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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1.  
  • 2. This software is about instructional program. Its name Toddler Fun. Also, it includes ten different activities such as activity for learning letters, numbers, shapes and colors. The main objectives for using this software are: Description :
  • 3. 1- to reinforce instruction by providing the repetition necessary to move acquired skills and concepts into LTM. 2-to personalize instruction by meeting individual difference among learners 3-save teachers time and efforts. objectives
  • 4. Target learners: The target learners are students who are between 5 to 10 years. These students need different activities to learn about letters, numbers, shapes and colors. Thus this software designed to help them to learn, practice and how to read or write. Also, this program helps children to distinguish between things like letters, numbers and colors.
  • 5. Teacher and students roles in using the software 1-Teacher can use this program to teach their students the Alphabet Express. 2-Teacher uses this software to teach students the numbers and colors. 3-teacher uses this program to encourage students to learn things by games. 4- To help their students to improve their intellectual skills. 5-teacher uses this software to train their students to draw or to read letters and numbers. 6-to help their students to distinguish among colors and shapes.
  • 6. 1-the students can use this program to learn the letters and numbers. 2-to enrich their ability to think and response to the program. 3-students can use this program to learn about drawing and musical. 4-to learn about things sounds. students
  • 7. Features 1-instructional program. 2-includes 10 activities. 3-properties( 1.033 )bytes. 4-make learning fun and motivating. 5-encourage students to interact, control and response to the program. 6-make learning process more effective.
  • 8. 7-enclude games and puzzles which help students to improve their intellectual and thinking skills. 8-motivate learners to learn and practice. 9-help students to make relationships among pictures and sounds.
  • 9. This software helps to achieve learning objectives. *This program includes different activities to learn the letters, numbers, shapes, colors and sounds, so students can think more about these things. *This program helps to enhance learning by using different ways to teach students like games, drawing and puzzles.
  • 10. *This software is rich with activities that are useful for students in their classes and projects.
  • 11. Concerns raised by teachers and instructional designers about the software:
    • *Some teachers expect that this program software need more activities to help learners to learn and practice.
    • *Also, teacher should be able to use it correctly.
    • * Teacher should provide computers to help them in teaching students this software.
  • 12. Toddler fun Program
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