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Obesity and overweight
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Obesity and overweight



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Obesity and overweight Obesity and overweight Presentation Transcript

  • Obesity and Overweight
    • By: Mitchell and
    • Spencer
    • This slide show is about Obese and Overweight people.
  • Obese
    • Some parents do not care what their children eat. The things those kids eat contain unhealthy contents, such as sugar and fat.
  • Lazy Kids
    • Kids these days play sit around and play video games all day.
    • Did you know that between 16 and
    • 34% of kids are overweight and obese in America? That is bad.
  • Graph of Obese people
    • This is a graph of overweight/obese people, in America.
  • Ways to get healthier
    • You should be active 60 or more minutes a day.
    • Being healthy is a better and longer life than being obese, overweight and unhealthy.
  • If you are unhealthy…..
    • If you are unhealthy or obese you have a high risk of getting diabetes, gall bladder surgery, cardiovascular disease, or cancer .
  • Healthy eating
    •  These are healthy veggies that will help you maintain a healthy diet.
    •  That is not a healthy food you should eat a lot of.
  • Here are some facts
    • 80% of type II diabetes are related to obesity
    • 78% of Americans aren’t meeting basic activity recommendations
    • 60% already have one risk factor for heart disease
    • 4% were overweight in 1982,16% were overweight in 1994
    • Nearly one-third of U.S. adults are obese [BMI>30]
  • Vending machines in schools
    •  These types of vending machines are good for schools.
    •  These vending machines are inappropriate for schools because they have a lot of sugar and caffeine.
  • Thanks for watching
    • Thank you for watching our slideshow of obesity. Hope you liked this and want to spread the word.
    • Thank you Google images for the pictures and the following websites:
    • www.obesity.org www.overweight.com www.annecollins.com/obesity/statistics-obesity.html
    • www.obesityhelp.com www.obesityhelp.com