Play With Fire! Steal Shit!


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my first quick collection of poems.

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Play With Fire! Steal Shit!

  1. 1. PlayPlayPlay WithWithWith FIRE!FIRE!FIRE! StealStealSteal ShitShitShit!
  2. 2. i made this collection because everybody needs to take chances. play with fire and worry about the burns later. wasn’t it hot?
  3. 3. SIXTEEN By Kisba Let’s take a chance Let’s get away We’ll look nice, as we Save the day I see you I see you through a heart’s beat Makes a pristine sound A crystal moment Silence all around Couldn’t hear a pin As it hits the ground And when I hit the ground I’ll look around For you. Who watches Who watches the watchmen As we speed around Life, off the ground But I Can’t help to ask If you would just take a moment And look around There’s no one To be found When your life is Off the ground Don’t say Don’t say Don’t say Goodnight Let’s stay Around In this sky On this night As we keep moving, through this city of Sleep sounds,
  4. 4. And constant anxieties About The future and what it holds In its Tight clasp Its Dark grasp I don’t wanna know! I don’t wanna worry I don’t wanna moment to pass When you and me Aren’t movin fast Through this sky On this night I’ll never let this time go Even as we fly around buildings So tall And stone I’ll never grow old When my soul Cannot be sold I’ll never grow old In a city like this A city of sleep sounds And such anxieties You and me Are never the same But always here Always somewhere A flame burns For us To fly by And see past The future’s tight grasp. And we move fast As we say We say goodnight.
  5. 5. T.H.I.S. The Heart In Side. by Kisba if THIS won't make your pen hit paper, nothing will. take a trip inside yourself, collapse with class into your stomach and pull out poetic nourishment. food for thought. food for thawing out. food for throwing up. THIS is crying, THIS is dying, tears are drying, as children learn the ways of lying. the ways of living. fed up with trying, without knowing just what is lying behind the door. THIS was trying to teach a lesson but we're not buying trying to eat but we're not biting trying to leave but we quit driving so left with no option THIS settled on dying.
  6. 6. We would be happy.
  7. 7. what would have been by Kisba we complicated our lives more than we could know bruised and pushed our futures as furniture: past iron entry gates shoebox full of beloved dates i can tell you didn't want this, but what the fuck you expect no matter how far away i say i am, i am still HUMAN
  8. 8. adrian a poem about loss by Kisba i'm not depressed cause i know that you're out there i just don't know where. i just wanna hear your voice don't wanna see your face: just enough to know that you're okay, and you're alright without the man that you held all night. you used to tell me not to fight i don't want to fight now... we give it all away having flashbacks: and as i come back i hear you ask karl did you give your all today? i'll fade away, i'll fade away, just fade away, from this lustful color of red to a jealous shade of grey as you kiss him good night and you hold him tight
  9. 9. i wanna be yours i wanted what's yours tonight. i won't forget you and i won't regret you... I'll just fade away cause you paved the way from my old shame to shift the blame to me. i won't ask please don't say don't ever say you love him you love him, you love him! don't say you love him, cause all the pain i hid within my mind's basement hating him will always be right in my sickened mind unless i could sleep tonight but how can i sleep when you hold him tight and you are alright without the man you held all night?
  10. 10. T H E ENDEAVOR a story about a story by KISBA our story starts just like any other grabs her phone, closed the door and says goodbye to her mother and the first time he saw her, he'll never forget. she's a born fighter looking through the eyes of a lover. looking through an eye with a gold mess and he knows she's seen him at his worst and when he's at his best. she's seen him in the times, when he said he was fine, but his eyes said otherwise, and he looked into the eye the day when he realized... quot;she knows me.quot; he's seen her at her best, and her worst. and the times, he was spitting rhymes, cause with her in his ship he just had to learn to fly. when she gets real mad, or when she gets real sad, it takes all of the strength that she has to keep her feet on the ground. and to keep on her path. cause there's a pushing force scorching at the back of her legs searing up into her thighs screeching for release but she decides nobody's dying tonight. and she didn't know
  11. 11. her decision would come into play... come into play, later on in the game when his knees were fiery just the same, and she was ice, to keep the limbs tame. icy hot, to relieve the pain. and a straight jacket, to keep him sane. there were times he was her warming blanket there were times he was a pig, at the king's banquet an apple in his mouth she'll be there to get him OUT. out, of alone and out, onto the road where he then found a home. there were times when she was a ball of lint inside his dresser drawer there were times when she just couldn't handle any more there is no clear way to say which times were the best and which times were the worst: our story starts on Halloween on a street called Laurelhurst. but he is me, and the girl, is abbey. that's why, i'll love you forever. and that's how i define the endeavor. THE END no end.
  12. 12. LIGHT by Kisba There's something in the water with us. I see, She is a sea jelly submerge and, can you breathe it? She is the cnidarian glowing deep below us. Take what you can taste, this is light. DARK by Kisba i can't see i can't reach... fell asleep and i drifted not up, to the surface: but down, near the floor. the sea jellies are gone. you are gone too. it's not so warm anymore, i don't know where up is. please, i can't see
  13. 13. HOTEL by Kisba i came to see stars, but i'm in the light of streetlamps. walking home, home is my home away from homeless heartless. i'll love before i live. walking home, each house a story: nothing is ever faceless. Once, we walked on the same road. You remembered. But You don't look like you did like you did yesterday. my home, home away from homeless: coming to my room, lights are off, air is never moist enough. let me sit outside, when it's colder here. i want nothing, and nothing to do with you. if i want... faceless, cardboard, perishable, Praised. confronting the bathroom, a mirror in the dark.... somewhere. it says to me you never really fit. and if you do, it is because they changed... i will always hate you. i'm built to last, not to want. not to want to last. can i help you? i don't need a hero.
  14. 14. Thanks, no one guessed. By kisba This poem was written about that cymbalta ad campaign, the slogan of which is “depression hurts” depression hurts depression is sharp, needles pricking in my spine florescent lights put me on stage, my past is on my skin, craters in my mind. depression is an uneasy esophagus, a rigged scale, half-smashed glass, trying not to recognize my reflection anymore. wishing i still had tears, but nothing lives behind my eyes. a jagged edge: tetanus, and wishing i hated you. taking a pill and bleeding out emotion, empty those eyes. ...'cause if i bleed i could say i'm alive or i could just say that i'm red outside: depression hurts, i win a one-sided civil war.
  15. 15. good,bye By Kisba did you run away? like the wind, for the hills as they say... cause when you win no violins, skyward chins took my aspirations away! April showers tread on my flowers, to neglect my worries is to lie for hours if i find the time, i'll get high, shed my superpowers break water droplet walls, pretend this life was ours if i find the time. cause you ran away-- like the wind in the hills, today...
  16. 16. ellipsis By Kisba yesterday ... something was held theft omitted, taken removed i am bereft of something from every point that i proved and i'll busy myself to forget the wings he glided on as i fell from his arms onto my feet. ...
  17. 17. shale By Kisba you remember when? the sky was falling falling on us but we didn't notice cause the limelight can change it up i remember when we used to hide behind the line of suicide but when the moon changed the tide we were still there. waiting to breathe: exhale. i would call you up in the middle of the night just to say hi never had to say bye and you could get high so high you got stuck in a cloud: didnt have to bring you back down cause smiles didnt have to turn into frowns people were wholesome people were good we were livin life just because we knew we could gone: over the rail breathing, breathing out bits of shale. exhale exhale exhale and now come with me, sing the ugliest song i'll wait for ya and we can sing along
  18. 18. and now i'm sittin chillin reminiscin on the days long past the days where we could half-ass life: on the cuttin edge but razors only cut so deep and the pain makes you so heavy on your feet wait for me let me catch up with you you're spinnin so fast, and i've been right in front of you love me love me! cause i guess beauty's only skin deep im waitin for the message beep so you can sing along with me i don't wanna have to keep any promises cause i'm not a guy who feels he has to be honest and for real? you'd be astonished at the things i've hidden hiding from you. but keep in mind not everything good is too good to be true -- look at you! i'm hungry -- to be in love and you're lucky -- you're the one i really want. so love me love me cause beauty's not just skin deep i am waiting for the message beep so you can sing along with me. but maybe we can't fall in love maybe we can only fall apart there's a part of you that's missing a void in you that never held a heart. cause we don't get 'i love yous', we only get 'i owe yous'. breathing, breathing out bits of shale. exhale exhale exhale
  19. 19. GRADUATION by KISBA We didn't even know ourselves, We didn't know anything. They say we're going to the future: Commencement. but I still walk on past's path. Let's not get ahead of ourselves, and a headfirst dive into white
  20. 20. for Adrian too many of my poems were about you. You wouldn’t like em much.