Top Destination In Malta, Finland, Greece


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Top Destination In Malta, Finland, Greece

  1. 1. Top Destination in Malta
  2. 2. Malta is a  island nation in the Mediterranean, that is a cultural and political stepping-stone between Europe and North Africa.  Malta joined the European Union with nine other new member states in May of 2004. The nation of Malta is composed of three islands, Malta, Gozo, and Comino, that are attractive and loaded with beaches, bays and coastlines inviting exploration.  In addition, the Malta is place of enormous historical importance, including stone megaliths and other monuments to nearly 7,000 years of civilization. The island has been ruled by the Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs and the Order of the Knights of St. John. If any country deserves the reputation of a potpourri of cultures, Malta certainly is near the top of the list. More recently, Malta has become a popular cruise destination and we consider it to be a great "add-on" destination when traveling in the Mediterranean.
  3. 3. Malta
  4. 4. St Julian's Bay
  5. 5. Caves of Comino
  6. 6. Golden Beach in Malta
  7. 7. Bugibba Small Harbour
  8. 8. Calgary Steps he Knight's entry by horse.
  9. 9. Upper Barracca Gardens
  10. 10. Camino amino is the tiny island situated between Malta and Gozo
  11. 11. Venetians t the annual Carnival. Not to be confused with the Phoenicians who originally colonised Malta around 1000BC.
  12. 12. Rocky Beach here are sandy beaches in Malta, not many, but they exist.
  13. 13. Naxxar Church at night ne of many pretty churches in Malta
  14. 14. St. John's Co-cathedral
  15. 15. Grand Harbour
  16. 16. Top Attraction's in Finland
  17. 17. Old Market Hall he Old Market Hall stands at one end of the outside market.
  18. 18. Ehrensvard's Grave on Suomenlinna Island ornamentation on the grave of the fortresses designer.
  19. 19. Helsinki Cathedral visiting the Helsinki Cathedral on a wonderful summer day
  20. 20. Turku Castle taken from the outside of Turku Castle
  21. 21. Inside Turku Castle
  22. 22. Turku Cathedral
  23. 23. Naantali Old Town he main street in the old town of Naantali - wooden buildings, nice cafes and leading down to the lovely harbour.
  24. 24. The Church And Sculpture, Lahti he Church And Sculpture Designed By Waino Aaltonen - The Church Incoprates The Lahti Ski Slopes And The Sculpture Is Typical Aaltonen
  25. 25. Senate Square, Helsinki he Large Lutheran Church Dominates The Spacious Senate Square
  26. 26. Top attraction in Greece
  27. 27. Delos
  28. 28. The famous Terrace of Lions at Delos he lions (replicas) guarded the birthplace of Apollo
  29. 29. The Temple of Apollo he massive columns of the Temple of Apollo in Ancient Corinth are iconic to Greek Archaeology.
  30. 30. Galaxidi Waterfront hite buildings with red tile roofs line the waterfront in historic Galaxidi on the north short of the Gulf of Corinth.
  31. 31. Mikri Vigla Beach
  32. 32. Columbythres Beach view
  33. 33. The very northwestern coastline