A Birdeye View Of Soufriere


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pictures revealing the beauty of Soufriere and it's people

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A Birdeye View Of Soufriere

  1. 1. All about Soufriere Soufriere is an enchanting village with all of St. Lucia’s natural amenities.
  2. 2. Soufriere’s budget guest house
  3. 3. I love Soufriere, simple as that. Ask me why and I couldn't tell you. Perhaps it's the people , the scenery, or my new found friends The LOUISY family or a combination of all of thee above. Many of the villages look as if they're plucked straight from the middle ages, yet its citizens dress in the latest fashions.   Soufriere Saint Lucia is a poor colonial fishing village however the locals live life to the full, enjoying each others company, especially around the rum shops for hours on end. Nestled in Soufriere are a few great places to wine and dine. To name a few Stone-field resort ,Humming-bird resort and Captain Hooks . It will tease the taste buds of any an unsuspecting visitor. I gave up the comforts of North America and moved to a poor third world Island. Then again, perhaps I'm somewhat biased as my new found wife is from Soufriere   and I've spent many a summer there in recent years ……  Plus the fact we owned and managed a small family guest house called Deresidence…………………….. With just over 3 hours flying time from Florida Saint lucia is an ideal weekend retreat. Deresidence guest house offer some great deals so it's never been easier to sample a taste of La Dolce Vita. http://deresident.tripod.com
  4. 4. SLU
  5. 5. Soufriere’s young gals
  6. 6. The ideal local restaurant in Soufriere Captain Hooks bar and restaurant for that authentic island meal check them out
  7. 7. Captain Hooks
  8. 8. Soufriere
  9. 9. Soufriere
  10. 10. The piton
  11. 11. Soufriere
  12. 15. Dancing the night away in Soufriere
  13. 20. Soufriere
  14. 21. The diamond falls
  15. 22. Soufriere
  16. 23. The pitons
  17. 24. Soufriere
  18. 30. Deresidence guest house the ideal place to stay in St.lucia
  19. 31. For budget accommodation in St. Lucia. Deresidence guest is your home away from home. call 758-459-5423. http://deresident.tripod.com
  20. 32. Soufriere
  21. 33. Deresidence guest house for affordable Accommodation. http://deresident.tripod.com
  22. 51. Deresidence guest house for affordable accommodation in Soufriere
  23. 54. For Accommodation call 758-459-5423 http://deresident.tripod.com
  24. 63. Soufriere
  25. 68. x this is saint lucia
  26. 78. Deresidence guest house http://deresident.tripod.com
  27. 83. Deresidence guest house 758-459-5423
  28. 86. Specialist john dorman