Sms4 Parking Official Presentation Oct2008


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SMS4Parking- total parking management system. Park smart-pay by mobile !

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Sms4 Parking Official Presentation Oct2008

  1. 1. Facts & figures g SMS4Parking™ - Total Parking Management System SMS4Parking™ What is SMS4Parking™ ? History, References, History References Figures SMS4Parking™ is the first fully integrated parking management system enabling municipalities and parking operators to introduce mobile phone and other innovative payment First Implementation: May 2006 means to their existing or completely new parking systems. SMS4Parking™ is a state of the art software solution for automated on-line management and Today available in: 10 Cities operation of a parking service. On-line functions allow both the tracking and the billing of parking service either through SMS or parking-cards, the control of payment via PDA devices, internal control of Mobile operators: 3 parking attendants work (supervision), communication with the DMV/Police etc. All the data in the system is centralized and integrated, and the reports provided by the system are timely and error free. # of operative users: > 500 SMS4Parking™ provides the users with the point of sale system for parking services at each # of payments: > 15.000.000 user’s cell phone. M k t share: Serbia > 60% Market h S bi Who is SMS4Parking™ meant for? SMS4Parking™ is aimed at private car drivers as well as enterprises with fleets of automobiles and Web site: employees using them for work tasks. In cooperation with mobile operators SMS4Parking™ can be offered as an open system, meaning that users can use the service without pre-registration. Who are SMS4Parking™ buyers/service users? Cities, municipalities or parking operators responsible for management of parking space in urban areas.
  2. 2. Main system features y NO REGISTRATION – NO ACCOUNTS Any mobile phone can be used, without pre-registration, without special accounts and additional fees SMS4Parking™ system structure FULL SCALABILITY SMS STUDIO™-SMS Centre ( Secured SMPP Connection from predefined street -PARKING ZONES, small single lot facilities to a national, multi-facility with Mobile providers and special SMS billing platform ) centralized systems APPLICATION FOR POCKET PC ( PDA device ) for ki f ki tt d t the field S i l working of parking attendants on th fi ld (GPRS) ( Special DESIGNED FOR TOTAL INTEGRATION optional features: Clamping Wheel interface, Removal Truck with all possible parking billing and control methods ( SMS tickets, paper tickets, GPRS parking interface ) control, Permit schemes, privileged tickets, credit cards etc.) CORE SYSTEM ( BACK OFFICE ) ADMINISTRATIVE APPLICATION for processing of payments and fines before ON LINE REAL TIME MANAGEMENT & REPORTING entering the financial part of the system, for the needs of call Display of transactions and system activity .Full suite of pre-configured reports provides mission- f f f t centre, reporting, cashier and A ti hi d Accounting, S ti Special P i l Permit it critical data Designed to take advantage of Microsoft®’s state-of-the-art .NET® technology Scheme, Fines reporting, Police Reporting, MIS, Statistical and Traffic Reporting, Staff Deployment Planning, Equipment Deployment Planning, Security and Staff Access EASE OF USE - APPLICATION SERVICE PROVIDING Control, Financial Statements on transactions. All system interaction can be operated on a standard Internet Explorer® web browser, without the need of licensing and installation of dedicated workstations Simple and low cost workstations,.Simple implementation PARKING EQUIPMENT INTEGRATION with all known parking equipment ( Wheel clamps, Pay Stations, Parking gates, removing vehicles…)
  3. 3. Benefits for all MUNICIPALITY AND PARKING OPERATOR SMS4Parking® - park smart Integration of new-modern and more customer oriented parking billing methods (SMS) CORPORATE CLIENTS Easier and less expensive accounting of the employees’ parking Increased revenues due to an easier payment method costs Improved reporting and statistical capabilities Increased control of the employees’ activities Simple and sure enforcement Improved self-administration possibilities for assigning rights and limitations Flexibility in adjusting tariffs and zones Decreased operating costs due to less cash handling and savings on paper tickets CAR DRIVERS SMS4Parking™ provides for a very efficient parking system without the Savings on future investments use of bills or coins thus eliminating any possibility of shortage during g yp y g g the collection process or paying for parking without the payment being registered by the enforcement officials. All the enforcement officials do Improved client administration, real-time transaction reporting, promotion possibilities is to control whether the parking was paid for certain parking space. Faster handling and control procedures with minimized human errors I d ti f ti Increased user satisfaction Increased income Reduced cash leakage
  4. 4. How it works ? STEP 1 Car d i C driver: Simply texts car registration plate number to relevant m-parking zone number
  5. 5. How it works ? STEP 2 Parking P ki centre: t Sends SMS receipt with parking ticket number and all important details ( parking zone, validity time, price…)
  6. 6. How it works ? STEP 3 P ki centre: Parking t Sends SMS warning on time expiration 10 minutes before parking time expires
  7. 7. How it works ? EFFICIENT PARKING CONTROL control & enforcement SMS4Parking™ provides very efficient control of parking processes based on the g y g Perform verification of parked vehicle and control if parking latest communication technologies. Controllers are connected to back office place has been paid by SMS, by parking tickets or by pre-paid application via PDA or a cellular phone and through a Bluetooth technology to a privileged parking ticket. wireless micro printer. All the data is transmitted via GPRS in a matter of seconds from Issue penalty orders and penalty tickets ( fines ) the time the controller typed the car’s registration plate number. The information that is Issue information on expiration of pre-paid privileged parking send back will show whether there is a paid fee for this particular car and if so when it ticket. will expire In the case the parking fee was never paid or it expired the controller expire, ( pp ) ( y Use GPRS (application for Pocket PC) or SMS (SMS system) to ) communicate with the database will print the fine.
  8. 8. How it works ? CORE SYSTEM ( BACK OFFICE ) ADMINISTRATIVE APPLICATION Monitoring and parking For processing of payments and fines before entering the financial part of the system for system, the needs of call centre, reporting, cashier and Accounting, Special Permit Scheme, management t Fines reporting, Police Reporting, MIS, Statistical and Traffic Reporting, Staff Query preparation for the Police (vehicle owners) and Court Matching license plate data with Police data Deployment Planning, Equipment Deployment Planning, Security and Staff Access Forming of orders for financial bookkeeping Control, Financial Statements on transactions. Administration of controllers – tracking, reporting Definition of zone, sector, controllers shifts , , Monitoring of performance of controllers Transaction Reporting Full control over all parking operation
  9. 9. References SATISFIED SMS4Parking™ CLIENTS Case studies SMS4Parking™ is the first functional and integrated Parking Management System MICROSOFT recently conducted a case study based on the latest IT and telecommunication technologies. SMS4Parking™ is among ( ) in one of the municipalities we have the most advanced and financially successful WEB BASED Parking Management implemented SMS4Parking™ solution and received a uniformly positive feedback on all levels (parking System in Europe. It provides parking public a simple fast payment of parking fees via public, parking authorities, local government any cellular phone and through any mobile company whether they have prepaid or regular accounts. There is no need for any pre-registration, logging any credit card or spx?casestudyid=201056 p y bank information. Customer statement “With the SMS4Parking System, Subotica today has municipal order. We have managed to practically redesign the city’s outlook, and at least in terms of parking Subotica today is a truly European city.” Mr.Atila Kikić, General Manager, PU “Parking” Subotica Links & contacts Official website: Corporate website: Pakom grupa: Info line. +381 11 3282005