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  • 1. i grew up in tha hood where slaughter is habitual, tha killins just a ritual and death so perpetual, blood out on tha streets & glocks always blastin, tha last one to be lastin out in a coffin castin, every breath of fear , brain wid blood clotted, tha cops pull tha trigga if any nigga's spotted, out in tha nights tryin to make it back breathin, tha chests lack sheathin, tha children knack teethin, Evil world out there but u gotta make ur existence, and from a small distance u cant sense my resistence, coz my world begins wid pain & ends wid a sorrow trip, i just had a narrow skip gettin shot from pharoah's clip, these niggaz act gangstaz but in reality they faking, tha bonez always breakin when shrey undertakin, any niggaz death deal full final and completed, tha glocks all heated & its got a bullet for u to eat it, niggaz always shoot back but always miss tha crop head, and just as tha cop said next moment they all drop dead, on tha ground wid a thud and shrey is back on feet, coz i alwayz snack on heat & step wid a crack on street, i got lead in my brain and it keeps me all alive, and when i am out on a drive i hope i do survive, from tha hater's bullet and tha enemie's discrepancy, this shit aint more fancy and its all for currency, so better dont step up i am excellent at tha game, i aint got tha fame but you remember my name, coz i burn wid a flame that terminates ur claim, so better get my aim coz ur death sounds tha same, tha hot earth is bakin tha mighty sky's all shakin, beware my niggaz ...coz there is a DEVIL in tha MAKIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!