________ Date of Meeting ___________________ Location __________________ 30 Program Agenda: Indicate time schedule, workshop titles and presenters (Attach sample registration mailing and program) _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ Numbers who Attended: A.students* B.advisers* C.state officers D.guests* E.state staff *Attendees paying state fee ___________ Other attendees ____________ Total of all attendees: _________________ State Insurance & Handling Fee: $1.00 per person Total x Fee per person A+B+D = $1.00 Total $ due Amount of Regional Meeting Registration Fee per person: _____________ Itemize specific items covered by the regional meeting registration fee ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ In addition to the $1.00 per person fee, any monies remaining after all expenses have been paid should be forwarded to the state office made payable to "PA FCCLA." A. Total insurance & state fee: B. Total overage of regional meeting fee: ______________ Grand total of A + B remitted to state association Write recommendations for future regional meetings _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ 30
  31. 31. 31 31
  32. 32. 32 STATE OFFICER LEGISLATIVE VISITS GUIDELINES Congratulations on taking the initiative to advocate the benefits of career and technical education and FCCLA. Your state senators and representatives are privileged to have you visiting their offices and hearing from you. Public Relations When meeting with your representative in Harrisburg be prepared! Information about your representative may be found at Before February SEC Work Session: 1. All contacts should have been made requesting a meeting no later than early January. a. Sample letter in this packet b. Hand write the address on the outside of the envelope c. Use school district letterhead or letterhead from sample letter d. Perfect grammar and spelling e. 3 good paragraphs i. Introduction ii. Request iii. Thank you iv. Enclosure: FCCLA Brochure or Business Card 2. Call week prior to visit to confirm your appointment. 3. Be sure you have exact location of the office. 4. Research your legislator and know what committees he/she chairs or is a member. This will help you in your discussion. Look at your legislator’s Website. Think of FCCLA programs that are a natural fit for the legislator’s special interests or committees. 5. Gather news articles reflecting FCCLA happenings in your Senator/representative’s district. This does not mean just your school district but any school within the voting district. Personalize what is happening because of FCCLA. 6. Assemble a neat, simple notebook portfolio together including your samples of evidence, an FCCLA Information Sheet or FCCLA Brochure, a Case Statement, Teen Times, and a Hotline. This will demonstrate the professionalism of the organization. a. Organize this to enable you to remember what to discuss by the order and content in the portfolio 7. Spend time reviewing FCCLA printed materials and Websites in order to be current about FCCLA programs and initiatives. Definitely know the mission and purpose of FCCLA. 8. Use the General Assembly Website, to become familiar with committees or initiatives on which your legislator is focused. 9. Locate office before the appointment time. 32
  33. 33. 33 D. During your visit: 1. Plan to be neatly dressed and arrive 10-15 minutes before scheduled time. 2. Announce your arrival to the receptionist. (Politeness counts) 3. Make yourself comfortable and relax. If you have never met your legislator become familiar with his/her picture so you can recognize the person upon meeting. Check the website. 4. Upon being introduced be sure to have a firm handshake and a smile. Be sure to always address as Senator ________or Representative (Congressman) _________. Wait for the invitation to be seated. Introduce yourself and briefly describe how you are involved in career and technical education and FCCLA. 5. Present your FCCLA portfolio to the Legislator and proceed to give information about your office, the organization, and how FCCLA benefits the constituents of his/her district. Focus not only on yourself, but how others across the state and nation benefit from our organization. This may be a good place to give some examples of community service, school projects for families, Join Hands Day, and Dynamic Leadership. a. Keep in mind, the legislator is mainly interested in his/her area of constituency b. Therefore, give specific examples of how your chapter or chapters in your district have made an impact on the local communities. 6. Legislators are interested very much in education, families, and services provided to children. 7. State your concern or mission clearly. Sound Bite Samples or use Key messages from Brand FCCLA: a. FCCLA is a cost effective way to offer quality education to our learners? b. FCCLA is a career and technical student organization that encourages career skills, leadership and service learning. c. FCCLA students have the competitive edge on career preparation. d. Because of my experiences in FCCLA, I am a better learner. e. FCCLA has many applied learning activities that contribute positively to my progress with accomplishing the graduation standards. f. FCCLA uses peer education to have teens teach other teens about current teen issues. g. It’s a good thing………FCCLA!! 8. Be sure you state very clearly that FCCLA is a career and technical student organization and an integral part of Family and Consumer Sciences and that its programs clearly meet the academic standards. It is an academic area in Chapter 4 of PA State Educational regulations that focuses on the family as an integral part of society. Instruction is required at both the middle school and high school levels. 33
  34. 34. 34 9. Know some of the facts or questions they will want to know: Some typical questions: (additional possible questions attached) a. How are you funded? It is a combination – a partnership between: i. Federal money supports some staff positions with honorariums ii. State – Part of the Department of Education, Career and Technical Education budget supports the Career and Technical Student Organization Budget for office space, phone, mailing, travel, etc. iii. Members – pay dues for the state association and for national dues. This helps provide funding for the State Officers, student workshops, programs, training sessions, etc. iv. Local School district – pays for advisor’s involvement, travel for the chapter, liability insurance v. State and chapter fundraising vi. FCCLA at the present time does not have corporate sponsorship. b. What is the purpose of your organization? i. Know the eight purposes c. How do you benefit from the FCCLA organization? i. Respond with positive messages ii. FCCLA youth leadership development creates motivated youth, community service benefits, learning by actually doing, and career preparation d. What can I do to help you? i. Ask Legislator to be aware of the importance of career and technical education and this dynamic and effective student organization, FCCLA specifically, when considering future legislation. ii. Ask for continuous support of FCS and FCCLA. iii. Is there some type of support he or she could offer to the local chapters in your area? iv. If you need more information please feel free to call our State Facilitator, ________, at the PA Department of Education. 10. Upon finishing discussion invite the Legislator to visit your school when in the home district and thank for the opportunity to meet. 11. Take your camera and request a photo shot and be prepared with a news release to go to the local paper upon return home. Be sure to clip the article when it appears and send to office of legislator. 12. Ask to leave something with the legislator (the FCCLA brochure, FCCLA Information Sheet, or Case Statement) After your visit: 1. Send a hand-written thank you note Immediately From self, parents send one; adviser sends one 2. Include a copy of any newspaper articles about the visit SMILE…SMILE…SMILE – you are great ambassadors for FCCLA! 34
  35. 35. 35 Questions A Legislator Might Ask You Find the answers to these questions, write them down, and bring them to the visit. 1. Why is there no FCCLA chapter in my school district? 2. Why do some schools have chapters and others do not? 3. Why do the city schools not have FCCLA chapters? 4. How is your organization connected to family and consumer sciences programs within the school setting? 5. Do you have multicultural members in your organization? 6. How does being a member of FCCLA help prepare you for a career/ 7. What can I, as a legislator, do to support your program? 8. How are you connected with the Department of Education? 9. What are some of your project areas in FCCLA? 10. How can FCCLA help students become involved in service learning? 11. How do you incorporate diversity in FCCLA? 12. What can chapters do to reduce school violence? 13. How can graduation project requirements be completed in FCCLA projects? 14. How is your chapter funded? 15. How has FCCLA experiences benefited you? 35
  36. 36. 36 DIRECTIONS TO PENNSYLVANIA'S STATE CAPITOL FROM: Route 81 Cameron Street Exit Follow Cameron Street to Right onto Herr Street to Left onto Seventh Street Bear right onto Forster Street to first light Left onto Commonwealth Avenue to fountain on right. OR Front Street south to Left onto Forster Street to Right onto Commonwealth Avenue to fountain on right. FROM: Route 83 Second Street Exit Follow Second Street to Right onto Forster Street to Right onto Commonwealth Avenue to fountain on right. FROM: Route 76 - The Turnpike Exit 247 (Old 19). Follow signs for Harrisburg and directions FROM Route 83 above. Exit 226 (Old 16). Follow signs for Harrisburg and Route 81 North, then follow directions FROM Route 81 above. To Governor's Residence from the Capitol, facing south on Commonwealth Avenue: Right onto Walnut Street; right onto Second Street. Residence about one mile on left at Maclay Street. For tours of the Residence, call (717) 772-9130. To Farm Show from the Capitol, facing south on Commonwealth Avenue: Right onto Walnut Street; right onto Third Street; right onto Forster Street; at second light bear left onto Seventh Street; right onto Herr Street; left onto Cameron Street. Farm Show less than one mile on left at Maclay Street. For bus parking at the Farm Show, call (717) 787-5373. Parking Opportunities Bus parking arrangements can be made by calling the State Bureau of Farm Show, (717) 787-5373; or, Harrisburg Parking Authority for City Island, (717) 255-3099. Automobile parking opportunities are conveniently located within a two-block radius of the State Capitol. For up-to-date opportunities on where to park in downtown Harrisburg, visit the following website for the Harrisburg Parking Authority: This information courtesy of Capitol Visitor Services For information on tours of Pennsylvania's State Capitol, call 1-800-TOUR N PA 36
  37. 37. 37 37
  38. 38. 38 SAMPLE LETTER TO LEGISLATOR Letterhead 111 West FCCLA Boulevard Carlisle, PA 17015 Date (3 to 6 line spaces) The Honorable Patricia H. Vance Senate Box 203031 Harrisburg, PA 17120-3031 (2 line spaces) Dear Senator Vance: (if representative – Dear Congressman Smith:) The Pennsylvania Association Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) student State Officers will be participating in Career and Technical Education Week in Harrisburg on February 10, 2009. Family, Career and Community Leaders of America is a private, non-profit student organization of more than 227,000 members nationwide with more than 2,600 members here in Pennsylvania. FCCLA is a dynamic and effective national student organization that helps young men and women become leaders in their homes, schools and communities through family and consumer sciences education. The mission of Pennsylvania FCCLA is to promote leadership and personal development. This is accomplished through Family and Consumer Sciences education and the development of character, creative and critical thinking, interpersonal communication and practical knowledge.. As a resident of South Middleton Township, Carlisle, Pennsylvania and a student at Boiling Springs High School in Cumberland County, I would be honored to meet with you and explain to you about my experiences in youth leadership and peer education on Tuesday afternoon, February 10, 2009. I expect this would take about 15 minutes. I will be in the Harrisburg capitol area anytime after 1:00 pm on that day. My chapter adviser, Mrs. Judith Havice, will accompany me. Please contact me to confirm an appointment time. Sue Fisher 111 West FCCLA Blvd. Carlisle, PA 17015 Home (555) 555-5555 School (444) 444-4444 Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you. (2 line spaces) Sincerely, (4 line spaces) and signature Sue L. Fisher PA FCCLA Vice President of Facilitators (555) 555-5555 38
  39. 39. 39 39
  40. 40. 40 PA FCCLA SEC COMMITTEE REPORT FORM (SEC 200) Name of Committee _____________________________________________________ Chairperson Date ______________________________ Committee Members Attending ___________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ Committee Meeting Goals _______________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ Approximate amount of funds required? ____________________________________ WHAT DID THE COMMITTEE ACCOMPLISH: (USE PLANNING PROCESS) 1. Identify Concerns: 2. Set Your Goal: 3. Form a Plan: 4. Action Taken (Motion Required?): 5. Follow-up: WHAT SEC GOAL ARE THESE PLANS ADDRESSING OR FULFILLING? ________________________________________________________________________ ACTION REQUIRED PERSON RESPONSIBLE DEADLINE Include plans for information posted to the website____________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________ Signature of Chairperson This is a committee report worksheet. Use the following format as a header when preparing written committee reports: A-1 State Leadership Committee Report April 22, 2008 40
  41. 41. 41 PA FCCLA MIDDLE LEVEL STATE OFFICER REPORT (SEC 201) Name _____________________________________________ Date: ______________________________________________ Chapter Adviser initials: _____________________________ Middle Level State Officer initials: _____________________ Complete report, attach PR materials, and submit to state office by April 1. Middle Level State Officer Assignments: Bylaws and State Officer Handbook  Set up a PTO and/or Community presentation on FCCLA purposes and programs  Complete Step 1 with chapter members  Participate in, or help organize, a STAR Event team  Set up a presentation for your local Board of Education  Attend all meetings of the State Executive Council.  Perform duties as follows: Host/Hostess at State Leadership Conference workshops and sessions as needed, assist with registration procedures at SLC, guide arriving delegates at SLC  Other FCCLA leadership activities  Write a general summary of your role as a Middle Level State Officer (no longer than two paragraphs) 41
  42. 42. 42 State Officer 1st of the Month Report (SEC 301) Instruction: 1st of the Month State Officer Reports are to be submitted via email by each state officer to your State Facilitator, State President, and State President’s adviser by the 1st of each month. Use this template to complete your report. Pennsylvania Officer Adviser Init ____ ___ Position Month/Date Input your progress on FCCLA State Goals and Action Items This Month This is also where you will summarize the POW action items (SEC Goals) and other duties that were assigned to the state officer team and successfully completed. Outline whether or not each action item has been completed and the outcome of its completion. If an item has not been completed explain why and provide a plan for its completion including the new due date for completion. Remember to say if the item is being started, in progress, or completed. Current Activities Specific and Ongoing Assignments Due Date Completed Include website assignments MEETINGS Location: Purpose: Location: Purpose: Location: Purpose: 2. COMMUNICATION AND CORRESPONDENCE At the heart of state officer leadership is communication. Show the number of emails, letters, phone calls, and chapter visits that were completed by you this month. Date Type Nature Receiver 3. ACTIONS FOR THE NEXT MONTH 42
  43. 43. 43 Great leadership teams plan ahead. What are you planning to do next month? What are the key programs, action items, and activities that you will be working on in the month ahead? Review your Program of Work, meeting minutes, and action plans. Think ahead so your state stays on target and all state officers are reminded of the important tasks to be accomplished next month. STATE OFFICER ASSIGNMENTS Specific and Ongoing Assignments Due Date Include website assignments 4. X-FACTOR Input any opportunities, FCCLA news, or important issues you have encountered this month (examples: a random chance to meet the governor; learning that an adviser is going to retire; etc. Also, This section provides you with an opportunity to inform us of relevant issues and activities that are taking place in your local chapter, community, district, etc. Remember that the X-Factor includes being aware of the opportunities for service and success that are available to you. An example of the X-factor would be to report the success of a chapter in your region in Fund Development. Another example would be to report a new or innovative way that your chapter has approached membership recruitment and seen great success. You should report in this section all of the things that are going on in your area that could help make the organization better statewide. Be constructive but do not complain. Keep it professional not personal. Report factors that we all can learn from, can gain help, or that needs attention. 5. LESSONS LEARNED Identify key leadership lessons you have learned this month. Use this section to report the lessons that you have learned from your responsibilities during the month. We want to hear about the challenges faced and how they were overcome. 6. NOTES TO STATE/OTHER ACCOMPLISHMENTS Identify any notes or news your fellow state officers or State Adviser should be aware of (examples: need for more letterhead; chapters who need assistance; etc. This section serves as a means of informing FCCLA of issues or circumstances that you feel we need to be aware of. DO NOT use this section to report issues that are of an extreme nature. If something is urgent PLEASE call Mrs. Fisher so that a resolution can be pursued. In this section we would also like to hear of your accomplishments in regard to FCCLA or outside honors. Tell us about school awards, scholarships, athletic achievements, the college search, or anything you feel is noteworthy and interesting about the state officer team that you would like to share. Include questions or concerns. 7. MEMBERSHIP RECRUITMENT EFFORTS Summarize your efforts to recruit new members and chapters. Summarize efforts to contact new schools. Share about presentations to chapters. Be sure to record any efforts to recruit Alumni & Associate members as well. 43
  44. 44. 44 8. NATIONAL PROGRAM EFFORTS Please summarize all state officer efforts to promote participation in these programs. In addition, FCCLA has a number of other important program opportunities. Summarize all efforts to encourage involvement in these National Programs. 79. QUOTE OF THE MONTH QUOTE OF THE MONTH Inspire us! Insert a favorite quote you learned this month! Share your quotes with the president and he/she will select one to use each month. 44
  45. 45. 45 PA FCCLA STATE OFFICER/BOARD OF DIRECTORS EXPENSE ACCOUNT FORM SEC302 Send two copies to PA FCCLA State Facilitator 333 Market St., 11th Floor Harrisburg, PA 17126-0333 Year end expenses should be submitted no later than ten days after the activity Check one: _____ State Officer _____ Member of the Board NAME _______________ PURPOSE OF TRAVEL _____________ ADDRESS________________________________________________________ ALL RECEIPTS FOR EXPENSES MUST BE ATTACHED Transportation Cost: (Round Trip) Use of public transportation must have prior approval of State Staff From To Personal car number of miles x $.25 per mile = A. formulas set (total cost of transportation) Supplies Reimbursement Prior approval from state staff is required Item Purpose Cost Total Cost of B. Supplies Meals Reimbursement Meal allowance may only be used for maximum on that meal. Month/Day Breakfast Max-- Lunch Max-- Dinner Max- Total Cost Per Day $7.00 $10.00 $15.00 C. TOTAL A. TOTAL COST OF TRAVEL B. TOTAL COST OF SUPPLIES C. TOTAL COST OF MEALS GRAND TOTAL OF EXPENSES formulas set State Facilitator Signature (Date) State Officer Signature (Date) Chapter Adviser Signature (Date) 45
  46. 46. 46 PA FCCLA CHAPTER VISIT OUTLINE A. Greetings and Introductions 1. Thank you for inviting us to come. 2. Express that you are happy to be there. 3. Introduce yourself, state your office and tell about your responsibilities on the State Executive Council. B. What is FCCLA 1. Building Strong Leaders and Promoting a. Healthy Families b. Strong Communities c. Successful Careers. 2. Organization associated with Family and Consumer Sciences. 3. FCCLA projects are based on skills learned in Family and Consumer Sciences. 4. FCCLA programs are an excellent tool to meet Pennsylvania Family and Consumer Sciences Academic Standards. 5. Has involved more than nine million youth since its founding in 1945. 6. Helps young men and women become strong leaders. 7. Is a student-led organization. 8. Addresses family, work and societal issues. 9. Is the only career and technical student organization with the family as its focus. C. Why FCCLA 1. I joined FCCLA because…(of the service and leadership opportunities). 2. My favorite part of FCCLA is…(meeting new people in my chapter and throughout the state). 3. I became a state officer because…(I wanted to take on a leadership role that few people my age have a chance to do). D. What FCCLA has to offer 1. Leadership opportunities. 2. Opportunity to participate in service to school and community. 3. Opportunity to participate in local, regional, state, and national meetings (give dates and a few details). 4. Opportunity to make a difference in your personal life and your families, schools and communities. 5. Opportunity to partner with collaborative efforts with other organizations. 6. The competitive edge on career preparation. E. Questions and Answers (good, clear answers). F. Thank you for requesting the visit. G. Materials that may be useful – Teen Times, Be Part of It information, FCCLA Member Handbook, The Hotline, Membership Brochure, emphasize importance of PA FCCLA Website Outline originally created by Emily Lamb, 2001-02 Vice President of Membership Revised 2006 46