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Nu Me Investment

Nu Me Investment






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    Nu Me Investment Nu Me Investment Presentation Transcript

    • Nu Me Partner’s Financial Concepts to Build America
    • Achieving where others fail
      • Nu Me Partner's builds wealth for an ever changing America
        • There is an incredible need for Americans to learn about the impact that their savings plan can have on ones future; we provide guidelines to help Americans reach their financial goals.
        • Economic times are uncertain.
        • American don’t know what the future has in store for them.
        • The U.S. dollar is weaker & inflation is on the rise, Americans are feeling the pain.
        • Foreclosures, bankruptcies, errors on where to save money & the uncertainty of having employment has pushed American families to the breaking point.
        • The financial services industry needs a rebirthing to adjust & find solutions to this ever changing world economy we live in.
    • America’s debt problem
      • Have you felt like your walking in these shoes?
      • Debt :
        • Swimming in a world of debt?
        • Do you understand the power that works against you called revolving debt or credit card debt?
        • Caught up transferring debt from credit card to credit card.
        • Cashing out equity from your home to payoff credit cards.
        • Are you creating larger debt or savings?
    • Know Your Investment Strategy
      • Know Your Investment Strategy The name of the current financial game strategy should be coined "Move Forward".  Why? Primarily because we have proven results to reflect reasons why our adoption of "The 25% Cash Machine" is worth maintaining - especially in investment partnerships like
      • Nu Me Investments .
      • Please read this insert from Brian Perry below:
      • "The first objective of "The 25% Cash Machine" is to find the securities that can generate those double-digit yields we all need to fund our retirement years. The securities we choose must also posses the potential to grow by 15% or more per year.
    • America needs to learn how to save money…
      • Have you ever felt any of the following issues…
      • Savings & Investments :
        • Are you saving or investing at all? If you are, what type of investment vehicle did you or do you currently own?
        • Do you understand why you need to save money?
        • Do you get your advice from non-qualified people who are saving less money than you?
        • Sit down with a licensed, qualified professional to learn about what your investment options are and how you need to save money in today's economy.
        • Don’t play games with your future!!!
    • America’s understanding of Life Insurance
      • Have you ever felt any of the following issues…
      • Insurance :
        • Do you own a life insurance policy and don’t know what type it is or how it builds cash value, if any?
        • Do you have the correct amount of death benefit to protect the loved ones you leave behind?
        • Do you know if you have temporary or permanent life insurance?
        • Not understanding your policy can lead to large problems in the future.
        • Have peace of mind by having a qualified insurance professional review your life insurance plan today.
    • Where are you now financially?
      • Do you have problems meeting your monthly obligations?
      • Are you concerned about your career plans?
      • Do you determine your net worth or does your boss?
      • Are you paid what you feel you are worth?
      • Are you able to spend more time with your children while increasing your net worth?
      • Has the economic rat race trapped you?
      • Are you still hoping to achieve your dreams?
    • Your current needs
      • You need a Financial & Insurance Professional to guide you through the uncertainty of the modern market place.
        • Eliminate your debt early. Have the correct mortgage that fits your needs, not the creditors
        • Protect your family with the correct life insurance plan that you can understand.
        • Build an emergency fund because of unknown circumstances that might befall you.
        • Build a retirement plan that is protected from downward economic cycles, yet maintains strong growth even in down markets.
    • Achieving wealth the Nu Me Partner's Way!
      • Nu Me Partner's offers Life Insurance, Mortgage Services & Investment Planning.
      • Example : Using a variety of investment methodologies, Nu Me Partner's. can provide support in the following areas:
      Financial plans you will use & understand Proper life insurance planning Fixed investments & Financial planning Mortgage services to fit your personal needs
    • Back to the Basics
      • Financial & Insurance planning 101
        • Life insurance : protection for you & your family
        • Debt management : you can’t save one thin dime until you alleviate your debt
        • Investments : short & long term plans designed to weather economic storms of the future
        • Creating a plan to achieve your financial goals
        • Implementing a periodical plan to check your financial progress.
    • Relationships that provide Solutions
      • The foundation of our business is your personal financial professional, who is there to provide guidance & assistance to you during your lifetime of wealth building.
        • We are there to share valuable information & concepts normally reserved for the affluent.
        • We teach how money works & create a plan to fit your personal needs.
        • We provide annual check ups to chart the growth of your financial goals, & to provide assistance with any changes that might affect your insurance needs.
    • A business relationship to last a lifetime.
      • We are here to educate hard working Americans on an opportunity to work in the insurance & financial services sector.
        • We will educate you on the cutting edge products offered only to 1% of the wealthy Americans.
        • We are here to train you in all aspect of Insurance, Mortgages & Financial Service industries.
        • Nu Me Partner's teaches you how to determine your own value & not have a boss do that for you.
        • We give you the opportunity to build as large of a business as you want.
    • We are Nu Me Partner's.
      • We are aligned with the top companies in the Insurance, Mortgage & Investment industries.
        • Conseco Life, Annuities & Health Supplements
        • F&G Life & Annuities (An Old Mutual Company)
        • Life Partners Inc. (Senior Life Settlements)
        • The Stamford Group (Senior Life Settlements)
        • Countrywide (Mortgage service)
        • Wells Fargo (Reverse mortgages)
        • Along with hundreds of other companies for your client’s needs.
    • Nu Me Partner’s Goals
      • To be the wealth builders of tomorrow for today's investors.
      • To protect & grow American families’ financial nest egg.
      • To use the power of education to help families attain economic security.
      • To allow every person we come in contact with, either as an agent or client, to better their lifestyle by maintaining a relationship with us.
    • Our Future
      • Our future lies with our agents tremendous opportunity to create wealth for their clients.
      • Now is the time to seize the day with insurance & investment products that create wealth with both down & up economic cycles.
      • At Rhino Financial, we want to Rebirth an industry that has long been corrupted by unscrupulous multi-level brokerage houses that fail to educate their agents on opportunities of our ever changing market place & the impact it has on their client’s investment portfolios.
      • At Nu Me Partner's : We are Bigger than the Bull, Stronger than the Bear!!!
    • What is your next step?
      • Your Next Move.
        • Ask yourself are you the right person to be part of the rebirth of an industry?
        • Complete the Information on the next page.
        • Make an appointment to receive information on Nu Me Partners .
        • Remember wealth leaves a trail, follow the trail others have left behind and you will attain wealth too.
    • Financial Questionnaire
      • Name:__________________________________
      • Address________________________________
      • _______________________________________
      • City:___________________________
      • State:__________________________
      • Phone#:________________________________
      • Cell:___________________________________
      • Email:__________________________________
      • Who invited you: _________________________
      • Date:___________________________________
      • Decisions / Objectives:
      • I am interested In…
      • A. The Business opportunity
        • I want to begin building a 2 nd income.
        • I am ready to sign my agreement & get started now.
        • I want to begin ______ evenings per week.
      • B. Concepts & Products
        • I’m interested in building financial security for my family.
        • I want to have a financial plan done for my family.
    • Contact us at:
      • www.numeinvestments.com
      • tysonshawn74@yahoo.com
      • 281-788-7603 (home office)