Summer 09 Workshop

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  • Send lit questions and web sites to Teachers. Ask them to bring a loaded stapler. Ask them to think about how they are managing STUDENT ACCOUNTABILITY. GIVE THEM AN AGENDA
  • Colleen introduce slide Liesl tells joke
  • Coleen Ask for a show of hands for each project choice to see who is interested and to identify potential partners. Ask WHY people chose their categories.
  • Look at resource packet “ Paired Share” – How might you use these ideas in other subject areas?
  • Show games and look in packet at games question prompts Colleen talks about number sentence on Moodle
  • Liesl makes tracer plates
  • Colleen Whip it for ideas of anchor activities
  • Show Moodle Site, examples of Forums. Demonstrate how to take photo of screen and use to post problems. Show site organization and how to create groups with different times/projects. Show ruler site for levels. Give time to copy and create.


  • 1. Getting the Most from CORE EXTENSION August 6, 2009
  • 2. “ Fairness doesn’t mean treating everyone the same way.”
  • 3. Project Menu - Extension Menu Activity
  • 4. Word study/spelling centers
  • 5. Student-Created Open-ended Games/Centers
  • 6. 20 Facets Ball Differentiate by readiness Make 20 leveled questions for students -teacher chooses who gets which question Differentiate by content Four groups create and answer 20 question/answers about a certain topic - Give One/Get One- How would you and your team use this open-ended vehicle to differentiate for your students?
  • 7. Anchor Activities/Independent Study Contracts Anchors are a set of on-going, any time activities that students who are always finished first can do independently Independent study contracts also tie in to long term projects for these students Create a list of anchor activities with your team that you do at your grade level. Make a plan for ways you can share without recreating work.
  • 8. How are we managing the Time and Student Accountability? *Share contract or “menu journal” ideas Ex: Date: Student or Teacher Choice (Circle) Activity/Game: My thinking:
  • 9. Moodle is Your Best Friend! Forum discussions Organizing Sites to Create Flexible Groups Differentiating through leveled sites Having time to get started!
  • 10. Helpful Web Sites