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Media Seven

  1. 1. Seven media essay The opening establishing shot of the sequence start with a medium close up of Morgan freeman in his kitchen which is not very organised and he is in his underclothes the real effect of this is not really highlighted until later on in the sequence, but it gives the audience an idea of the type of character that Morgan is as we can then tell that he is not from a very high class. The camera with a medium long shot then follows Morgan to his room which then cuts to a medium close up as we watch him getting ready and the audience see that his clothes are laid out neatly on his bed from which he specifically pick of a piece of fluff that he sees and his accessories are laid down neatly and in order of how he puts them on, the reason for the director to use these shots id that it overall gives the audience a better understanding of his attitude as we are able to see that he is a very organised man who takes pride into his appearance, but also that he has established some kind of daily routine ,another reason why that basic camera movement is very important is that it also give the audience a kind of tour round the room and we see the state in which he live making the audience then consider that he lives alone in this place but it is very neat and organised again The director then cuts straight to another from which he uses a close up a body on the floor which has blood around it the camera then zooms out to establish the room and from which wee see Morgan’s camera which the director uses medium long shot as he walks in too the room of the crime scene which tell us even more about his character as we now no the job that he does and this then sets the tone for the rest of the film for the audience as we now have a basic understanding of what the is film is about. As Morgan’s is walking into the room the director uses a close up of Morgan’s face as he is starting to analyse the fridge in which he is checking specific details about the dead victim, the affect that this camera movement and shot has it the audience are now able to see how he operates and confirm our assumptions before that he is a very organised detailed man. The camera then cut to his colleague who expresses his and the other colleagues excitement at the fact that Morgan is leaving the affect that this has is the audience are able to see that Morgan is a difficult character to deal with as we see that his colleagues are fed up with his Morgan’s attitude. The camera then cuts to brad running upstairs and introducing himself confidently to Morgan’s character this don’t really have an automatic affect to the audience but we are able to see the differences between both characters attitudes which we better understand the affects later The location soon changes to out side of the crime scene in which we see the interaction between both character whilst conversating the affect of this is that the audience are automatically able c the difference in how both character present themselves and the difference in their age and attitude As the camera follows them walking them walking the audience get a better understanding of the relationship between both characters as someone
  2. 2. barges brad as they are walking we are able to assume he is more laid back as he has no major reaction and carries on waking and doing what he is doing the analysis of his character gives us a better understanding later on in the film. As they are walking the hostility between both characters is highlighted when we see the big distance at which they are both walking from each other and from the way that they are interacting with each other, all of this allows the audience to assume there is a conflict between attitudes of both characters. The camera then cuts to a medium shot of Morgan laying in bed at his home reading a book, which has quite a few affect the main being the audience are now able to understand and assume that his attitude and they way that he interact with people is the way it is because he is lonely and doesn’t know how to interact with others, but the other affect is that it confirms the reason why he is alone , the weirdest thing about this shot is that the audience come to the assumption that he thrives and enjoys being in his own company as he don’t seem bothered and the way he acts is as if this is the norm to him and has been the norm to him for a very long time. But there is a contrast between this assumption when the director uses a close up of Morgan putting his glasses down on the dresser and activating his clicking machine which the audience understand that he uses it to help him go to sleep, which highlights to the audience that maybe he don’t like being alone and is using this device as a substitute of not having human company. Editing The editing pace through out the whole opening sequence is very gradual and slow the biggest that this has for the audience is it gives them time to understand and analyse the storyline to give them a better understanding of what is going on. the start from which Morgan’s character is in the kitchen to where to there the camera follows him to his bedroom to get ready is very continual and is effective to the audience as we are able to analyse and gain a better understanding of Morgan’s character. the director then uses a jump shot from Morgan’s flat to the crime scene in which he works all of this happens quite quickly which at first is a bit confusing for the audience as we don’t really know understand why the camera has automatically cut from Morgan’s house in which he is getting ready to all of a sudden the camera is in a close up of a dead body which has blood surrounding it, the good affect of this piece is editing is that it make the audience get involved the story line trying to understand what has happened, all of which is later cleared up as we find the Morgan is the detective in this case, which we find out when he is walking into the room of the crime scene and investigating the room when he has quite an emotionally unpleasant verbal interaction with his colleague in which the director uses shit reverse shot in which the camera cuts between both characters as they exchange dialogue, the affect of this is we get a better understanding of the relation ship of both characters and also a better understanding of the individual attitude of both Morgan and his colleague. The director then uses spatial and continual continuity when it cuts from crime scene to the outside if crime scene where we then see Morgan and
  3. 3. brads character conversating. The director then uses a jump shot again in which the camera jumps from Morgan’s and brads character having a heated conversation to brogan being at home alone in bed, now this piece of editing is very affective as the audience then assume the reason that Morgan is alone at home is because of the attitude he has towards other and that others have towards him. Sound In this opening sequence there are some affective pieces of diagetic sound the first affective piece of sound is when we are currently in Morgan’s flat and we heat the hustle and bustle from out side such as cars honking and people talking the reason why this is effective is because we are able to establish the location purely from the sound which we assume is in the city as the roads outside sound busy and purely from the amount of people we can hear. The audience are also able to tell what class he is as we know this isn’t the suburbs which is assumed to be home of middle and upper class people Another piece of affective diagetic sound used is at the crime scene where again we can hear the noise from out side but this time we can hear police sirens and police radios, this sound alone helps the audience understand what type of film this is as and what most likely going to be involved which we then come to a clearer assumption of murder as we see the focus of shot is a dead body, it also helps as the audience are able to understand what job Morgan is in and that the film id going to be focused on the police/ detective profession The scene the goes outside where we hear loud exaggerated sounds of rain this is purely affective because it add to the gloomy mood of film. There also another piece of sound to add which is lightning which contrast with the sound o the rain this all happening whilst Morgan and brads character are both conversating the audience are then able to assume that these to affective dramatic pieces of sound reflect the relationship between both characters which is quite stormy and contrasting but similarly ambitious and determined When the director then cuts to the shot of Morgan sitting in bed alone and his character putting his glasses on his dresser and activating that clicking device this is affective as these are booth sound which in real life are very minimal and unnoticeable but these to sound highlight the fact that he is alone due to the fact that in his home they are dramatic affect that these 2 pieces of sound have in his home the soundtrack used for the opening title sequence uses mysterious sound of lightning and suspicious crinkling sound with a techno tone/beat this is affective because these to sound together create a uncomfortable sort of scary ambiance but then it contrast wit they upbeat techno beat used which is affective because that its self sum up the whole film init own way as the beat reflect how the storyline thing happen so quickly and is almost figured
  4. 4. out quickly as well but it also sets a tone for the audience itself. The sound affect used on top of the techno beats are affective as they represent and reflect the action that happen in the film. Mise en scene Morgan character is a very smartly dressed ad well presented man, which the audience which the audience conclude by the way he dresses which is in a very smart grey suit, a beige sophisticated trench coat and a smart grey hat all of which co-ordinate and are presented very smartly ironed and of assumed good quality from the way it looks. The body language and the way that he presents himself is of a person with authority and good posture who is well respected for his work His speech is very formal and sophisticated but also we can tell from the way he speaks that he is from the city affect fro the way that the character is presented is that alone helps the audience to be able to understand the type r person he is and come up with the assumptions that they are able to come up with. In great contrast with Morgan’s character brad character is not as smartly dressed and presented, in which the audience can conclude by the way he dresses he wears a unironed shirt with a tie sticking out look like he jus flung it round his neck, wearing an informal leather jacket on to top his hair and facial hair looking very scruffy. His body language is that of a very confident young man who don’t give a damn, but he also strikes the audience as someone who gets along with others His speech is quite modern and informal in contrast with speech of Morgan’s character The affect that this all has is we are able to understand the type of character he is and the blatant contrast between her appearance affect the contrast between the personalities and overall their relationship the character analysis for the dead man is he is wearing very scruffy vest and shorts of bad colour so the audience are automatically able to assume that he was a man of a lower working class but what also helps the audience to come up with this assumption is the location of the dead mans flat is that of very dirty almost skin crawly with not so god quality furniture the location of Morgan’s flat is assumed to be in the city as we hear a lot of hustle and bustle but it is also neat which reflect his character and the audience can assume that his attitude and values are that of a more higher class person than what he actually is the lighting throughout the whole opening sequence is very dark and gloomy and also quite depressing this is effective because it sets the tone for the rest of the film
  5. 5. over all the opening sequence engages the audience and creates interest for them to want to watch the rest is because there is a lot to and analyse and think about so the audience want to watch the rest to get a better under standing and see whether their assumptions was right. But also it smartly doest give to much away to the audience are want to watch the rest and see what happen and what the actual situation is the opening sequence does establish the character especially Morgan’s character whish is first established individually where we are able to analyse his character and understand his traits and values and what role he play the other brand and Morgan’s character and relationship is established by the way they interact with each other the opening does introduce the theme of a thriller when we go to the crime scene and see that their was a murder the opening titles are displayed with the very suspicious soundtrack they are also presented with a mysterious looking font which is affective as it goes along with the theme