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gilgamesh epic

gilgamesh epic

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  • 1. EPIC of GILGAMESH Submitted by: Submitted to: Kevin Jay D. Santiago - BSBA FM 1-A Joecel A. Balagtas - BSBA MM 1-A
  • 2. TABLET 1
    • The epic opens with an introduction of Gilgamesh . He is from a place called Uruk, he’s the king of kings. Also he’s a God-king, two thirds God and one third human, he’s the handsomest of men and with a great form which Aruru , the goddess of creation, designed. He protects his people, he’s mighty and proud and no opponent dares to raise their weapon against him. But his people started to complain that he abuses his power, so the goddess, Aruru, created Enkidu. Enkidu was a wild man living with animals but an equal of Gilgamesh’s might. The trapper had a problem with Enkidu, he was disturbing the trapper’s business with the wilderness so he complained to Gilgamesh, so Gilgamesh sent the harlot, Shamhat, with the trapper to lure the mighty Enkidu to the harlot, who exposed sex to Enkidu. The wise Gilgamesh’s prediction that Enkidu will give in to the harlot was right and after six days he came to Uruk. Gilgamesh had two dreams but both meant the same thing, there will come a man who will save him and would be his friend, which Rimat Ninsun, his mother, told him.
  • 3. TABLET 2
    • In this tablet, Enkidu and the harlot, Shamhat, came to the city Uruk. Enkidu lived with a group of shepherds, they taught him how to speak properly, how to eat, and how to wear clothes properly. One day, Enkidu attended a wedding and of course, the mighty Gilgamesh has to make sexual intercourse with the bride, Enkidu knowing the intention of Gilgamesh, blocks the door of the bride and they fought and Gilgamesh won, Gilgamesh saw the bravery of Enkidu and respects him and they became close friends.
    • Gilgamesh and Enkidu became lazy living in the city, so Gilgamesh planned that both of them should go to Cedar forest and cut great trees to build great things with it and kill the guardian, Humbaba. But Enkidu know the forest as a sacred forest tries to convince Gilgamesh to not continue his journey.
  • 4. TABLET 3
    • The elders in the city protested against Gilgamesh’s journey, but Gilgamesh remains stubborn so the Elders agreed, and rests the life of the king to Enkidu. Enkidu decided to join his friend in his journey, meanwhile Gilgamesh mother also protested against Gilgamesh but decided to pray to Shamash and Shamash promised to protect her son.
  • 5. TABLET 4
    • Tablet four tells the journey of Gilgamesh and Enkidu in the Cedar forest. On each day of the six day journey, Gilgamesh prays to Shamash; in response to these prayers, Shamash sends Gilgamesh dreams during the night, Enkidu’s interpretation of his dreams are all positive. At the entrance of the forest Gilgamesh felt fear but Enkidu always encouraged him.
  • 6. TABLET 5
    • Gilgamesh and Enkidu is now facing the demon in this tablet, but the demon started to taunt Gilgamesh and Gilgamesh ran and hid, but Enkidu encourages him to not be afraid and fight and so he did. The pair and the demon had an epic battle and Shamash also helped them and together they won against Humbaba, Humbaba is on his knees begging for mercy with the sword of Gilgamesh pointing at his throat. Gilgamesh wanted not to kill him but Enkidu wanted it to be killed so the demon cursed them saying ‘Of you two, may Enkidu not live the longer, may Enkidu not find any peace in this world’, and then Gilgamesh slices the demons head. After that they cut down the tallest trees and makes a door for their city and a raft to come back to Uruk.
  • 7. TABLET 6
    • After the slaying and building of the door Gilgamesh’s fame spread which attracts the goddess Ishtar, son of Anu the sky God, and offers Gilgamesh sexual pleasure but Gilgamesh refuses because she abused his past lovers. Ishtar was deeply enraged and called his father, Anu, to raise havoc in the city of Uruk by giving her the Bull of Heaven and so he did. Hundreds of people died because of the bull so Gilgamesh and Enkidu again paired up and slayed the bull, then Enkidu rips the bulls leg and throws it to Ishtar’s face and insulted her, telling her that’s she is next tp die. The city celebrates but Enkidu has a bad dream that is explained in tablet seven.
  • 8. Tablet seven
    • In the wild dream of Enkidu while he is sleeping. Thebull of Heaven and Humbaba, sone will be punished for killing it. And in enkidu’s dream, he is the one to be punished. All of this is against the will of the Shamash. Gilgamesh listened to Enkidu’s story about what he dreamed, the curses of the door he made for the Gods. Gilgamesh is shocked and goes to temple to pray to Shamash for the health of his friend. The trapper and Shamhat was cursed by Enkidu. Shambat regrets the day that he became a human. Shamash speaks from heaven and points out how unfair Enkidu is. He also tell it to Gilgamesh will become his former self because he died. Enkidu regrets his curses and blesses Shamhat. He becomes more and more ill and describes his descent into the horrific Netherworld as he is dying, which he calls the "House of Dust" where the dead wear feathers like birds, they eat clay and do without light.
  • 9. Tablet eight
    • Gilgamesh stated a lamemtation for Enkidu, Gods received gifts, for them that they might be walking beside Enkidu in the netherworld. The people of Uruk were ordered to mourn enkidu, from lowest farmers to rhe temple priests, and orders statues of enkidu to be built. Gilgamesh was full of sorrow and grief over his friend that he refused him to leave. Until six days and seven nights after his death when a maggot falls from Enkidu's nose.
  • 10. Tablet nine
    • Gilgamesh refuse enkidu’s faith and makes a journey to utnaptishtim and his wife, the only people have to live in the great floor those who are invulnerable by the gods, in the hope that he can attain invulnerability also. The young utnapishtim and his wife now reside in the country in another world. Dilmun, and Gilgamesh travels far to east, crossing great rivers and oceans. To the mountain passes at the ends of the earth where he grapples and kills monstrous mountain lions, bears and other animals. The twin peaks of Mount Mashu at the end of the earth. They allow them him to proceed and convinces them to let him pass. The world at the end of the tunnel is a bright wonderland full of trees with leaves of jewels.
  • 11. Tablet ten
    • Gilgamesh meets the wife Siduri , who first believes Gilgamesh is a murderer from his dishevelled appearance, and tells her the purpose of his journey. Siduri attempts to dissuade him from his quest but sends him to Urshanabi the ferryman to help him cross the sea to Utnapishtim. Urshanabi is in the company of stone-giants. Gilgamesh considers them hostile and kills them. When he tells Urshanabi his story and asks for help, he is told that he just killed the only creatures able to cross the Waters of Death. The Waters of Death are not to be touched, or even passing your hand over them is death, so Urshanabi asks Gilgamesh to cut 300 trees and fashion them into punting poles so that they can cross the waters by picking a new pole each time, and also uses his garment as a sail. Finally, they reach Dilmun , the island of Utnapishtim. Utnapishtim sees that there is someone else in the boat, and asks Gilgamesh who he is. Gilgamesh tells him his story and asks for help, but Utnapishtim reprimands him because fighting the fate of humans is futile and ruins the joy in life.
  • 12. Tablet eleven
    • They argued. Then utnapishtim asks him a story, he tells about the great flood. The story was summarized. The story of Atrahasis buy he keeps the previous plagues send by the gods. Gilgamesh offers a chance for immortality, but questions why gods would give the same triumph for himself. The flood hero, to Gilgamesh and challenges to stay awake for 6 days and 7 nights first. But when utnapishtim finishes his words, Gilgamesh falls asleep. Utnapishtim smiles. the sleeping Gilgamesh in the presence of his wife and tells her to bake a loaf of bread for every day he is asleep so that Gilgamesh cannot deny his failure. When Gilgamesh, after seven days, discovers his failure, Utnapishtim is furious with him and sends him back to Uruk with Urshanabi in exile. The moment that they leave, Utnapishtim's wife asks her husband to have mercy on Gilgamesh for his long journey. Utnapishtim tells Gilgamesh of a boxthorn -like plant at the very bottom of the ocean that will make him young again. Gilgamesh obtains the plant by binding stones to his feet so he can walk the bottom of the sea. Gilgamesh sweeps the presence of urshanabi. They failed both opportunities, he return to uruk. Where he destroy walls prompt him to glorify his work to urshanabi.
  • 13. Tablet Twelve
    • Gilgamesh complains to Enkidu that his ball-game-toys fell in the underworld. Enkidu offers to bring them back. Delighted, Gilgamesh tells Enkidu what he must and must not do in the underworld in order to come back. Enkidu forgets the advice and does everything he was told not to do. The underworld keeps him. Gilgamesh prays to the gods to give him his friend back. Enlil and Suen don’t bother to reply but Ea and Shamash decide to help. Shamash cracks a hole in the earth and Enkidu jumps out of it. The tablet ends with Gilgamesh questioning Enkidu about what he has seen in the underworld. The story doesn’t make clear whether Enkidu reappears only as a ghost or really comes back to life.