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Peanut Butter Powerpoint

  1. 1. Peanut Butter<br />By: Kristin Wilhelmy<br />
  2. 2. Field to Fork: Growing the Crop<br />Peanuts are planted after the last frost in April, when soil temperatures reach 65° to 70° Fahrenheit. <br />Specially grown and treated peanut kernels from the previous year&apos;s crop are planted two inches deep, approximately one to two inches apart in rows.<br />Peanut seeds crack the soil about 10 days after planting and grow into a green oval-leafed plant about 18 inches tall. <br />flowers from the plant pollinate themselves, then the petals fall off as the peanut ovary begins to form. <br />Peanuts are harvested 120 to 160 days after planting, usually in September and October<br />
  3. 3. Field to Fork: The Factory<br />After they are fully grown they are harvested, inspected, cleaned, shelled and ,finally, shipped to be made into peanut butter. <br />Then the peanuts are roasted in special ovens which provide an even roast. <br />After roasting, the peanuts are fast-cooled by suction fans that circulate air quickly.<br />Another machine rubs the peanuts gently between rubber belts to remove the outer skin <br />The kernels are split, the hearts removed and the peanuts are cleaned and sorted a final time.<br />Finally, the peanuts are ground in two stages In the first stage, the peanuts are ground alone. <br />In the second stage, salt, sweetener and stabilizer are added. <br />Then when it is all done it is finally packaged and shipped to a store near you.<br />
  4. 4. Cooking<br />The most famous form of consumption of this product is of course is the PB&J sandwich: millions of American eat this classic sandwich everyday.<br />Peanut Butter is also used in cooking, such as: cookies, pies, topping, cheesecake, muffins, and many more.<br />Regardless of its many cooked forms its raw store bought form still remains at the top of the list.<br />
  5. 5. Recipe: Peanut butter cookies<br />Ingredients<br />1/2 cup sugar<br />1/2 cup packed brown sugar<br />1/2 cup butter, room temperature<br />1/2 cup peanut butter<br />1 egg<br />1 1/4 cup flour<br />3/4 teaspoon baking soda<br />1/2 teaspoon baking powder<br />1/4 teaspoon salt<br />Method<br />1 Cream the butter for 2 minutes. Add the sugars, cream for 2 more minutes. Mix in the peanut butter and egg. Mix together the dry ingredients - flour, baking soda, baking powder and salt. Stir into the sugar butter mixture.<br />2 Wrap dough in plastic and refrigerate at least 3 hours.<br />3 Preheat oven to 375°F. Shape dough into 1 1/4 inch balls. Place about 3 inches apart on ungreased cookie sheet. Flatten in crisscross pattern with a fork. Bake until light brown, 9 to 10 minutes. Cool on baking sheets for a minute; transfer to rack to cool completely.<br />Makes about 2 dozen cookies.<br />For chewier cookies, bake at 300°F for 15 minutes.<br />
  6. 6. Where You See the Product <br />Peanut butter products often comie with their own catchy catchphrase, such as:<br />Jif: “Choosy Moms choose Jif”<br />Skippy: “Fuel the Fun”<br />Elvis Presley’ s favorite sandwich was a grilled peanut butter and banana sandwich<br />They are also used in similes such as: Calculus is like swimming in peanut butter <br />There is also a peanut butter festival held in New Bethlehem, PA and Brundidge, AL <br />At these festivals there are peanut butter cook-offs, craft contests, eating contests, festival queens, and much more all related to one thing: peanut butter<br />
  7. 7. What I Learned <br /> How popular peanut butter really is in America and the world<br />The nutritional benefits of peanut butter <br />Knowing where and how one of my favorite foods are made from a little seed to a delicious creamy(or chunky) spread.<br />
  8. 8. Bibliography<br />Bauer, Elise. Simply Recipes, Inc.,<br />New Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce 2005<br />