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  • english keynote

    1. 1. Resent decision to close the libraries By: Kyle & Patrick
    2. 2. What’s going on? 11 of the libraries in The Problem Philadelphia are being closed down according to Nutter’s new budget plan. Libraries are being closed
    3. 3. The lack of funding to the city has caused the The Reason mayor to cut certain things, one of witch is the libraries. His main reason was the economical crash that had happened and the buildings poor utilization. Lack of funding Economy crashing Poor utilization
    4. 4. 11 !!
    5. 5. So heres the question why should people care about the closure? Why is this a problem 2 great reason to care can be found simply in what the people lose access to. first is the lose of accesses to research an other education materials such text books and reference books that people won’t have access to other wise The second is the lose of access to literary and arts materials (books, cd’s, etc.) that could help to educate, inspire or entertain both young and old in way that would be other wise possible. Lose of educational resources Lose of literature and fine arts
    6. 6. For all the civilizations of the past who came to form what we are today, In The Past had literature that was organized in a building, called a library. These buildings were important to the Greeks, and the Romans alike. The egyptians used these places for the references they needed for war and teaching. The religious text of most civilizations were found either at temple or place of worship, or the library. Libraries were important for civilization Religious text Education
    7. 7. The Library of Alexandria
    8. 8. with the rise of the internet more and more books can be found online and many more tipes of research and so what if they close? media but there are some things not found on the web but only in the books them selves in the pages. likewise not every one has aces to the internet out side of the libraries where there are already computers in place Rise of the internet
    9. 9. Friends of the Free Library
    10. 10. The books will still be yea the books will still be available at other liaries that have not clesed down around the city and will will still have many libarys open there but what of the people who can not get to the libaries that are further away then the one the was right down there street? with less libarys there are less people who can actualy get to the lybarys because of incressed distence from where they live and work to where there actualy is a lybary. the books at the libraries will just go to different branches.
    11. 11. Mayor Nutter’s He had all of the Free Library branches building inspected, check the way they were being utilized and seen how Solution much funding was going toward them. He found that 11 of these branches did not meet the standards that were set by him and could be cut and shut down to save money for the city. Have the libraries checked Close ones that failed the check Save money
    12. 12. Nutter’s plan for the city in Nutter’s Flaw general, mentioned that he would cut down on the rate of failures and drop outs with in the city. Well if the libraries were to be closed it would counter mayor Nutter’s plan to lower dropout rates, seeing how important a library is to civilizations education. His plan counters other things within itself
    13. 13. The future with his plan
    14. 14. with many grants out there for libraries find some fund to keep the Our solution libraries open should not be hard, and by having additional fundraisers to support the libraries to keep them open should be made a lot easier find a way to keep the libraries open
    15. 15. The Future with our plan!
    16. 16. in conclusion it is olviuse that we feal that the libaries should be kept open. But to do so we need your help and support. Help us make the dreams of education in this city come true! In conclusion...
    17. 17. Credits ils.unc.edu http://img.slate.com/ http://gainsaid.files.wordpress.com http://farm2.static.flickr.com/ http://icad.kaist.ac.kr/