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Abz Diss






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Abz Diss Document Transcript

  • 1. Xcuze me miss ... so have u dropped ur ballz ??, even if i were gravity i wont have stopped ur fallz, coz rappin aint tha shit for a fuckin fashion faggit, screamin in tha bedroom " OH TUCKIN THAT THING ... DRAG IT " , Battlin Elite ??? would leave u Rattlin in ya feet, next word they hear from u will be Prattlin in defeat, but tha ride aint over yet so plz hold on 2 ya seat, tryin to be cooler than me will put tha cold on 2 ya feet, multiple rhymes are a fuckin piece of shit, i might as well grease off this wid a fuckin lease of piss, so put tha cheese off miss , take ur gayish peas off chris, its a rapid freestyle cant u see tha ease of diss, Xperience tha fuckin breeze of sleaze, with ur freakin niece on kneez, & as i leave tha crease off please, i am habituated 2 fleece off greece, so fuck tha A's 2 da B's and B's 2 da Z, burn him 2 100 degree and abdullah eqaul2 my pee, aint done my thang yet & u got enuf dissed on, if u were a pregnancy test kit u'd get less pissed on, actin like a fuckin G ... u kno howz like leavin em dead, but tha only G u near 2 is tha one whoz givin em head, dont mess wid tha elite theyll crush u wid bare hands, put enuf bullet holes in ur body u like spongebob squarepants, smokin weed in tha pic .... get on a high like 10-6, try 2 break or bend this & u d have 2 visit da dentist, with 32 broken teeth and 2 fuckin numb jaws, i ve dug out tha way 2 hell that u started wid ur dumb claws, no it aint my career but ur life is on stake, so while u chillin wid josh ur wife is on drake, embarrased to tha core ... dont feel bad at this junction, this fashion bitch just underwent anotha wardrobe dysfunction !!!!!!