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Irregular verbs

Irregular verbs






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    Irregular verbs Irregular verbs Presentation Transcript

    • IRREGULAR VERBS By Erlantz
    • elegir chosen chose choose coger caught caught catch comprar bought bought buy quemar burnt burnt burn construir built built build traer brought brought bring romper broken broke break morder bitten bit bite empezar begun began begin convertirse become became become Ser, estar been was, were be Traduction: Past Participle: Past Simple: Infinitive:
    • sentir felt felt feel caer fallen fell fall comer eatten ate eat conducir driven drove drive beber drunk drank drink soñar dreamt dreamt dream dibujar drawn drew draw hacer done did do cortar cut cut cut costar cost cost cost venir come came come Traduction: Past Participle: Past Simple: Infinitive:
    • herir hurt hurt hurt Agarrar held held hold golpear hit hit hit tener had had have ir gone went go dar given gave give conseguir got got get perdonar forgiven forgave forgive olvidar forgotten forgot forget volar flown flew fly encontrar found found find Traduction: Past Participle: Past Simple: Infinitive:
    • pagar paid paid pay encontarse met met meet significar meant meant mean hacer made made make perder lost lost lose echarse lain lay lie permitir let let let dejar left left leave aprender learnt learnt learn saber known knew know guardar kept kept keep Traduction: Past Participle: Past Simple: Infinitive:
    • sentarse sat sat sit cantar sung sang sing enviar sent sent send vender sold sold sell ver seen saw see decir said said say correr run ran run llamar rung rang ring montar ridden rode ride leer read read read poner put put put Traduction: Past Participle: Past Simple: Infinitive:
    • escribir written wrote write ganar won won win entender understood understood understand contar told told tell enseñar taught taught teach coger taken took take nadar swum swam swim robar stolen stole steal deletrear spelt spelt spell hablar spoken spoke speak dormir slept slept sleep Traduction: Past Participle: Past Simple: Infinitive:
    • Para terminar de forma alegre, ahí va un chiste:
      • ¿Cómo se dice en japonés no tengo televisión?
      • Sing (sang sung)
      • Sin Samsung