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The $100 Computer Lab
The $100 Computer Lab
The $100 Computer Lab
The $100 Computer Lab
The $100 Computer Lab
The $100 Computer Lab
The $100 Computer Lab
The $100 Computer Lab
The $100 Computer Lab
The $100 Computer Lab
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The $100 Computer Lab


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Published in: Economy & Finance, Technology
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  • 1. The $100 Computer Lab Edubuntu for Libraries Jim Mann Technology Coordinator GCPL [email_address]
  • 2. Setting the Record Straight
    • I’m an Open Source Evangelist not a “guru”
    • GCPL has not implemented an Edubuntu solution
    • We have only just begun to work with Goodwill/Easter Seals TRC to change the recycling paradigm in the Miami Valley to repurpose donated computers with an Open Source solution
  • 3. Three Goals
    • Offer an “aaah” moment
    • Use “repurpose” in a sentence
    • Deal with the F.U.D. factor
  • 4. The $100 Lab Project
    • It all began with an article on the Internet
    • How could GCPL repurpose our Gates-granted equipment and some 100 seven-year-old OPACS
    • You think you got problems…what is being donated to Goodwill vs. ODOE grant requirements
  • 5. A Simple Plan
    • Evaluate consumer needs i.e. a browser, word processor, educational software, multi-media capability
    • Use an Open Source solution to match these needs with computer equipment available i.e. Pentium III
    • The solution Edubuntu
  • 6. What Equipment we Used
    • Edubuntu Distro
      • Classroom server
      • Classroom server add-ons
      • Workstation (PC & Mac)
    • Gates computer for server
      • 2 NICs
      • 500mb RAM
      • 80-gig hard drive
    • Dell Optiplex GX 110 as workstations
      • No hard drive
      • 3-com PXE NICs
    • 17” Gates monitors
    • Misc keyboards, mice, cat-5 cable
    • D-Link 10/100 ethernet switch
  • 7. What it Would Have Cost
    • 3-com NICs x@ $10
    • D-Link switch $39
    • 80gig + hard drive $50
    • Having a big junk pile Priceless
  • 8. Useful Resources
    • Learning Electric
    • Jim’s YouTube
    • Technorati/edubuntu
    • Google/ edubuntu and schools
  • 9. F.U.D. No one ever got fired for choosing Microsoft
    • Fear Uncertainty Doubt
    • I’m afraid I can’t do it
      • There is a new learning curve
    • What if the things we need don’t work?
      • Not everything will work
      • Some things may be different
        • Open Office vs. Microsoft Office
    • What if our patrons (staff) are confused?
    • What if it works too well?
  • 10. What You Can Do
    • Play with the “Live CD”
    • Talk with:
      • United Way and other agencies
      • Goodwill
      • Private schools
    • Look for a use in your library