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Midterm presentation 2.27.2010 small


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  • 1. Areas Of Design and Social Entrepreneurial Interest 1. Increased Bike Use 2. Global Climate Change 3. Improved Food Knowledge
  • 2. My Goals in Picking an Organization for this Project: - Make Biggest Difference Possible - Entreprenurial Direction - Freedom to Start a New Project
  • 3. Organizations: 1. Bikes Not Bombs 2. Recycle-a-Bike 3. Woonasquatucket River Watershed Council (WRWC) Red Bike Shed
  • 4. Far from Providence Established Structure
  • 5. - One of Many Volunteers - Less Entrepreneurial Focus
  • 6. WRWC Small with Open Access Freedom to start something new
  • 7. WRWC Promote the Restoration of the Woonasquatucket River as an Environmental and Recreational As- set
  • 8. Created the Fred Lippett Greenway and the Red Bike Shed to Serve Bikes Using the Greenway.
  • 9. Red Bike Shed: Consists of Two Shipping Containers in Riverside Park along the greenway serving bikers in the park and along the bike path.
  • 10. Organization Rules of Operation Observation of Problems Money Infrastructure
  • 11. Interview with Warren: (Red Bike Shed Mechanic) Determining: operations needs current situation resources shop logistics customers current stock space tools security
  • 12. Concept 1 Bike Tool Cart For moving tools in and out of the shop for classes and bike repairs done out side of the container
  • 13. Mindmap of Red Bike Shed Problem Areas with WRWC Staff Area of Further make ita defined space teaching problems sign with hours shop is closed Interest set hours ofr class age limit for classes cost older class 11 and up Intro class credit card younger kids fixing flats 5:00 bike rodeo teaching them Brakes 2 times a week Rentals hour and a half kids working to make bikes check list selling bikes cranks and headset classes for kids 10 kids half hour clean up / half hour set up list of kids who have passed the class 3 to 7 positive things from 2009 cleaning 40 hrs hours wed through sun fixing bikes take classes Thursday and Saturday 3:30 to 5 Red Bike Shed kids working for bikes bike parts open shop hours volunteers working for a ranger open shop During open shop hours for bmx bikes working for themselves volunteers advertise If can't contact parents they have to get a new number Bike rodeo call parent Fence material ? Forms Problems with people stealing If dont have form they cant participate Price list bags on the outside
  • 14. Concept 2 Selling Bikes Bike Rodeo To Roundup Bikes and Bring Them to Customers
  • 15. Bike Rodeo Planned Pilot Bike Rodeo should answer some questions: - Price point - logistics of moving bikes - payment methods - number of bikes sold - profit
  • 16. Promotional Materials - Raise awareness of the Red Bike - Bring people to the bike path - Get to a different customer base
  • 17. Operational Overview for the Bike Rodeo Red Bike Shed: Bike Rodeo: At Tuneup/Fix RISD, Brown, Johnson and Wales Cleared Profit goes Students Buy to pay expenses / for $100 to $150 fund WRWC bike activities
  • 18. Researching Precedence Do research into other bike selling programs Working Bikes Community Bike Works Chain Reaction Phoenix Bikes Refine structure for the bike rodeo and avoid pitfalls from past precedence.