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  • Welcome! My name is Vigants Lesausks. Today I will present my vision on why on how businesses can use WEB 2.0 ideas and make out of it some good things. So the main questions for this presentation are - - What businesses are afraid of? - What businesses are looking for? - What WEB 2.0 can do for your business? - and Some ideas how you can start up in your company!


  • 1. Social networking: is there something for business in it?
      • Vigants Lesausks
      • BarCamp Baltic 9 th February 2008
      • Why busineses are afraid of it?
      • What busineses are looking for?
      • What can Social network can bring to business?
      • Some ideas on starting up in your company
  • 2. Why you boss is afraid?
    • This is how it looks for your boss, when you do internet socializing @work
  • 3. This is how you feel...
    • You feel inspired, creative, productive, informed, heard ... free and powerfull.
  • 4. How WEB 2.0 can make you be Jedi @ work?
    • By using FORCE
    • Yes, the WEB 2.0 FORCE – inspirations, energy, knowledge, motivations, recognition, ranking, experience, creativity...
  • 5. To be really succesfull in business...
    • ... you need to INNOVATE
  • 6. Autocracy vs Democracy
    • In biggest companies today – Autocracy
      • Stright rules, frames, one way thinking, procedures, control
    • In most innovative companies – Democracy
      • Think, say, feel, be heard, collaborate
  • 7. Make it fun to work!
    • Social networks – possibility to connect, search, share
    • Blogs – speak, be heard, brainstorm, discuss, improove, innovate, cross role knowledge reuse
    • Link's (Digg) – harvest information sources, keep them, share them, reuse time
    • Management – employee contact
    • Teamwork, communities, tasks
    • TAGS – find all you need fast
  • 8. Business still protected
    • All information is stored in company
    • All information is reused if employee leaves
    • All information can be improoved
  • 9. Some ideas where to start
    • Innovation incubator's
    • Management blogs
    • Professional interest communities
    • Profiles – ability to use even more skills and experience of employees in different situations (languages, previous work's experience, hobby's
  • 10. Some ideas where to start 2
    • Feedback on corporate events, ideas for next!
    • Ranking for most constructive and valuabe contributions to companies issues
    • Create externet pages for customers and partners
  • 11. How to start?
    • Open your mind - allow WEB 2.0 FORCE to become your companies competitive advantage!
  • 12. Thank you!
      • vigants.wordpress.com
      • phone +371 29129393
      • mail: lesausks.vigants@gmail.com