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Science Part 2
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  • 1.
    • Have no visible striations
    • Found the in walls of hollow organs
    • Individual cells are spindle shaped
    Home Skeletal Muscle Cardiac Muscle Courtesy of cytochemistry.net
  • 2.
    • Main component of the nervous system
    • Many different organs are created from this tissue
    • They regulate and control bodily functions
    Home Neurons Courtesy of Cloois
  • 3.
    • Conduct and generate nerve impulses
    • They are branching cells
    • From several types of cells, neurons are supported, protected, and insulated
    Home Courtesy of aldella
  • 4.
    • Most commonly found of all tissue
    • Connects body parts
    • Also, is used for protection, insulation, and transportation
    Home Blood Bone Cartilage Connective Tissue Proper Courtesy of ohitsmax
  • 5.
    • Most unusual of all the connective tissue
    • Composed mostly of red blood cells
    • It transports substances around the body
    Home Bone Cartilage Connective Tissue Proper
  • 6.
    • Main function is to protect and support body structures
    • It contains inorganic calcium salts
    • It well supplied by blood vessels
    Home Blood Cartilage Connective Tissue Proper
  • 7.
    • It is a tough, but flexible material
    • The matrix consists of 80% water
    • Chondroblasts are the cells used for cartilage growth
    Home Hyaline Elastic Cartilage Fibrocartilage
  • 8.
    • Most common type of cartilage
    • Contains large amounts of collagen fibers
    • It covers the ends of long bones
    Home Elastic Cartilage Fibrocartilage
  • 9.
    • Very similar to hyaline cartilage
    • Has an exceptional strength and stretching ability
    • Forms the support of the external ear and the epiglottis
    Home Hyaline Fibrocartilage
  • 10.
    • Composed of thick rows of collagen fibers and chondrocytes
    • Compressible and resists pressure easily
    • Located in areas such as in the discs of the knee joint and in the intervertebral discs
    Home Hyaline Elastic Cartilage
  • 11.
    • A large number of mature connective tissue fits into this category
    • It consists of loosed and dense connective tissue
    Courtesy of www.acoustics.org Home Areolar Adipose Reticular Dense Regular Dense Irregular
  • 12.
    • The most widespread of the connective tissue
    • Has many different functions
    • Their matrix is occupied by ground substance and also with reservoirs
    Courtesy of GreenFlame09 Home Adipose Reticular Dense Regular Dense Irregular
  • 13.
    • Contains only reticular cells
    • It forms an internal framework
    • Located in the lymphoid organs
    Home Areolar Adipose Dense Regular Dense Irregular
  • 14.
    • They are composed to adipocytes
    • They are used for many different functions
    • Creates about 18% of an average human’s body
    Home Areolar Reticular Dense Regular Dense Irregular
  • 15.
    • Consists mostly of fibers
    • They can withstand great tension being pulled in one general direction
    • They form the body’s tendons
    Home Areolar Adipose Reticular Dense Regular
  • 16.
    • The bundles are arranged irregularly
    • It covers areas such as the skin’s dermis and the capsules of organs and joints
    • They can withstand tension from many different directions
    Courtesy of Ra5my Home Areolar Adipose Reticular Dense Irregular
  • 17.
    • Presentation Created by Jeffrey Lee
    • Sources=
    • Pictures taken by Jeffrey Lee
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    • Sounds
    • Under Pressure- Queen and David Bowie
    • Rocky theme – movie Rocky
    • Heart beat – youtube, courtesy of westernplumber
    • Lighting – youtube, courtesy of utherexplorer