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  • 1. Perseus Shane Zeshonski
  • 2. Origin
    • King Acrisius was told that the son of his daughter, Danae, would kill him.
    • He could not let this happen so he locked her in a tower to never marry or have children
    • However, a man with a thunderbolt appeared to her and together they gave birth to a boy, Perseus.
  • 3. Cast Away
    • King Acrisius was furious when he discovered the child.
    • He shut Danae and Perseus up in a chest and cast them out to sea.
    • Somehow they got to Seriphos where Polydectes was king.
  • 4. Polydectes’ Plot
    • Soon Polydectes fell in love with Danae and wanted to remove Perseus.
    • Perseus was tricked into offering anything Poldectes wanted as a wedding gift.
    • He demanded the head of Medusa, a gorgon with a gaze that turned people to stone.
  • 5. Help from the Gods
    • Divine help was needed for this quest and it came from Hermes and Athena.
    • Athena gave Perseus her mirrored shield and Hermes gave him his sword.
    • He then visited the Gray Women and forced them to tell him how to get to the Gorgons. He was also given a satchel, winged sandals, and a cap to make him invisible.
  • 6. Slaying Medusa
    • He used the reflection in his shield to approach Medusa and cut off her head.
    • The other Gorgons attacked, but Perseus used the sandals and the cap to escape.
  • 7. Princess Andromeda
    • As he passed Ethiopia on his return trip, Perseus spied Andromeda chained to a rock.
    • Her father was sacrificing her to a sea monster to please Poseidon.
    • Perseus rescued her in return for their marriage.
  • 8. Return to Seriphos
    • When Perseus returned to Seriphos, he used Medusa’s head to turn Polydectes to stone.
    • He made Polydectes’ brother, Dictys, the new king.
  • 9. Prophecy Fulfilled and The End
    • At an athletic event sometime later, Perseus thrilled a crowd with his discus skill.
    • However, he accidentally struck and killed a man who turned out to be Acrisius.
    • The prophecy originally told to Acrisius had come true.
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