Environmental Protection Agency Of Montenegro


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Environmental Protection Agency Of Montenegro

  1. 1. Environmental Protection Agency of Montenegro<br />Montenegro,Podgorica<br />
  2. 2. Environmental Protection Agency of Montenegroestablished in March 2009<br />
  3. 3. Role of the Environmental Protection Agency<br /><ul><li>Accomplishing of the principle of healthy environmental management in Montenegro
  4. 4. Performance of professional and related administrative affairs; Organizing and planning of environmental monitoring
  5. 5. Conducting of the first instance administrative procedures in the field of air protection, climate changes, ozone layer protection, ionizing and non-ionizing radiation etc.</li></li></ul><li>Vision:<br />Montenegro will be one of the countries where people will live in harmony with the environment<br />Mission:<br />Active improvement of the environmental status of Montenegro in a professional way by serving nature, health and economic interests of the present and future generations.<br />
  6. 6. In its professional aproach, the Environmental Protection Agency recognizes four major requirements<br /><ul><li> Staff- the most efficient personnel;
  7. 7. Environmental protection;
  8. 8. Communication with interested parties- openness;
  9. 9. Priority over all the other organisations in the public sectorthat are dealing with environmental protection.</li></li></ul><li>Basic activities of the Agency<br /><ul><li>Issue of permits, environmental monitoring, inspection, daily communication with national and international organizations as well as with the public;
  10. 10. All those activities are done through 5 Sectors of the Agency:</li></ul>1) Sector for Monitoring, analysis and reporting;<br />Sector for the issue of permits;<br />Sector for Communication and Information System Management;<br />Department of Environmental Inspection;<br />Service for Legal and Financial Affairs.<br /><ul><li>By establishing the Environmental Protection Agency one of the basic conditions for joining the European Union (EU) is fulfilled;With the work of the Agency, adequate environmental protection will be enabled </li></li></ul><li>Organisation of the Environmental Protection Agency<br />Executive Director<br />Service for legal and financialaffairs<br />Sector for ccommunication and information system management<br />Departmentof environmentalinspection<br />Sector for the issue of permits <br />Sector for monitoring, analysisand reporting<br />
  11. 11. Sector for monitoring, analysis and reporting<br />
  12. 12. Sector for Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting<br /><ul><li> Authorized for total management of monitoring activities in the field of the environment
  13. 13. Responsible for all environmental reports to the line ministry, Government, the public, and international organizations
  14. 14. Defines monitoring activities on the basis of national and international responsibilities in accordance with the strategyneeds and requirements
  15. 15. Deals with the integrated data analysis based on monitoring ,keeps records of all necessary reports</li></li></ul><li>Sector for monitoring, analysis and reporting - employees-<br />Dr Vladan Božović<br />Assistant Director – Doctor of molecular biology and physiology<br />Dr Sanja Damjanović<br />Milena Bataković<br />Grad.physicist <br />Grad. biologist - <br />Independent advisor III<br />Irena Tadić<br /> Aleksandar Božović<br />Grad. engineer ofinorganic technology– independent advisorI<br />Grad. maritime engineer – independent advisor I <br />Nataša Bjelica<br />Tatjana Đoković<br />Spec. med.nuc. physics – independent advisor I<br />Spec. crim. chemistry – independent advisor I<br />Lidija Šćepanović<br />Msc Gordana Đukanović<br />Grad. technologyengineer – independent advisor I<br />Grad. inorganic technology engineer– independent advisor I<br />Ivana Bulatović<br />NemanjaČavlović<br />Grad. biologist - <br />Independent advisor III<br />Grad. art historian<br />Archaeologist-trainee<br />
  16. 16. Sector for monitoring, analysis and reporting- implemented projects-<br />Drafting of the Monitoring Programmeof the environmental status for 2009 that includes 6 programmesand 2 sub-programmes:<br />Programmes of: <br />Air quality control;<br />Analysis of the content of hazardous and harmful substances in soil;<br />Analysis of radio-nuclides in the environment; <br />Monitoring of the marine ecosystem state of Montenegro (MED POL monitoring)<br />Monitoring of the biodiversity state;<br />Noise measuring in the environment; <br />Sub-programme - Bio-monitoring of the Skadar Lake; <br />Sub-programme - Preparation of the Radon map of Montenegro<br /> Tender has beenimplemented for conducting the monitoring of the environmental state for 2009<br />
  17. 17. Sector for monitoring, analysis and reporting- implemented projects-<br />The following items have been chosen on tenders: <br /><ul><li> “ PI Center for eco-toxicological testing of Montenegro”:
  18. 18. Programme of air quality control;
  19. 19. Programme of analysis of the content of hazardous and harmful substances in soil
  20. 20. Programme of analysis of radio nuclides with sub-programme Radon map of Montenegro
  21. 21. Programme of monitoring of the marine ecosystem of Montenegro
  22. 22. “ Republican Nature Protection Institute” :
  23. 23. Programme of biodiversitymonitoring
  24. 24. “ PI Institute for development and research in the field of safety at work” :
  25. 25. Programme of noise measuring in the environment.</li></ul>The Environmental Protection Agency has prepared informationon the environmental state for 2008 . <br />Drafting of the environmental data base is underway.<br />
  26. 26. Sector for the issue of permits<br />
  27. 27. Sector for the issue of permits<br /><ul><li>Sector for the issue of permits mainly deals with the issue of environmental permits and drafting of remediation (cleaning) programmes;
  28. 28. It also deals with drafting of other permits and issue of the same;
  29. 29. Cooperate with interested bodies;
  30. 30. Participates in environmental impact assessments.
  31. 31. Within the sector is established and water registers regulated community which provides support and sector for inspection.
  32. 32. Documentation required for a license can be found at the agency: www.epa.org.me </li></li></ul><li>Sector for the issue of permits - employees -<br />Ilija Radović <br />Licenses for ionizing radiation<br />Coordinator of affairs <br />Grad. technologyeng. <br />Independent advisor I<br />Sava Vuletić<br />Boris Nišavić<br />Grad. eng. of mechanical engineering<br />Independent- advisorII<br />Grad. agricultureeng. <br />Independent advisor I<br />Vladimir Pavićević<br />Tatjana Đurčević<br />Grad..biologist<br />Independent advisor I<br />Grad. biologist<br />Independent advisor I<br />Tamara Brajović<br />Milorad Kustudić<br />Milorad Kustudić<br />Grad. biologist – independent advisor I<br />Prof. physicsand electricalengineering<br />Independent advisor I<br />Iva Kolinović<br />MscDragana Žugić<br />Grad. chemical technologyeng – independent advisor I<br />Grad. ecologyand environmental protection eng- Independent advisor I<br />DaniloKujović<br />Slavko Radonjić<br />Slavko Radonjić<br />Environmental protection engineer-trainee<br />Grad. physicist- trainee<br />
  33. 33. Radoman Vukić<br />Grad.agriculture eng. – environmental inspector I<br />Jasmina Janković<br />Stanislava Lazarević<br />Grad. biologist- ecologist - trainee<br />Grad. biologist - ecologist - trainee<br />Milica Milanović<br />Milena Savović<br />Bachelor of environmental protection - trainee<br />Grad. agricultureeng- trainee<br />Jelena Mugoša<br />Grad.biologist- trainee<br />Tatjana Mujičić<br />Grad.technology engineer-trainee<br />Jovana Žarić<br />Grad.biologist - trainee<br />Bosiljka Knežević<br />Grad.biologist- trainee<br />Sector for the issue of permits – employees-continuation<br />
  34. 34. Sector for the issue of permits-implemented projects -<br /><ul><li> This Sector issued permits in the period from1/3/ 09 (the beginning of work of the Agency) until 31/12/09
  35. 35. For the cross-border movement of non-dangerous waste:
  36. 36. TRANSIT - 203 permits issued;
  37. 37. IMPORT- 26 permits issued.
  38. 38. EXPORT - 5permitsissued
  39. 39. Updates the public book containing 42 files on “Environmental Impact assessment”
  40. 40. Sector issued 15permits for the import of products that contain substances that deplete the ozone layer
  41. 41. Sector issued 10 CITES permits – Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of wild fauna and flora
  42. 42. Permits for plants and animals – issued 13 permits
  43. 43. Trainings for the regular use and servicing of refrigerators and air conditioners were organized, after which the participants received Certificates. </li></li></ul><li>Sector for the issue of permitsimplemented projects <br /><ul><li>Consents given in the field of impact assessment:
  44. 44. Initiated total:100
  45. 45. In a decision making process regarding the need for impact assessment: 27
  46. 46. Decision not requiring impact assessment : 15
  47. 47. decision requiring the drafting of the Study:22
  48. 48. Procedure of the Study evaluation underway:16
  49. 49. Consent to the need for impact assessment: 20
  50. 50. The issue of permits for the import and export of ionizing sources (X - ray machines and linear accelerator), and for the import of radioactive materials and spare parts;
  51. 51. From the start of work of the Agency, 91 permits have been issued:
  52. 52. Export of lead containers for radioactive material transport: 1
  53. 53. Movement of ionizing radiation sources: 35
  54. 54. Movement of radioactive material: 3
  55. 55. Movement of spare parts for ionizing radiation sources: 26
  56. 56. Movement of spare parts for non-ionizing radiation sources: 2
  57. 57. Decision for the use of ionizing radiation sources: (x-ray machines): 24 </li></li></ul><li>Sector for the issue of permitsimplemented projects<br /><ul><li>Presence at the meeting that was held on March 2-3 2009 with representatives of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna on the subject ’’Managing of the medical radioactive waste’’;
  58. 58. Presence at the working meeting that was held on 27 March2009 with the representatives of IAEA in Vienna on the subject “Legislation for natural radio elements and those that are created after technological process”;
  59. 59. Active presence at meetings with representatives of the IAEA in Vienna that referred to the project of monitoring radioactivity in the environment in western Balkan countries and project of assessment of regulatory infrastructure, nuclear safety and radiation protection in western Balkan countries;
  60. 60. Participation in drafting a report on environmental impact assessment of eventual building of a nuclear power reactor in Albania;
  61. 61. Creating forms that refer to conditions that must be fulfilled by legal persons for doing measurements for the assessment of the level of exposure to ionizing radiation of persons, who work with radiation sources, patients, and decontamination . </li></li></ul><li>Sectorfor communicationandinformation system management<br />
  62. 62. Sector for Communication and Information System Management<br /><ul><li>Provides the application of EU directives and other regulations
  63. 63. Exercises international agreements
  64. 64. Ensures communication and coordination with national and international organizations and institutions
  65. 65. Manages information system in environmental area
  66. 66. Keeps the register of pollutants
  67. 67. Collects relevant information from environmental area
  68. 68. Publishes relevant information concerning the environment;
  69. 69. Organizes educational events and campaigns;
  70. 70. Enablesthe public participation in decision making procedures;
  71. 71. Plays the role of a domestic information center which provides data on where professional information and knowledge can be found;
  72. 72. Cooperates with various networks and organizations (e.g. EEA, EIONET, IMPEL, ECENA and other networkswhich act within the European Union).</li></li></ul><li>Sector for Communication and Information System Management<br />Miroslav Jaramaz<br />Assistant Director– grad.economist<br /> Jelena Asanović<br />Zdenka Rakočević<br />Computer eng. - consultant<br />Prof. of English language - consultant <br />Valentina Aranđelović<br />Helena Đurović<br />Grad. maritime engineer- consultant<br />Grad. mathematician <br /> - trainee<br />Adnan Đečević<br />Spec applied computer science-trainee<br />Radomir Simović<br />Bachelor of applied computer science-trainee<br />Ivan Popović<br />Grad. ecc for tourism - trainee<br />Milena Popović<br />Bachelor ofEnglishlanguage -trainee<br />Jovana Mrvaljević<br />Spec. ofEnglishlanguage- trainee<br />Ivana Marković<br />Spec. politicologist- trainee<br />Bojan Bašanović<br />Grad.sociologist - Consultant<br />Anđela Kolinović<br />Bachelor of politicology- trainee<br />
  73. 73. Sector for Communication and Information System Management -implemented projects-<br /><ul><li>The internet presentation of the Agency has been drafted;
  74. 74. The site of the Agency has been completed, through which all interested entities, at any time, can acquire important information on the status of the environment and get acquainted with the work of the Agency;
  75. 75. The data base concerning issued permits and environmental consents is available at any time
  76. 76. There will be questionnaires that inspectors shall fulfill when going on site
  77. 77. Although not being implemented, the Project related to GIS (Geographic- Information System) is in preparation and its implementation is expected soon;
  78. 78. EIONET – Program that will connect all national and international institutions that perform the task of collecting and sharing data on the state of the environment.</li></li></ul><li>Sector for Communication and Information System Management-implemented projects-<br /><ul><li>A range of other activities is performed every day which are related to the following and analysis ofwritten media and archiving of alltexts and newspaper articles and notifications concerning activities of the Agencyand environmental protection in in general;
  79. 79. Data Collection related to the work of sectors for the issue of permits and inspection is performed;
  80. 80. Information system maintenancerepresents everyday maintenance and updating of hardwareand softwareand monitoring of the overall information system of the Agency</li></li></ul><li>Waste disposal prohibited<br />Department of environmental inspection <br />
  81. 81. Department of Environmental inspection <br /><ul><li>Plans and performs environmental inspection and prepares relevant reports;
  82. 82. Environmental inspection Plan has been drafted by municipalities for June-December 2009;
  83. 83. Establishes cooperation with municipalities and other relevant bodies such as: police, ministries, customs, etc;
  84. 84. The information collected by this sector is transferred to the sector for the issue of permits and a competent ministry.</li></li></ul><li>Department of Environmental Inspection- employees -<br />Vesna Zarubica<br />The Head of the Department, Grad. metallurgyengineer-the chief environmental inspector<br />Olivera Radinović<br />Pavle Radoman<br />Grad. metallurgyengineer- environmental inspector I<br />Grad. metallurgy engineer- environmental inspector I<br />I<br />Mladen Bešić<br />Sejdo Đukić<br />Grad. metallurgy engineer- - environmental inspector I<br />Grad. technology engineer-environmental inspector I<br />Vesna Vučinić<br />Dragan Raičević<br />Grad. metallurgy engineer- - environmental inspector II<br />Grad. metallurgy engineer- - environmental inspector II<br />Đorđije Grdinić<br />Jelena Nikčević<br />Grad. metallurgy engineer- - environmental inspector III<br />Grad.biologist-trainee<br />Ilija Gojović<br />Dejan Filipović<br />Bachelor of chemical technology- trainee<br />Grad.biologist -trainee <br />Ana L azović<br />Vesna Bigović<br />Bachelor of environmental protection- trainee<br />Grad.physicist-trainee <br />Marija Petričević<br />Ranka Zarubica<br />Tourism techinician <br />Grad.biologist – environmental inspector I<br />
  85. 85. Department of environmental inspection- implemented projects -<br />The Environmental Inspection has performed, until 31/12/ 09<br />
  86. 86. Department of Environmental inspection - implemented projects -<br /><ul><li>The procedure of integral cadastre drafting has been initiated
  87. 87. The framework inventory ofall companies and entrepreneurs in Montenegrowho can affect the state of the environment quality has been drafted
  88. 88. The collection of data for the drafting of the central registry of ionizing radiation sources</li></li></ul><li>Service for legal and financial affairs<br />
  89. 89. Service for legal and financial affairs<br />Performs preparation and adopts regulations and general acts of the Agency;<br /><ul><li>Monitors the implementation of EU regulations and directives;
  90. 90. Keeps Central and staff records on civil servants and state employees;
  91. 91. Performs affairs of publicprocurements for needs of the Agency;
  92. 92. Performs preparation and pre-accounting of funds;
  93. 93. Drafts a financial plan;
  94. 94. Keeps business books;
  95. 95. Drafts periodic accounts and final budget, etc.
  96. 96. Archives and the courier service function within this Department</li></li></ul><li>Service for legal and financial affairs<br />Zoran Mitrović<br />Head of the Service Grad.economist - Senior state employee I<br />Nikola Golubović<br />L aw graduate- <br />Independent consultant I<br />Nela Vukčević<br />Law graduate- <br />Independent consultant I<br />Hamid Š abović<br />Grad. economist- <br />Independent consultant I<br />Sandra Džudović Kojadinov ić<br />Grad. economist- <br />Independent consultantIII<br />Mladen Đuranović<br />SVS -state employeeIV<br />Milan Jovanović<br />Nebojša Vasiljević<br />SVS- state employeeIV<br />SVS – state employeeIV<br />Nikola Božović<br />Dejan Gazivoda<br />SVS-state employee IV<br />SVS – state employeeIV<br />Marina Damjanović<br />Rada Petrović<br />SVS– state employeeIV<br />SVS – state employee IV<br />Snežana Kepić<br />Snežana Milićević<br />SVS- state employeeIV<br />SVS-state employee IV<br />Sonja Vešović<br />Filip Popović<br />SVS- state employee IV<br />SVS -state employeeIV<br />
  97. 97. -Continuation-<br />Milena Adžić<br />SVS- employeeIV<br />Nada Jovanović<br />Law graduate- trainee<br />Amela Haverić<br />Bachelor of finance and accounting manager- trainee<br />Zoran Amidžić<br />Grad.industrial manager- trainee<br />Željka Jovović<br />Grad. economist-<br />-trainee<br />Verica Čolović<br />Grad.tourism manager-trainee<br />Siniša Novaković<br />Bachelor of economics- trainee<br />Milan Luković<br />Bachelor of economics.-trainee<br />Vladimir Radunović<br />SVS (V degree) - trainee<br />Jelena Čabarkapa<br />Bachelor of tourism and hospitality - trainee<br />
  98. 98. Service for legal and financial affairs - implemented projects -<br /><ul><li>Communication with the state bodies of Montenegro;
  99. 99. Secretariat for the European Integration;
  100. 100. Ministry of Tourism and Environmental Protection;
  101. 101. State Prosecution.
  102. 102. Unit for law implementation has been formed;
  103. 103. Participation in preparation of drafting of the proposal of the Regulation on manner and procedure of registration, putting a vehicle onto the market, establishment of the system of take, collection and processing of wasted vehiclesand work of the system;
  104. 104. Drafting of materials forthe Ecology Fair and Seminar on establishment and functioning of the Environmental Protection Agency.
  105. 105. Drafting of the budget proposal for 2010</li></li></ul><li>Goals of the Environmental Protection Agency <br /><ul><li>Protection and progress of the environment in Montenegro to the benefit of present and future generations (which is the basic principle of sustainable development);
  106. 106. Performance of the transparent and responsible implementation of laws, regulations and policies in the environmental protection ;
  107. 107. Provision of reliable and timely information to the public , national bodies and international organizations on the status of the environment in Montenegro</li>