Meet the Brothers


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Chi Phi Fall 2008 Actives

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Meet the Brothers

  1. 1. Brothers of The Chi Phi Fraternity Fall 2008 Nu Delta Chapter Florida State University
  2. 2. Brandon Roth Eddie Hoefler
  3. 3. Hunter Nelson Brent Butrym Tyler Ranew
  4. 4. Matt Ferritto
  5. 5. Ralph Chandler Nick Abrahams
  6. 6. David Griffin David Webster
  7. 7. Josh Webb
  8. 8. Brian Berngard Scott Greb
  9. 9. Christiaan Webb Allen Lavina Brad Stephenson
  10. 10. Mike Settineri
  11. 11. Andrew Thompson James Moses
  12. 12. Mike Hellier
  13. 13. Tom D’Augustinis Ian McNamara Mike Groszek Andrew Schellenberg
  14. 14. Stefan Sumby
  15. 15. Dave Johnson Brian Wallace
  16. 16. Andrew Chandler
  17. 17. Jon Smith Stuart Santos
  18. 18. Matt Hanson Chris Reber
  19. 19. Derek Allen Doug Wright
  20. 20. Mike Schwab
  21. 21. Trevor Wigle Kevin Wollam JP Cordeiro
  22. 22. Michael Bloch Cory Green
  23. 23. Miguel Torres Steven Schwartz Bryant Green
  24. 24. Brian Pretner
  25. 25. Drew Aldikacti Ryan Flannery Connor Simmons Bryan Gayne Joey Alessandria Bryan Lopez
  26. 26. John Cockburn Joe Bowman
  27. 27. Alex Riggenbach
  28. 28. Travis Cowan Paul Hester Chris Fishe
  29. 29. Adam Liss
  30. 30. Jeff Huber Sam Unger
  31. 31. Blake Pierce David Hoefer Matt Dagen
  32. 32. Andrew Whittington Eddie Austin
  33. 33. Eric Bernstein Richard Phuah
  34. 34. Kyle Johnson Alex Dominguez
  35. 39. 3 Brothers given internships with Senator through Alumni Alum Rob Parker was former owner of the FSView and is current owner of the InnBetween Bar Winners of the ZTA Race To Live 08 Semi-Formal Each Fall Bands on Game day Sorority Socials Hayride every Spring Paired with Alpha Chi Omega for Homecoming 08 1 Garnet and Gold Guide 2008 Dance Marathon Winners Delta Zeta Cup Winners 2008
  36. 40. Highest GPA Fall 06 3 rd Highest GPA Spring 07 Soccer Gold Runner Up Spring 07 Swimming Gold Champions Fall 07 Flag Football Gold Runner Up Fall 07 Kickball Gold Champions Fall 07 5v5 Basketball Gold Runner Up Spring 08 Soccer Runner Up Spring 08 2 Florida State Club Baseball Players IM Champions Gold Division 2007-2008 by nearly 300 points 2 Brothers in Student Senate 3 Brothers serving at sorority houses 2 FYE Peer Leaders 1 DeGraff Resident Assistant
  37. 41. Brothers Nick Abrahams Drew Aldikacti Joey Alessandria Derek Allen Eddie Austin Brian Berngard Eric Bernstein Michael Bloch Joe Bowman Brent Butrym Andrew Chandler Ralph Chandler John Cockburn JP Cordeiro Travis Cowan Matt Dagen Tom D’Augustinis Alex Dominguez Matt Ferritto Chris Fishe Ryan Flannery Bryan Gayne Scott Greb Bryant Green Cory Green David Griffin Mike Groszek Matt Hanson Mike Hellier Paul Hester David Hoefer Eddie Hoeffler Jeff Huber Dave Johnson Kyle Johnson Allen Lavina Adam Liss Bryan Lopez Ian McNamara James Moses Hunter Nelson Richard Phuah Blake Pierce Brian Pretner Tyler Ranew Christopher Reber Alex Riggenbach Brandon Roth Stuart Santos Andrew Schellenberg Mike Schwab Steven Schwartz Mike Settineri Connor Simmons Jon Smith Brad Stephenson Stefan Sumby Andrew Thompson Miguel Torres Sam Unger Brian Wallace Christiaan Webb Josh Webb David Webster Andrew Whittington Trevor Wigle Kevin Wollam Doug Wright