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Animals Animals Presentation Transcript

  • ANIMALS An alphabet book By Jonathan Murray
  • A is for Aardvark
    • An aardvark is a large mammal that eats ants
    • Aardvarks are located in Africa
    • Aardvarks have a nocturnal behavior
  • B is for Blue whale
    • the biggest animal that ever lived
    • part of the rorquals family
    • reach speeds of 50 kilometers per hour
  • C is for Cardinal
    • has a short, wide, bill
    • Found in north and south America
    • It likes to eat seeds
  • D is for Dolphin
    • A dolphin is a carnivore
    • They are intelligent
    • Has a playful additude
  • E is for Elephant
    • Elephants are from 8-10 feet tall at the shoulder
    • One type has two large tusks
    • Is the largest land mammal
  • F is for Flamingo
    • Eats with it’s head upside down
    • Are pink because they eat shrimp
    • Are wading birds
  • G is for Groundhog
    • Are rodents
    • Are lowland creatures
    • Are also called woodchucks
  • H is for Humming bird
    • Weighs less than a penny
    • Has extremely flexible wings
    • Feeds on nectar
  • I is for Ibisbill
    • Adult legs are red
    • Has a giant beak
    • Lives in Asia
  • J is for Jellyfish
    • Are invertebrates
    • Has stingers at it’s bottom
    • Top is of jellyfish is called the bell
  • K is for Koala
    • Located in Australia
    • Are marsupials
    • Eats eucalyptus leaves
  • L is for Lion
    • Lions live in groups called prides
    • Males have a large mane
    • Lions are the 2 nd largest “big cat”
  • M is for Moose
    • Moose are the largest members of the deer family
    • Male moose grow the largest antlers in the animal kingdom
    • Moose are territorial
  • N is for Northern bottlenose whale
    • Reach lengths of 7-9 meters
    • Is a beaked whale
    • Has 2-4 teeth on it’s lower jaw
  • O is for Orca
    • Orcas are known as killer whales
    • Shamoo is an orca
    • Orcas feed on seals
  • P is for Penguins
    • Penguins are flightless birds
    • Penguins are great swimmers
    • Penguins live in Antarctica
  • Q is for Quokka
    • Are marsupials
    • They live in Australia
    • Can go long periods of time without water
  • R is for Rhinoceros
    • There are 5 different species
    • They live in Africa and Asia
    • Has one, two or no horns
  • S is for Shoebill
    • Is a massive bird
    • Has a broad beak
    • Lives in Africa
  • T is for Tiger
    • Live in Asia
    • Are the largest “big cat”
    • Their stripes are for camouflage
  • U is for Urchin, or sea urchin
    • Their shell is round and spiny
    • Live in oceans over the world
    • Humans eat them
  • V is for Vampire bat
    • Drinks blood (don’t worry, usually animals)
    • Body size of an adult’s thumb
    • Uses echolocation
  • W is for Walrus
    • Has giant, ivory tusks
    • Live in artic regions
    • Migrate in spring
  • X is for Xenops
    • Are small birds
    • Eats insects
    • Bill or beak has an upturned tip
  • Y is for Yak
    • Lives in Asia
    • Are herd animals
    • Domestic yaks are smaller than wild yaks
  • Z is for Zebra
    • Are members of horse family
    • Their stripes are unique
    • Live in Africa
  • Bibliography