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Orlando SFDC User Group 1/2010


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 11:30-12:15 – Networking12:15-12:45 – Intros12:45-01:15 – About OSUG,Twitter & Meetup Response01:15-01:30 – Summer ’09, IdeaExchange, Salesforce Community01:30-02:00 – Open Discussion02:00-02:30 – Salesforce
  • Transcript

    • 1. CRM Success In The Cloud
      Orlando User GroupOctober 2009
      • Formed July 2008
      • 2. Blog -
      • 3. Meetup -
      • 4. Twitter – | @OrlandoSFDC
      Orlando Salesforce User Group
      January 2010 Meetup
      Thank You Riptide!
      Sponsored by:
    • 5. Agenda
      Light Recap
      Jennifer Phillips | Hilton Grand Vacations | CRM Director
      Spring ‘10 Overview
      Joshua Hoskins | Hilton Grand Vacations | Integrations Mgr
      Mini-Dreamforce in February?
      akaCRM’s Top 10 New Year's Resolution for CRM
    • 6. About the User Group
      Build an enthusiastic local community group that enables members to be more successful with
      Success – provide a forum for members to exchange ideas, best practices, and lessons learned using
      Flexibility – develop a meeting structure that allows for flexibility, changing member needs, and maturity level
      Quality - ensure that the content being delivered reflects the needs of a majority of the members
    • 7. What’s in it for you?
      New ideas
      Tips & tricks
      Explore partner tools and services
      Release Overviews
    • 8. CRM Success In The Cloud
      Orlando User GroupOctober 2009
      • Formed July 2008
      • 9. Blog -
      • 10. Meetup -
      • 11. Twitter – | @OrlandoSFDC
      The Salesforce community raised over $500,000 to divide between two incredible relief agencies.
      Thank You Riptide!
    • 12. NEW!
    • 13. New Links
      The Salesforce Channel : Single Source for Salesforce Video
      Dreamforce 2008/2009
      Dreamforce 2009 Breakout Sessions
    • 14. CRM Success In The Cloud
      Orlando User GroupOctober 2009
      • Formed July 2008
      • 15. Blog -
      • 16. Meetup -
      • 17. Twitter – | @OrlandoSFDC
      Dreamforce ’09 aka #DF09
      Overview by @CRMjen
      Thank You Riptide!
    • 18. CRM Success In The Cloud
      Orlando User GroupOctober 2009
      • Formed July 2008
      • 19. Blog -
      • 20. Meetup -
      • 21. Twitter – | @OrlandoSFDC
      Spring ’10 Overview
      by @jhoskins
      Thank You Riptide!
    • 22. NEW! Salesforce User Interface
      Fresh new look
      Find your information faster
      Improve Experience with New Features
      Opt-in/Opt-out (Org Wide)
      Visualforce Standard Components automatically upgraded.
      General Release (GA)
    • 23. NEW! Quote Sync
      Make Reps More Productive
      Easily create Quotes from Opportunities
      Quote automatically updates the Opportunity
      Forecasting & Reporting stays accurate
      General Release (GA)
    • 24. NEW! Branded Event Invitations
      In sales appearance is everything
      Maintain Brand Awareness
      Invites Appealing, Professional & Standardized
      Allow the attendee to respond via a link provided in an email
      General Release (GA)
    • 25. NEW! Email Preview & Global Email Templates
      Send Test email to verify merge fields are working properly before sending your email.
      Default Task Type to “Email” for Emails sent from Salesforce
      Email Templates now support multiple languages.
      Recipients receive an email that match their language
      General Release (GA)
    • 26. FREE! Salesforce Mobile Lite
      Access for all Customers
      Create, Edit & Delete Records from Standard Objects (Account, Lead, Task, etc)
      Helps Reps Be Productive Anywhere
      General Release (GA)
    • 27. NEW! Filter and Search for the iPhone
      Find specific data easier than before
      Include on every tab and list view
      Records are automatically reduced as you type
      General Release (GA)
    • 28. NEW! Link to Record for Backberry
      Automatically open record in the native blackberry application
      General Release (GA)
    • 29. Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) 2.0
      Custom Screen Pops
      Automatically display relevant information to the user
      All Clicks – No Code!
      General Release (GA)
    • 30. NEW! Entitlements & Service Contacts
      Users can verify services customer is entitled to
      Create services contracts and specify SLAs (First Response & Resolution Time)
      Track the level of service you are providing to your customers
      Enforce Service Levels w/ Time Dependant Rules
      SLA Performance Reporting
      Ensure customers are getting the right level of support
      Users can easily identify opportunities to sell or up sell support offerings
      Track Commitments
      Visual Indicator on very case!
    • 31. Salesforce Knowledge Update
      Provide higher level of customer support allowing to find specific support and articles that make the most sense.
      Partner Portal Integration
      SOQL/SOSL API Access
      General Release (GA)
    • 32. Salesforce Answers
      New way to engage with customers
      Engage your customer community for support in a different way
      Allow users and customers to tap into the knowledge of your community
      Questions are answered by Customer or your users
      Best Answer rises to the top
      Similar to
      Similar to LinkedIn Answers!
      General Release (GA)
    • 33. Spring ‘10 Notes & Release Schedule
      Content is still in the works, release date is “Coming Soon”
      Announced at Dreamforce ’09 – Content will no longer be an addition charge
      Branded Events work in all editions
      Entitlements & Service Contact available in Enterprise & Higher
      How do I determine what instance I’m on?
    • 34. Spring '10 Sandbox Preview Instructions
    • 35. Housekeeping
      Mini-Dreamforce in Febuary?
      (1) Weekend Day?
      4 to 6 hours?
    • 36. CRM Success In The Cloud
      Orlando User GroupOctober 2009
      • Formed July 2008
      • 37. Blog -
      • 38. Meetup -
      • 39. Twitter – | @OrlandoSFDC
      Thanks for Attending
      See you next month!
      Thank You Riptide!
      Follow us on
    • 40. CRM Success In The Cloud
      Orlando User GroupOctober 2009
      • Formed July 2008
      • 41. Blog -
      • 42. Meetup -
      • 43. Twitter – | @OrlandoSFDC
      2010 The Year We Make Contact:
      Top 10 New Year's Resolutions for CRM
      Thank You Riptide!
    • 44. #1 : I will understand my data.
      Embedded in your CRM system is a wealth of information, that when properly organized and exposed can serve as a decision support system. Utilize views, reports and dashboards to ask and answer key questions. Analytics is what does best. If you can't get at the data, it is possible your system isn't configured properly. Your system set-up should be driven by the analytics you need.
    • 45. #2 : I will give my Salesforce CRM deployment a health check.
      Each year, releases 2 or 3 major releases, each with hundreds of improvements. In my near decade of experience with, I find that most companies are not aware of the new features where were release after the initial deployment and never enabled. Consequently, they aren't getting the value that they are paying for. See our cost-effective Health Check service for unleashing your potential.
    • 46. #3 : I will make sure our CRM system is aligned with executive and organization objectives.
      As people join your company or depart, personal objectives and company goals change. Ensure that your Salesforce CRM system is tracking the metrics and objectives that the company is currently focused on. Do you know what they are?
    • 47. #4 : I will review my data quality and take steps to improve it.
      Missing data, duplicates, records assigned to inactive or incorrect users, unpopulated fields, absence of data validation rules, inappropriate field requirements, out-dated pick lists and business cards sitting in desk drawers.  These are just examples. Contact akaCRM to discuss how our data therapists can get your data into top shape and create processes and automation to ensure it stays that way.
    • 48. #5 : I will survey our Salesforce CRM users and understand how well we are serving them.
      Sometimes it is so obvious that we forget to do it, but ask the people that are using the system and find out what is missing, what is wrong and what help is needed. Consider brown-bag lunches, surveys or bring in akaCRM to facilitate a session to understand the top 5-10 actions that could be taken to get the most out of your Salesforce CRM investment.
    • 49. #6 : I will offer and provide training to our CRM system users and get additional training for myself in order to best leverage our investment.
      Assuming you trained your people when you deployed in your company, I'd bet that some people may have left and others have joined.  I'll bet there are advanced features that exist today that weren't there when you did your training.  I'd also bet that the skill level that people have with Salesforce CRM has grown and they are now ready to move from the basic features to advanced features. You've already paid for the system, why not invest a little in the people to make sure their skills are keeping up with the pace of change?
    • 50. #7 : I will not be afraid to ask for help. I don't know what I don't know and can't finish what I don't have time or training to do
      There is no shame in asking for help and failing to do so, can actually be a sign of weakness. At the request of a number of our clients, we put together cost-effective support packages ranging from 4 hours to 40 hours to help you finish your projects, tune your systems and get set for the new year.
    • 51. #8 : I will commit to understand social media this year and learn how it intersects and leverages CRM.
      Your competitors, prospects and customers are having a dialogue right now in the social media that involves your industry and potential your products, services and brand. Will you choose to participate and moderate these dialogues or choose to be oblivious to them? Let us create a simple social media plan for your business as a starting point.
    • 52. #9 : I will understand my personal metrics, how I am measured and make sure they are incorporated in a personal dashboard.
      We all have bosses, we all want to get better and we all want to be recognized for our accomplishments. One of the best ways to get the recognition you deserve is make sure the way you are evaluated is reflected through metrics in That way, there are no surprises for you, your boss or your company. Once you see where you stand, you can now take steps to improve (and receive recognition for your achievements). Additionally, measuring relevant data points gives you ground for which to request support and resources. 
    • 53. #10 : I will make sure my team's personal metrics are exposed to them and will provide updated quotas/expectations for them.
      If it's good for you, it's good for them. Transparency within the team and the organization is a good thing. Recognize your top performers and let your bottom performers understand their ranking so they might be motivated to improve or re-think their career choice. If you have new expectations for 2010 (quotas, measurement points, critical-success-factors) communicate them early in the year and your Salesforce CRM system is a great way to do this.
    • 54. #11 : BONUS:  I will participate or lead an annual review of our Salesforce CRM deployment.
      Don't count on someone else to drive the items in this list. Take charge or forward this article to another individual if you have someone that is responsible for this initiative. The sooner you get started, the sooner you get the benefits.