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I decided to go on a trip up to northern New Mexico and southern Colorado to get the

pictures that I needed for this proj...
The next set of pictures that I took and some of my all time favorites were on top of the

mountain on Wolf Creek ski area...
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This was an Art 101 project for the University of New Mexico.

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  1. 1. Tim Wesselman 03/23/09 ArtH 101 Mountains: Awe-Inspiring Journal of Images Photography Assignments Personal Reflection This project is about displaying the fourteen elements of art in pictures that we the students take. We were told to pick topics and that were interesting to us that we could display the elements of art in. The topic that I chose, was the mountains and the underling theme that I picked was Awe-Inspiring. I chose the mountains for my topic for different several reasons. Art is any thing that makes you feel inspired and touched by viewing it. The mountains are one of the most amazing things that I feel a person can ever see. They are large and magnificent, they allow you to realize how small you really are when you observe them. They can seem endless if you find a good spot to sit and just take in the site. I enjoy hiking, camping and the outdoors in general so picking the mountains allowed me to go out and see and experience nature. The theme that I selected was Awe-Inspiring. I decided on this theme for my project because it is hard not to be inspired, and to want to just live when you take in an amazing view. A theme is an underlining principle that should be evident in every piece of work in the project. I hope that my project will inspire all who view it to go out and take in a beautiful view of the mountains for themselves. The deeper you go into mountains and the further you get from the modern world the better your experience will be.
  2. 2. I decided to go on a trip up to northern New Mexico and southern Colorado to get the pictures that I needed for this project and to go snowboarding up at wolf creek. The camera that I used for the project was a Canon Power Shot SD 790. This camera is around a year old and takes 10 mega pixel pictures. With confidence in my camera and vehicle, my friend Josh and I left for Chama New Mexico on Tuesday March Seventeenth. We got to my family’s cabin around sunset just in time for me to go up on the hill and snap a few photos of the Brazos Cliffs and the surrounding Valley before it got dark. I took several of the pictures that are in my Journal of images at this time. I took the picture that I used for the artistic element of Value. The picture was taken high up on a hill in the Brazos Mountains and it is of the light contrast from the rock that is shown in the fore ground of the photo, to the Brazos Cliffs in the background. That picture was on of my favorites. The picture I used to show the artistic element of space was also one of my favorites. It was taken on that same hill, of a dead tree that was standing all alone and it had the peak of the mountain across the valley in its background and space. The pictures that I took next were on the road from Chama to Colorado and the Wolf Creek Ski Area. Here I took several pictures that I had to put into my Journal. The picture that I used to show the artistic element of Variety was one of the better photos that I took on the way to the ski area. This picture has many different forms of verity in it from the shapes to the colors to the different lines that lead back towards the mountains. My other favorite picture that I took during this ride up was the one that I used for scale. I felt that it truly showed the grandness of the mountain in the background. I liked how you could see the road get smaller and smaller until it disappeared into the mountainside.
  3. 3. The next set of pictures that I took and some of my all time favorites were on top of the mountain on Wolf Creek ski area. The picture that I used for texture was my all time favorite picture of the journal. It looked over the backside of the ski area and it showed an endless view of enormous rolling mountains that stretched on as far as the eye could see. The scattered clouds and snow added a texture that one might think of as fluffy and soft, but the huge Mountains added in a harsh rough feel to the picture. This was truly a breath taking site in person. I put all of these photographs together and they made A very nice journal. The pictures are diverse and most do not look alike and that was one of my goals. My Main goal was to take Inspiring pictures that would make the viewers want to go out and have a look for themselves. I feel that I have succeeded in this mission, because the pictures have inspired me. 833