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Cold And Flu Prevention
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Cold And Flu Prevention


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Business

  • replace some slides with wellness language. doTERRA does not treat, diagnose, nor cure.
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  • Inquires into the pharmacological aspects of essential oils against infectious diseases represents by far the majority of essential oil research
  • Discuss that both Cypress and marjoram are also good for circulation and could be used in combination for circulatory type issues
  • Transcript

    • 1. Take Charge of your health
      Preventative Treating Influenza
      • MONEY—Premiums, co-pays, prescriptions
      • 3. TIME—Office visits, insurance forms, sick time
      • 4. HEALTH—Synthetic chemicals, harmful side effects
      • 5. CONTROL—Confidence, intuition, peace of mind
      Who is in control of your family’s healthcare?
    • 6. Therapeutic-grade
      essential oils—
      a natural healthcare alternative.
      The product statements in this presentation have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. dōTERRA essential wellness products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.
    • 7. Prevention
      1. Wash your hands often with soap and water, especially after you cough sneeze or wipe your nose.  Tissues should be discarded immediately in a wastebasket.
      2.      Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze. Discard the tissue immediately in a waste basket.
      3.      Run your diffuser often in your home.  Use On Guard , it was developed to boost our immune systems, and guard us against pathogens.  
      4.      While we are talking OnGuard, I would also consider rubbing your own children’s feet with OnGuard every night before bed time and every morning before they put there shoes on for the day.  Not only is it a bonding experience for you and your children, but it will bolster there immune systems.
    • 8. Prevention Tips:
      5.      Mistyour family’s bed sheets with a mist of essential oils before bedtime.  10 drops of on guard or some other essential oil with a ¼ cup of water in a spray bottle – shake well.
      6.      If there is virus in your area, obviously you want to avoid contact with those that are sick.
      7.      Put about 1 drop of lemon oil for every 8oz of water you and your family drink.  Over time this will greatly strengthen the immune system.  
      8.      As always, as you clean regularly around your home, use essential oils to clean.  Purify, On guard or lemon in a spray bottle used for cleaning will assure pathogen free surfaces.
      9.      Be aware and recognize symptoms if they strike you or a family member.  Immediately begin an essential oil protocol and see a professional if you experience symptoms. Swine flu symptoms are similar to regular flu: Fever, body aches, sore throat, cough, runny nose, vomiting, diarrhea, and lethargy.
      10.     Make your home a happy place, free from stress.  A haven with kind words and positive thoughts.  Make a place of safety and refuge.  As storms rage on, have your home be a house of prayer, gratitude and love. These are all things we can do that will create of synergy of protection for your home and family.
    • 9. The Common Cold
      © 2008 DōTerra Intl, LLC Confidential and proprietary information. Unauthorized duplication strictly prohibited.
    • 10. Colds
      A cold is a viral infection that causes a stuffy or runny nose, congestion, cough, sore throat or sneezing; it is a sign that the immune system is doing its job.
      By using the oils you can help it clear up faster.
      Use the oils daily on the feet bottoms, chest, and back.
      Take the oils internally.
      Oils Recommended aromatically:
    • 11. New Guidelines
      “There is no Clinical Evidence That Over-the-Counter Expectorants or Suppressants Actually Work”
      Why not Take Antihistamines?
      © 2008 DōTerra Intl, LLC Confidential and proprietary information. Unauthorized duplication strictly prohibited.
    • 12. Oils to be used topical
      On Guard (BF)
      Eucalyptus (CH, BF, Back)
      White Fir
    • 13. If you feel a symptom come on…
      Nip it in the bud…Jump on the Genesis train…Strike early and often…
      At the first indication of a symptom, strike back quick and hard!
    • 14. If you feel a symptom come on
      1.      Make 00 size capsules of 8 drops oregano, 5 drops on guard and 3 drops frankincense.  Then take the capsules internally twice daily.
      2.     Gargle twice daily with 1 drop oregano, 2 drops on guard, and 2 drops lemon in 1 or 2 tbsp of pure water.  After gargling for 5-10 minutes, swallow the mixture.
      3.    Oil pull daily with 1 tbsp VCO, 2 drops oregano, and 2 drops melaleuca.  Pull for about 10 minutes before expectorating the blend. Then brush your teeth and rinse out your mouth.  This mixture may be hot.  If it’s too hot, reduce the oregano to 1 drop and add a drop of lemon.  You can also consider cinnamon, cassia or on guard instead of melaleuca.
    • 15. 4.    Always put lemon and peppermint in your drinking water and drink it often.  Staying hydrated is an important part of assuring the oils work effectively in our bodies.
      5.      Consider other protocols for specific symptoms.  Breathe to the chest, neck and back for respiratory issues, digest-Zen (often in a capsule with frankincense) for nausea or digestive problems.  Oregano or Cinnamon and Lemon as a gargle for sore throats.
      6.     Make sure the oils you have are doTerra essential oils. Why?  They are guaranteed to be sourced from the area’s in which the are indigenes to.  They are organically grown.  Harvested by correct methods and at the correct time.  Distilled by professionals at the correct temperature and pressure.  Finally each batch is tested by independent labs for correct constituents content to guarantee efficacy.  These methods are key to insuring safety and effectiveness.
      7.    Diffuse the air that you are working, living and sleeping in.  If you are suffering from symptoms, consider oils and blends that will help.  If you are trying to quarantine areas of healthy air, diffuse on guard.
      8.    Do twice daily spinal treatments.  Look up the method on and use Virgin Coconut oil as a carrier for the recommended oils (Balance, Eucalyptus, Breathe, Oregano, Basil, Cypress, Marjoram, Peppermint, Aroma Touch )
      9.      Eat healthy mostly raw foods.
      10.     Get exercise and fresh air where possible
    • 16.
      dōTerra Independent Product Consultant
      Kate Howes (719) 369-1227 –
    • 18. AromaTouch Essential Oil
      dōTERRA's proprietary massage blend.
      • Combines the therapeutic benefits of oils well-known to relax muscles, calm tension, soothe irritated tissue, increase circulation, smooth and tone.
      • 19. A perfectly relaxing blend which adds many important benefits to various massage techniques.
      • 20. Combines dōTERRA's CPTG essential oil of basil, grapefruit, cypress, marjoram, peppermint, and lavender.
      To utilize this great blend of oils for a massage, just dilute 1-2 drops in fractionated coconut oil or massage oil of your choice. You will be amazed!
    • 21. AromaTouch
    • 22. The Flu
      Digestive Issues
      © 2008 DōTerra Intl, LLC Confidential and proprietary information. Unauthorized duplication strictly prohibited.
    • 23. INFECTION
      © 2008 DōTerra Intl, LLC Confidential and proprietary information. Unauthorized duplication strictly prohibited.
    • 24. Flu
      Influenza is a highly contagious viral infection of the respiratory system.
      Symptoms include:
      High fever
      Dry cough
      Sore throat
      Muscle aches and pains
      Loss of appetite
      Nasal congestion
    • 25. Flu
      Aromatic and Topical
      On Guard
      Microplex VM
      Nutrients to help support immune function
    • 26. Microplex VM™Micronutrient Complex
      • Balanced formula of essential vitamins for cellular health and vitality
      • 27. Chelated minerals for energy metabolism and cellular function
      © 2008 dōTERRA Holdings, LLC, Unauthorized duplication prohibited
    • 28. Microplex VM™Micronutrient Complex
      • Antioxidant vitamins A, C, E
      • 29. Energy blend of B vitamins
      • 30. Bone formula of calcium, magnesium, and zinc
      • 31. Chelated trace minerals
      © 2008 dōTERRA Holdings, LLC, Unauthorized duplication prohibited
    • 32. BREATHERespiratory Support
      • Apply topically to chest and neck to help clear lungs and sinuses
      • 33. Diffuse or add to humidifier at bedtime for more restful sleep
      • 34. Apply to chest or bottom of feet for seasonal respiratory discomfort
    • 35. LEMONClean and Freshen
      • Add a drop to honey to soothe a dry or sore throat
      • 36. Diffuse in a room to neutralize odors and elevate mood
      • 37. Use to clean kitchen counters and stainless steel appliances
      • 38. Take internally with water as an antioxidant and detoxifier
    • 39. Lemon
      Improves Circulation
      Immune Stimulant
      Antibacterial, Viral and Fugal
    • 40. ONGUARD™Natural Defense
      • Diffuse in a room to eliminate airborne pathogens
      • 41. Dilute in spray bottle to clean doorknobs, telephones, and other community surfaces
      • 42. Dilute and gargle morning and night as a protective mouth rinse
      • 43. Take several drops in an empty gelatin capsule for added immune support
    • 44. On Guard
      • Natural Immune Support
      • 45. Anti-microbial
      • 46. Topical and Internal
      • Topical Disinfectant
      • 47. Excellent for bug bites
      • 48. Diffuse to kill airborne pathogens
    • Stomachache
      © 2008 dōTERRA Holdings, LLC, Unauthorized duplication prohibited
    • 49. Melaleuca alternifolia
      (Tea Tree)
      Launch Celebration and Training Conference 2008
      © 2008 dōTERRA Holdings, LLC, Unauthorized duplication prohibited
    • 50. MELALEUCAFirst Aid for the Skin
      • Apply to skin blemishes and rashes as part of a daily cleansing program
      • 51. Use with shampoo or conditioner for healthy scalp and hair
      • 52. Apply to feet and toenails after showering, swimming, or working out
    • 53. Peppermint
      A digestive aid that relieves stomach upset.
      Boosts stamina and helps restore mental alertness.
      Peppermint is also helpful for non-disease related pain.
      Increases oxygen uptake
    • 54. PEPPERMINTCool and Invigorate
      • Use with Lemon in water for a healthy, refreshing mouth rinse
      • 55. Inhale deeply to invigorate lungs and increase alertness
      • 56. Add to water in a spray bottle and mist body when overheated
      • 57. Apply to neck and forehead with Lavender to calm headaches
    • 58. OREGANONatural Immune Support
      • Stimulate immune response
      • 59. Natural defense
      • 60. Cleanse regimen for GI health
      • 61. Eliminate warts
      • 62. “Medicine Cabinet in a Bottle”
    • 63. Essential Oils are Effective for Ear Infections
      Journal of Infectious Disease 2005 June 1;191(11): 1876-1880
    • 64. With dōTERRA,
      you are in control!
    • 65. Membership Types
    • 66. Cold & Flu Kit - Price Breakdown
      Lemon - $10, $11, $14
      Melaleuca - $19, $21, $26
      Breathe - $20, $22, $27
      On Guard $32, $36, $43
      Eucalyptus Radiata - $14, $16, $19
      Oregano - $24, $27, $32
      Peppermint - $21, $23, $28
      Wholesale total = $140
      Preferred total = $156
      Retail total = $189