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9 Points To Know The Truth And Save The World
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9 Points To Know The Truth And Save The World


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The truth of nature is understood in 9 simple steps as product of two force - gravity and anti-gravity, material and life force. Life force is understood as the dominating and ruling. Nature is …

The truth of nature is understood in 9 simple steps as product of two force - gravity and anti-gravity, material and life force. Life force is understood as the dominating and ruling. Nature is understood as living system and a Living Universe Theory is explored

Published in: Spiritual, Technology
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  • 1. 9 Points to Ponder to Know the Truth of Nature and Act to Save the World
    • Points that Point to the fact that the world is in danger
    • The Points to be Pondered to know Truth and save the world
    • Grace New Age Research
  • 2. Points that Point to the Danger to the World
    • Global warming and Climate Change
    • Increased instability of earth, sun, planetary system and the whole Cosmos
    • Increased natural catastrophes both in magnitude and number
    • Instability of human mind manifesting as unprovoked violence, war, terrorism and so on.
    • Increased mutations of virus and microorganism leading to threats of epidemics.
    • Decreased health of human population
  • 3. The Points to Ponder to Know Truth and Save the World
    • The First Point
    • Most of the points of danger to the world pointed
    • in the previous slide can be related to increased
    • disorder.
    • Why disorder increasing in the World?
    • My answer for you to brood
    • We humans are increasing the heat content of the earth unilaterally because of our materialistic approach to the world
    • We are hindering the design of earth that tries to bring order .
    • The cause is lack of knowledge interrelationship and oneness
    • Note – Earth is designed with two opposing cycles of energy. When west awakes to sunlight and the material matter in it goes into disorder, the east sleeps to darkness and goes in to order. This opposition gives stability to the system. This stability is broken by human intervention and thus disorder and destruction is increasing.
  • 4. The Points to Ponder to Know Truth and Save the World
    • Second Point
    • Is the universe sustained by a single force called gravity?
    • My Answer for you to brood
    • No. Universe is powered by two force - gravity originating form matter and Anti-Gravity originating from life. Life force is superior to material force.
    • The proof is available - look out of the window and see the grass grow, breed and flourish. The second law of thermodynamics applied to living system and material system shows this opposition.
    • Note – Modern world visualizes universe by only one force called gravity and thus has failed to figure out origin of universe in time and its existence in it sensibly. The above shift in thinking, gives us an opening to visualize universe as a living system and explore simple answers to complex problems
  • 5. The Points to Ponder to Know Truth and Save the World
    • Third Point
    • Can Universe and Nature Ever be understood from Material World
    • My Answer for you to brood
    • No Never. Nature cannot be under stood by splitting matter.
    • It cannot be understood by splitting life either.
    • Nature can only be understood by the process of interaction of life and matter.
    • We did note that life is anti-gravitational. The power for motion and sustenance of motion comes not from matter but life. Life takes matter and energy and sustains the body.
    • In a living system, the Soul, which is conscious and intelligent is important than the body. The body is only a thing that is developed in time and destroyed in time. What evolves and involutes is the Soul. The soul has conscious field and a intelligence factor ruling it. The body is contained in this conscious field of the soul and its intelligence .
  • 6. The Points to Ponder to Know Truth and Save the World
    • Fourth Point.
    • Does Universe has a time direction tending to death and if so what is the cause?
    • My answer for you to brood
    • Yes. Life exist in time cycle. Our attempt to visualize universe as living system cannot be beyond it. The soul and its intelligence works against time. Time direction is caused by human mind, that exist in the ignorance of truth.
    • Proof –
    • visualize earth with plants alone – they work against gravity and time directed to collapse. It is two dimensional. Imagine earth with plant and animals, the earth now becomes three dimensional but it is still stable. Plant and animals do not interfere into the day and night cycle and the energy flow in it.
    • Imagine earth with Human beings, it becomes four dimensional. The fourth dimension being the dimension of time and it comes from human mind attached to material world. Humans breaks into day and night cycle and interferes into natural cycle of disorder and order of earth. He is the only living system that works to conquer nature with “self”. By birth, like all life, humans are anti-gravitational but when he matures he aligns with material force. Thus his activity releases more and more heat, disturbs the natural cycle and thus creates disorder and death to the whole world.
  • 7. The Points to Ponder to Know Truth and Save the World
    • Fifth Point
    • Will the Universe Survive the increased Disorder and Death?
    • My answer for you to brood
    • Yes. The non-linear science developed to explain life, also applied to chemical system, tells us that when disorder in the system increases a Great Attractor state or Light emerges in the system and the system collapses into new order around it.
    • Life defeats death by a process of meiotic division and reproduction. Where new world is created out of the old by the essence of the Father, moving out of its world and depositing it self in the opposite world – This dissolves the whole world and creates new out of the old. What rules here is Love and Freedom. No law exist in this state.
    • The nature is designed such that the seed of Light emerges in the peak of darkness.
    • This means we have hope in the Intelligent Design of universe to a find path back to life.
  • 8. The Points to Ponder to Know Truth and Save the World
    • Sixth Point
    • Is the Big Bang Origin and Science a Reality?
    • My answer for you to brood
    • My answer is that it is partially true. But it cannot give a sensible picture of the world we live in.
    • But when we club life and matter and visualize life as the controlling aspect then we can visualize time collapsing on to a Single Soul in time and emerging from it in time.
    • We can also imagine a biological process in the design of nature which enables it to survives and conquer time and perpetuates in time cycles. Life works against time, it survives by a continuous process of exchange, manifesting as breathing and mitotic growth against gravity and collapse. When collapse becomes inevitable, the essence of the male [the ruler] leaves its world and get deposited in the opposite world and creates a new world out of the old and thus conquers time.
    • We are visualizing here creation in life as big bang process.
    • This calls us to visualize these three essential process of life in the universal system to prove that the universe is a living system.
  • 9. The Points to Ponder to Know Truth and Save the World
    • Seventh Point
    • Is Universe a Living System?
    • My Answer for you to Ponder
    • Yes. Universe is Living,
    • Proofs
    • 1] All the ancient knowledge systems, emerging trends in quantum science, Gaia hypothesis, all point to it.
    • 2] If you observe the day and night cycle and energy flow in it, we note that earth acts like a double pump or heart, exchanging information between the left right and working to balance the system. 12 month Climatic peaks, acts like a second level of information exchange and sustenance through growth. This can be compared to mitotic information renewal and growth in living system. The 12 month climatic cycle is known to be embedded in12 year cycles and so on and the thus universe has a big time cycle that has a beginning and end.
    • 3] This leaves us to comprehend the process of creation of the universe in the womb to explain successfully a Living Universe Theory.
  • 10. The Points to Ponder to know Truth and Save the World
    • Eighth Point
    • Is the Universe Comparable to Human Body?
    • My Answer for you to Ponder
    • Yes. Earlier we noted that the energy flow and information exchange in day and night cycle and 12 month climatic cycle can be comparable to breath and mitotic division. They form the two vital processes of life that helps the system to conquer time with folding of information.
    • Earlier we also noted plant as two dimensional system, animals as three dimensional system and human as four dimensional system. Since universe very clearly has a time direction, it invariably means universe is comparable to Human system.
    • All the ancient spiritual science supports this thinking. They visualize existence of a Supreme Soul which is conscious and intelligent. We human are assumed to be individuated worlds born to the left and right of it in space and time.
    • They all speak of truth of nature comparing it to a family. God is understood as our Father and Mother, who should be Loved and Respected and with whom we should have faith relationship. They also tell us that humanity falls into darkness when, he isolates himself and seeks his self by attaching to the material power.
  • 11. The Points to Ponder to know Truth and Save the World
    • Eighth Point- Continued
    • This means there was one cell, one world, one ruler. From this one world, the two world manifested. A law was laid in order to maintain the two worlds by the Creator and the owner. The owner existed in the middle as a judge and observer. When ever the law was broken and the life is endangered, He acts to restore the balance. This process leads to creation of more worlds. Thus a complexity and many world emerges from one world. Recall one zygotic cell giving rise to whole system.
    • We as individuated cells, born form one source, under illusions created by matter feel that we are independent system. This feeling comes when we disconnected from the source that created. In this illusionary state we see the opposite as enemy. Thus end in creating conflict war and so on, leading the whole created world into disorder and death.
  • 12. The Points to Ponder to Know Truth and Save the World
    • Eighth Point - Continued
    • As individuated soul created to the left and right of one conscious and intelligent soul, we are supposed to work in debt to First Soul, We must underline that our individual well being exist in the well being of the whole.
    • When we begin to seek “self” and look to the opposite as evil, we without our knowledge are causing our fall and at the same time stressing the universal soul to divide and create separate worlds, so that order can be maintained. Thus one world goes to form many worlds. Thus complexity emerges from simplicity.
    • The division process actually begins to stress the individual as well as the whole. Beyond certain critical point. The parental Conscious and Intelligence perceives that, unless re-creation is done the whole created system would collapse. Thus the Creators Soul leaves its central position and hides in the body and goes into recreation mode. This is a phase when the inferior human mind and his intelligence which has gone subservient to material force begins to rule - The modern world that is in disorder is the result of this.
    • It should be noted that modern science knows the existence of unseen world, it calls this - dark world.
  • 13. The Points to Ponder to Know Truth and Save the World
    • Ninth Point
    • Are we in the Re-Creation process Now?
    • My Answer for you to Ponder
    • Yes. We are in the re-creation process in the womb, This is happening from the day Christ sacrificed Himself on the Cross. Christ is the First Soul
    • The Proof
    • 1] The Ancient spiritual scriptures always held and spoke about a design by which the whole universe is sustained. The great Vedas has written very explicitly that creation occurred through self sacrifice of the Creator and that this sacrifice was conducted by His own people or lesser Gods. Yajur Veda Vs: 30-31
    • 2] Science looking for secrets of nature, it origin, creation, ended up in a reality, that universe is expanding, and that it should have originated from a point in a Big Bang. [ Big Bang Theory]. However they have failed comprehend the cause for the collapse and the process of collapse and reformation. All the laws of science breaks down here. Where science failed the ancient scored, for they visualized universe as living.
  • 14. The Points to Ponder to Know Truth and Save the World
    • Ninth Point – continued
    • 3] The Life originates from a single point, form a single world. The wave originating from this point causes the division
    • Note- The particle science tells us that all particle exist as pairs, This means the point and the world we visualize in fact exist as pairs.
    • 4] Life originates when the Light of the Father or the particle of the father with accompanying wave leaves its world and gets deposited in the body of the Mother. Here it opens as two templates To create to new world using matter taken from the body. The wave that created then comes to exist between the two cells and covering and binding the two cells as one. This is the manifested state of the Creator, where He exist as judge with law to the created world.
    • 5] This law is best understood from Biblical Creation which states that after God created Adam and Eve in His own image using mud and breathed Life into them, He gave them dominion over His kingdom. But restricted them from eating from the tree at the center.
  • 15. The Points to Ponder to Know Truth and Save the World
    • Ninth Point - Continued
    • The law was resistance to humanity, not to align with material force which directs to a center and collapse. It was resistance against time directed to death. But time and death is inevitable, anything that conceives has to give birth and anything that takes birth has to complete the cycle of birth and death.
    • The Creator force manifests when ever the law is broken and thus constantly works against it, by dividing the worlds. In other words it enfolds the information. Thus the two world is divided to form the four world and so on in time to form a whole system. Beyond a point the Creator fails to cause any further division. The only other way out is to recreate, by going back in to womb.
    • Now when the Creator Force or Life goes into the womb, what rules the worlds is lesser or inferior knowledge of the created, which is aligned with material force. This increases the disorder and breaks down the worlds or unfolds the created worlds. Destructive unfolding becomes the feed, for both outer world as well as the inner world. The power of matter becomes the feed for the outer world and its temperature increases. The souls become a feed for the growth of the inner world which tend towards more and more order.
  • 16. The Points to Ponder to Know Truth and Save the World
    • Ninth Point
    • This eventually leads to a point, where the light of the inner world breaks emerges to bring new order.
    • We can understand it from DNA replication. When the replication is complete, a star like radiating body appears on one side of the cell out side nucleus but inside the cell wall. This signifies the end of creation and beginning of division. The Centriole divides into two and creates spindle fibers which pull the newly formed chromosomes and twitches the one cell into two. This is the manifested state. Where law comes into effect.
    • At the universal level one has to understood this as evolution of humanity from darkness to light or death life, disorder to order.
    • We are some where in the edge where disorder is going to peak and give way to order or when hidden world breaks and the Light of Life speaks the Truth and bring humanity back to his grandeur.
  • 17. A Brief Overview of Truth
    • The universe is living. In the manifested state, it consist of two parts. It can be compared to left and right of the body, the day and night cycle of the earth. The system is bound by time. It works between two limits. The motion and life comes because of the movement of spirit or light. The materialistic vision concludes that it comes from the sunlight and its energy. But from inner spiritual vision we conclude it comes from the Holy Spirit or Brahman that gives Life and order
    • The second law of thermodynamics is real. It is applicable to both life and matter. They are opposite in matter and living system. This means technically there cannot be a time direction to the universe.
    • But a time direction emerges from humans who disconnects from his consciousness and lives a mind centered life aligned with material force. This time direction and the death cannot be conquered unless the mind of human is illuminated and brought back to old glory. This calls for recreation and giving New Life,
    • Modern mans attempt to seek the truth of nature in matter has led him to disorder. He has failed perceive the truth of nature. The ancient from the Living perspective, easily understood nature and its oneness. The living perspective gives us the scope to explain origin and continued existence of nature in time.
    • continued in the next slide
  • 18. A Brief Overview of Truth
    • The ancient spiritual science tells us that Universe is conscious and intelligent system and we the human system are only individuated system born from it to the left and right in space and time. The Biblical creation is associated with a law not to eat from the tree at the center. It means many things. It forbid us to work for self, and look to the opposite as enemy. It called us live in faith to the one who Created, it forbids us from aligning with material power
    • The giving of dominion to created invariably means the illumination of the intellect of humanity and leading him from darkness to light so that he can sustain the created world. We are on the edge of this transition.
    • This transition will happen, but I am not sure how much more destruction humanity has to bear, before humanity stands back to observe his self and sees the Truth that exist next to his skin.
    • I struggle relentlessly to bring the Truth revealed to me against odds and wait for the time to come.
    • This Reality of Nature is defended from quantum particulate level in an extensive manner – for more details read “ Awakening to Truth ” http:// and the link there off