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A presentation detailing the distinct value set of the millennial generation and some of the events that have led to their differing perception of time and space. The presentation than illustrate some case studies from the car industry, providing some examples of companies who are effectively engaging this generation.

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  • Millennials Rising

    1. 1. Millennials Rising
    2. 2. “Each Generation is a new people.” — Alexis de Tocqueville
    3. 3. Millenials. Diversity of names reflects the diversity inherent to this generation. Why generation Net Generation Generation Me Generation Y Connecteds Nintendo The ‘Unreachables’ Generation Experience Echo Boomers Generation iGeneration Source: Huntley, Tethered 2006 Generation
    4. 4. 1,500 1,125 750 375 0 0 to 4 10 to 14 20 to 24 30 to 34 40 to 44 50 to 54 60 to 64 70 to 74 80 to 84 90 and older Male Female 8.3 Million Millennials in Canada or 26% of the population. Source: StatsCan, 2008
    5. 5. 97% own a 75% have a FaceBook computer account 44% read a blog Technology is a part of their DNA 34% use a website as the primary source of news 76% use instant 94% have a cell messaging phone Source: Marketing Breakthroughs, 2008
    6. 6. 2000 This generation was raised in a time of economic expansion and prosperity Source: 1980 The TSX composite index grew 318% between 1980 and 2000
    7. 7. But also a time of uncertainty August 1997, divorce rate in Canada is about 48%. One year after separation or divorce, 50% of children of divorced or separated families never see their fathers again. Source: Department of Justice, 1997
    8. 8. Grew up in a media saturated, highly technological, and brand conscious environment
    9. 9. “Optimistic, idealistic, empowered, ambitious, confident, committed, passionate.” — Rebecca Huntley The World According to Y: inside the new adult generation
    10. 10. But then something challenged all of this September 11th, 2001
    11. 11. This event should have crushed the Millennials optimism
    12. 12. But it didn’t A poll one year after the attacks showed that this generation remained optimistic about achieving future goals and did not have increased fears of a personal experience with terrorism Source: Harris Interactive Poll, 2002
    13. 13. Millennials have accepted uncertainty, and have learned to thrive on it.
    14. 14. ‘Uncertainty’ and ‘Insecurity’ have been transformed by Millennials into a new definition of ‘Freedom’
    15. 15. The two prevailing rules of this generation are: Actively Pursue Diversity Change is good
    16. 16. Engaging the next generation of car purchasers
    17. 17. By 2010, one out of every four car purchases will come from millennials. 1,100 millennials reach driving age everyday in Canada. Within 10 years, millennials will constitute 40% of the car market. source: Deloitte , 2008 & StatsCanada, 2008
    18. 18. Having a car used to get you from point A to B... But now, it’s all about keeping you connected from A to B A B So then, if it’s all about being connected, how do you connect with the millennials?
    19. 19. Get accepted into the circle of friends (by providing something relevant, of course)
    20. 20. So, who is joining the conversation? “Ford targets 100 socially networked millennials for first drive of Ford’s new small car, Fiesta.” - as a part of what Ford is calling the “Fiesta Movement,” 100 specially selected people will be given new Ford Fiesta’s before the vehicle launches in North America in 2010. - these 100 socially-vibrant Fiesta Movement ‘agents’ will then relate their driving experiences through social media sites such as Facebook, FlickR, and YouTube. Ford has recognized that you don’t need to create a destination site, you simply need to utilize proven social media tools.
    21. 21. BMW 1 series Graffiti Facebook campaign _ 2008 - Perhaps one of the best case studies in getting social media right, BMW reached out to existing Graffiti artists to draw what they think the BMW means to them and asks “What Drives You?” - The result was thousands of pieces of art, all centered around the BMW 1 series being shared across social networks by friends for friends.
    22. 22. Scion Speak __ Create Your Own Crest - as a part of Toyota’s Scion brand, people were invited to design and share their own brand crest over social media applications. All the tools to put together the logos are housed at The result? Peers sharing their designs across social media applications with Scion viewed as the facilitator for something creative. Nothing really to do with the cars, adding to the authenticity.
    23. 23. Jeep __ Have Fun Out There - this initiative essentially allows its consumers to “fish where the fish are,” by linking and aggregating communities where they already exist on FlickR, YouTube and Facebook. - it also allows Jeep to seed some viral videos to be distributed by the sites visitors.
    24. 24. Don’t talk at me... Speak with me.