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Proper use of Texas State branding and Campus Recreation branding for use by programmers in creating promotional print material such as t-shirts, posters, banners, flyers, etc.

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  1. 1. Branding g Texas State Campus Recreation Campus Recreation
  2. 2. Overview O i Office of University Marketing guidelines y gg • Campus Recreation marketing guidelines • Texas State logos • Campus Recreation logos • Official colors • Official font family • System statement example • Flyer, t‐shirt and Bobcat examples Flyer t shirt and Bobcat examples • Summary •
  3. 3. Office of University Marketing ‐National and campus‐wide awareness ‐ Solidify how students, donors and employees view Texas State as a major academic institution Texas State as a major academic institution ‐Understand the needs and wants of our target market g ‐Integrate our branding strategies through Campus Recreation at every point of public contact (promotions/marketing) ‐Our branding reflects our patrons’ experiences and perceptions Office of University Marketing: http://www umktg txstate edu
  4. 4. Texas State Expectations • Be aware of graphic and editorial style expectations • Follow these guidelines •‐ p // u g s a e edu/ esou ces/gu des/g ap c styleguide.html •‐ styleguide.html styleguide html •University Marketing can also assist with  projects.
  5. 5. Campus Recreation Marketing p g • handles Campus Recreation adver tising ef for ts, which range from print ads to weekly newsletters to campus wide postings • provides creative suppor t to all seven programs • available to review communications to ensure they meet the university’s graphic university s identity and editorial style guidelines
  6. 6. ‐Identify our seven programs and services to their  specific target markets, including: students, faculty,  specific target markets including: students faculty staff, alumni and community members ‐Deliver a clear and cohesive message ‐Confirm our credibility ‐Connect our target market emotionally ‐Motivate potential members p ‐Tie in all services and programs ‐Support University Marketing’s expectations
  7. 7. A logo is one visual element in the  Al i i ll t i th identity scheme. Though it is the  cornerstone, only the consistent application of the logo, coupled with a  family of colors and selected type styles,  gives constituents a gives constituents a memorable vision of the university. • Use in any piece seen by anyone outside  the university
  8. 8. Texas State Logos External Use Internal Use
  9. 9. Proper Use of Logos When using the Texas State logo, keep in mind these main points: 1. Spacing 2. Distor tion 2 Di i 3. Propor tional to Page 4. Color
  10. 10. Color Scheme In terms of consistency and identity, color  plays a key role in building recognition.  plays a key role in building recognition Use of Texas State official colors are critical  when reproducing the university logo. • To use the white Texas State logo, please  consult Kristy or marketing.
  11. 11. Primar y Proper Logo Placement • Posters  JPEG, PDF • Ads  JPEG , PDF • T-shirts Secondar y  EPS, JPEG • Flyers  JPEG , PDF • Banners  EPS, JPEG • Premium Items  EPS, JPEG
  12. 12. Official U i Offi i l University Colors i Cl The official Texas State gold and maroon are key components of the Graphic Identity Program, and they are the primary colors for use in principal print and electronic communications Primar y Palette PANTONE PANTONE 872 504 Metallic CMYK 65-100-100- CMYK 20-30-70-20 35 RGB RGB 180-152-90 80-18-20 HEX HEX b4985a 501214
  13. 13. Font Family Adobe Garamond was selected to impart a feeling of history and academia academia. Univers has a modern, efficient feel that balances out the more traditional Garamond. These two fonts—along with their complete families of light and bold, Roman and italic—are recommended for all publications. Adobe Garamond Univers Fonts to be installed on all Department computers
  14. 14. System Statement Example • On all material for   use outside of our  recreational  facilities • “A “A member of the  b f th Texas State  University System” yy
  15. 15. Creative Brief Purpose • Communicate expectations Deadlines – Audience – Location – Pictures – Text – • Sign off on approval before  production • Assist programmer in  outlining expectations li i i • Track data
  16. 16. Flyer Example l l Tips: p • Fewer words  convey more • Use action words • Create a Creative  Brief • Campus  Recreation logo  R ti l top left • Pictures with  participants • Website and  phone number  bottom right
  17. 17. T-Shir t Example • Create a Creative  Brief • Campus Rec logo • If in the yearly If in the yearly  contract, use the  University  Bookstore logo  g prominently on  the back with  website and  phone number
  18. 18. Bobcat Head Bb H d Use only right‐facing  Use only right facing • Bobcat head Requires Athletic  • Department approval Kristy or marketing  • available for  assistance Limitations • Time usage – Placement – Distortion – Proportional to  l – page/T‐shirt – Spacing – Color
  19. 19. Summary • Campus Recreation marketing to educate Campus Recreation marketing to educate  Department on University Marketing branding  and style guides •CCampus Recreation to support University  R ti t tU i it Marketing branding and style guides • Only one logo, Campus Recreation logo for the  Department D t t • Create Department‐wide identity through  consistency • Entire Department is responsible • Marketing is here to help!
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