Scheraldi Module 6 Showcase

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Zoo animal project.

Zoo animal project.

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  • 1. Topic 2 : Animals from the zoo. By: Gina Scheraldi Module 6-Showcase
  • 2. Project Purpose
    • Grade 1
    • The purpose is for students to study animals from the zoo, by going on a field trip and reading My Visit to the Zoo and other books through the use of visual art.
  • 3. Project Objectives
    • Students will…
    • Discuss animals from the zoo
    • Explore animals through books and paintings
    • Analyze pictures
    • Observe art work and picture book pictures
    • Research different animals to create a written project and picture of their own
    • Write a list of animal characteristics
  • 4. Day 1-Share
    • Students will discuss their own experiences and observations they have previously made at a zoo.
    • Teacher will write experiences on chart paper.
    • Students are introduced to the project and what they will be working on for the next few days.
  • 5. Day 2-Read
    • Teacher will read aloud the book My Visit To The Zoo by Aliki.
    • Students share with a partner what they learned from the book and the animals they heard in the book.
    • The class will create a list of animals they hope to see at the zoo on their field trip the next day and what they hope to learn.
    Aliki. (1997) My visit to the zoo. New York: HarperTrophy.
  • 6. Day 3-Field Trip
    • Class will go on a field trip to the St. Paul Como Zoo
    • Students will take notes about what they see
  • 7. Day 4-Discuss
    • Class will discuss their notes and observations from the zoo
    • Class will create a venn diagram to compare and contrast the zoo and the book animals.
    • Students choose an animal to research.
    • Students watch animal videos from other zoos.
    • Minnesota Zoo> http://www. mnzoo . com/animals/animals_liveCam .asp
    • Minnesota Zoo Facts> http://www. mnzoo . com/animals/animals_athtehZoo .asp
    • Toronto Zoo> http://www. to rontozoo .com/Animals/videos.asp
  • 8. Day 5- ArtsConnected
    • Class will watch the art collection and discuss what they see.
    • http://www. artsconnected .org/resource/102591/zoo-animals
  • 9. Day 6-Model
    • Teacher models how to choose an animal and how to find facts in a book.
    • Students will begin to research their animal using picture books chosen by the teacher.
    • Teacher will then model how to write down facts in a rough draft form and how to sketch their animal.
  • 10. Day 7-Rough Draft
    • Teacher will repeat the modeling of writing facts in a rough draft form and sketching the animal.
    • Students will finish up research and begin their rough drafts.
    • Teacher will confer with students as they work on their projects.
  • 11. Day 8-Final Draft
    • Students will complete their picture by using either paint, construction paper, or tissue paper.
    • Teacher will do a final
    • conference about their
    • project.
    Photo from:
  • 12. Days 9 and 10-Finish
    • Day 9:
    • Students finish working on their final projects.
    • When finished, students will share their final projects with a partner.
    • Day 10:
    • Projects will be hung up in the hallway.
    • Students will take a walk through of projects
  • 13. Resources
        • Aliki. (1997) My visit to the zoo. New York: HarperTrophy.
        • Minnesota Zoo. (2009) Minnesota zoo live videos . Videos retrieved from http://www. mnzoo . com/animals/animals_liveCam .asp
        • Minnesota Zoo. (2009) Minnesota zoo animal facts and pictures. Facts and pictures retrieved from http://www. mnzoo . com/animals/animals_athtehZoo .asp
        • Scheraldi, Gina. (2009) ArtsConnectEd. Zoo animal art collection . Collection retrieved from http://www. artsconnected .org/resource/102591/zoo-animals .
        • Toronto Zoo. (2009) Zoo animal videos. Videos retrieved from http://www. to rontozoo .com/Animals/videos.asp
  • 14. Project Rubric Put effort into the project Used time effectively Generated ideas about animals with understanding Created an animal with details Participated in class discussions Proficient 4 Excellent 3 Basic 2 Below Expectations 1 TOPIC 2