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Tti Presentation1 Hiring Retaining And Developing Tti Presentation1 Hiring Retaining And Developing Presentation Transcript

  • Hiring, Retaining & Developing Superior Performers
  • Today’s Challenge
    • “To produce more with fewer employees for customers who demand more for less”
    • Bill J. Bonnstetter
  • Today’s Challenge
    • Do you have the talent to meet this challenge?
    • Do you have a system for retaining this talent?
    • Do you have a system for managing the performance of this talent?
    • Do you have a system for developing this talent?
  • The Rules Have Changed!
      • Managing -> Leading
      • Tangible -> Intangible
      • Customer service is required in every job
      • Jobs have changed
  • What is Talent?
    • Abraham Lincoln?
    • Donald Trump?
    • Albert Einstein?
    • Michael Jordan?
    • Tiger Woods?
    • Oprah Winfrey?
  • If the Job Could Talk…
    • It would identify:
      • Knowledge
      • Hard Skills
      • Behavior
      • Rewards/Culture
      • Personal Skills
  • Things People Bring to Work
      • Personal Skills
      • Knowledge
      • Ways of Valuing
      • Hard Skills
      • Behavior
  • What We Will Show You
    • A Complete System to:
      • Recruit
      • Select
      • Retain
      • Develop
  • Cost of a Hiring Mistake
        • 3 times salary, plus
        • Cost of lost knowledge, skills and contacts
        • Cost if lost productivity
  • Key Performance Words
    • Commitment
    • Accountability
  • Have you ever...
    • Hired for skills… Fired for attitude?
    • Hired someone who didn’t meet your expectations?
  • Interviewing Only?
    • Most people hired in the interview process are hired by the heart, not the head
    • Only 14% of hiring decisions made by interview process alone are correct
    • BIAS
    Why aren’t we there?
  • Bottom-Line Effects
    • Turnover: High Stock value: Low
    • Turnover: Low Stock value: High
  • Personal Talent
      • Easy to master and maintain
      • Difficult to master and maintain
  • Benchmark Jobs, Not People!
      • A Team
      • C Team
      • Personality Contest
  • Three Types of Employed People
      • Workaholic
      • Ski Bum
      • Balanced
  • Things I have learned...
    • Superior Performers
    • Self-Management
    • Personal Accountability
    • Correcting Others
    • Superior Performing Teams and the Impact of a Weak Link
    • Attitude and Experience
  • In Summary
    • Old ways are not meeting current needs
    • Superior performance is a must for most businesses to survive
    • You need a complete system
    • Start with the job and let it speak for itself!
  • Questions & Answers