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  1. 1. Jake, Basically, I'm just going to start of saying that I love you so much, and that It'd have to take something pretty huge for me to hate you. Everything about you, just made me fall inlove seriously, like when you first posted i was like; Oh my god Sally he's fucking gorgeous, I really like him, I'm so nervous about telling him i like him OMG what if he doesnt like me what if he hates me :O!!?! See i still had the paranoia there didn't i? :P Your hair, your eyes just everything makes me fall inlove with you, you have the most amazing personalitiy even if you did cheat on me before and said you wishes you were with someone else.. yeah that hurt like big time, but to be honest, i guess we were both having struggles, and i do have to admit i didn't really like bother with you at that time because like; i dunno i just didn't feel it anymore. Meeting you for the first time in real life actually made me realise i can never live without you, YOU ARE SO FUCKING AMAZING. When i first saw you at the train station i was like O M F G hes gorgeous hes gonna hate me oh my god eek help!! Thats why on the train i was like quot;Oh my god am i really here is this real?quot; Yes Jake because it felt like a fucking dream!! I love you :( I really do, just everything about you makes me happy. You wonder why i get so jealous is because how can someone like you posibily like some like me? Like honestly Jake look at me, you've seen me in real life I'm hardly like perfect am I?! Your perfect, everything is better than mine like seriously i thought my weight and my penis LOL and just everything would make you turn right off me, but i think we are perfect together because like we love eachother and i just got the wrong end of the stick. I probably couldn't remember because i love you so much and it wasn't really bothering me, just hearing it and forgetting about it made me think oh my god :( :( I can't really say much more about what i think about you because like i have explained it all now.. Laying in bed watching; quot;In her shoesquot; and just everything meant SO much to me seriously :'( It makse me cry thinking i want that back i want that back i want that back!! With the fuck with Education? Do i really fucking need it when i got you?! No. Me and you forever yeah? My worries are like that you'll find someone better and that you'll just cheat on me ;( My questions for you are; 1. When you went out with Callum, did you really think that you'd be together for ages, did you feel as strongly about him about you do to me now? 2. Why did you flirt with people when you were with me; Including Jess? :( 3. Do you really love me, like seriously? 4. Honest, did you feel you ever wanted someone else? :( Tell me truth Don't know what else to write its just like WHY DO YOU LIKE ME, LOOK AT ME LOL. I love you, i really do. Im just scared youll find someone else, i just want you, all i want in life it makes me feel so bloody special. I love you :-( I can't live without you..
  2. 2. :-(x