C A History


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C A History

  1. 1. California History Daniel Lee 2009-2010 Fourth Grade
  2. 2. The Valley <ul>The Valley region is ideal for farming. It has rich soil and lots of water. The water comes from the mountains. When the mountains get rain the rain goes to the valley. </ul>
  3. 3. The Coast <ul>The coast ranges has good weather that brings tourists. The coast region has lots of jobs that people take. The coast has many people and tourists. It also has beautiful beaches that also bring tourists. </ul>
  4. 4. The Mountains <ul>The mountain region has many jobs like logging and mining. Also it is where the redwood trees grows. It is usually were the weather was mild and where snow and rain falls. </ul>
  5. 5. The Desert <ul><li>The desert region is hot in the day and cold in the evening. There are animals there but they usually hide in the day and come out in the night. The desert has not that much people there. </li></ul>
  6. 6. Sir Francis Drake <ul>Sir Francis Drake was a explorer who was sent to the ocean to rob Spanish ships by the queen of England. He explored a bay and named it Nova Albion. </ul>
  7. 7. Christopher Columbus <ul>Columbus sailed the Atlantic Ocean to find the new world. He was a navigator and a captain when he sailed to find the new world. He reached the Haiti area. </ul>
  8. 8. Sebastian Vizcaino <ul>Sebastian Vizcaino was famous for his maps. He also explored places like present day San Diego and present day Monterey and in the middle of them. </ul>
  9. 9. Vitus Bering <ul>Bering was a man from Russia that discovered a water way between Russia and Alaska. Now the water way is called The Bering Straight or the Bering Sea. </ul>
  10. 10. Father Serra <ul>When he was a young man he decided to become a Franciscan Priest. He called his religious name Junipero. In 1749 Serra left spain to built missions. </ul>
  11. 11. Gaspar De Portola <ul>In 1767 Spain sent a person to run a colony. The person was Gaspar De Portola. He also explored the area near Monterey. He also led an expedition. </ul>
  12. 12. Missions <ul>Missions was used for shelter an d religious reasons. The people there might have hired or forced Indians to work for them. Some missions are still standing so that tourists can see it. </ul>
  13. 13. Presidios <ul>Presidios were usually built to protect the land the Spanish owned. It would also keep the Indians in the mission so that they could not try to escape. </ul>
  14. 14. John Sutter <ul>John Sutter was the man that made Sutter,s Fort. He built the fort where the American and the Sacramento River met. He also built it in 1841. It was the “7/11” of the wilderness. </ul>
  15. 15. Fort Ross <ul>Today, Fort Ross is a busy tourist attraction. But in 1812 it was a trading post and fort. It was made by Ivan Kuskov when he led a group of Russians to hunt sea otter. </ul>
  16. 16. James Beckwourth m <ul>In the 1850's James led a group through a path through the Sierra Nevadas. He led the group through a pass that was named after him. </ul>
  17. 17. Jedediah Smith <ul>Jedediah Smith led the first group of American Trappers west through the Mojave Desert. He also led them through Utah. </ul>
  18. 18. John Fremont <ul>John Fremont traveled to the west to map it for the government. When he made the maps he made others interested to go to the west since they had maps of it. </ul>
  19. 19. John Bidwell <ul><li>John Bidwell was a pioneer who led a wagon train to California. They started from Independence, Missouri. </li></ul>
  20. 20. 49ers and The Gold Rush <ul>The Forty Niners were called Forty Niners because they came to California at 1849.They came for The Gold Rush to get gold. Many of them did not become rich. </ul>
  21. 21. Sam Brannan <ul>Sam Brannan was a entrepreneur that sold mining tools in California. He bought every mining tool and carried gold and screamed there was gold in C.A. And sold his items. </ul>
  22. 22. Levi Strauss <ul>Levi Strauss was also a entrepreneur like Sam Brannan but he made jeans. Today, Levi Strauss is a very famous brand of jeans and if you see on the buttons, his name is on it. </ul>
  23. 23. Biddy Mason <ul>Biddy Mason was a slave who came to C.A with her owner. When she came to California, she asked the state to give her her freedom. </ul>
  24. 24. Mary Tape <ul>Mary Tape was a woman from China and came to California. She and her husband thought that the law of C.A was unfair. So she sued the state and won her freedom. </ul>
  25. 25. Bernarda Ruiz <ul>Bernarda Ruiz was a woman who lived in Santa Barbara during the Mexican American War. Since many people were dieing, she organized a meeting were Mexico and U.S would meet. </ul>
  26. 26. Helen Hunt Jackson <ul>Helen Hunt Jackson was a famous woman that wrote a book about the harsh lives of California Indians. The book was called Ramona. Now her book is celebrated in Hemet </ul>
  27. 27. Mexican American War <ul>The Mexican American War was a war that was supposed to give someone CA. But a woman named Bernarda Ruiz ended it. After the war, the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was singed. </ul>
  28. 28. About the creator <ul>My name is Daniel Lee and I am in the fourth grade in Mr. Greenfield's class. My favorite subject is history and science. I love school and also like to learn exciting new things. </ul>