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Andrew and darren’s 10 minute presentation
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Andrew and darren’s 10 minute presentation


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Published in: Self Improvement

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  • 1.  
  • 2. Andrew and Darren’s Tree Service
    • Provides tree surgery and removal services to Bundaberg and surrounding districts . Our fully trained and professional staff can provide you with: Free Quotes
    • Fully Insured ($10 million Public Liability)
    • Pensioner Discounts
    • Prompt & Professional Service
    • 24 Hour Emergency Services
  • 3. We offer: Tree Lopping and Removal Canopy Lifts Palm Removal Pruning & Hedging Stump Grinding Bobcat and Tipper Hire
  • 4. Tree Care - Trimming and Pruning
    • Dead Wooding
    • Removal of dead and decaying branches from the tree to minimise the risk of damage to property/injury to people. A common practice on natives.
    • Crown - Canopy Thinning
    • Increase light and reduce wind resistance by selective removal of branches throughout the canopy of the tree. This is a common practice which improves the tree's strength against adverse weather conditions as the wind can pass through the tree resulting in less "load" being placed on the tree. Often done on eucalypts and species where the opportunity to reduce branch length is somewhat limited.
    • Crown Canopy Lifting
    • Removal of lower branches. Increase clearance for property, people & vehicles. It is wise to think about this when the tree is smaller as remocal of large low branches will leave large wounds that can take years to grow over, if at all, and be pathways for pathogens to affect the trunk of the tree.
  • 5. Removals & Shaping
    • We can provide you with all of your tree surgery needs. We use the latest techniques to safely remove dangerous trees so you will have peace of mind.
  • 6. When trees are too large to be felled from the ground they need to be removed in sections. Some methods are ... A qualified climbing arborist will access the tree & fell the tree in sections. A climbing arborist supported by a ground crew will use ropes & rigging to lower pieces. EWP's, Cherry Pickers can be used. Our training, qualifications & experience will determine the methods used. We look at our 3 priorities when deciding to ensure SAFETY AND EFFICIENCY . Tree Removal In Confined Spaces
  • 7. Climbing Arborist
  • 8.
    • This method is used to take down the tree in sections to ensure no damage is done to the house or other close structures.
  • 9.  
  • 10. A large Bloodwood tree in Totten st
    • BEFORE
    • Only access was a 1m gap down side of house, right in corner of yard with units behind, garden shed beneath and 3 fences
  • 11.
    • NO ACCESS and had to carry all timber to the road to the woodchipper
  • 12. Drink break!!
    • All workers need to stay well hydrated to avoid heat exposure
  • 13. Lowering the branches down
  • 14. Ropes and pulleys
    • These help keep the arborist safe and lower the heavy limbs to the ground easily and safely to avoid damaging anything underneath.
  • 15.
    • Tree topped to owners specifications so it is safe again and will reshoot over the next few years.
    • End result... No damage...
    • Job done in 3 hrs
  • 16. Grinding Stumps
  • 17.
    • After removal of the tree, stumps are cut off as close to ground level as practicable. A machine called a stump grinder can grind the stump down to a certain depth. This may be required so you can...
    • Replant over it
    • Pave or concrete over the area
    • Asthetics, so unsightly stumps aren't seen
    • Alternatively an excavator or backhoe can dig the stump & root ball out. This may be an option where increased depth is required or roots need to be extracted.
    • Grinds any stump
    • Fits through most gates to 900mm wide
    • Self-propelled
    • One man operation
    • Grinds down to 30cm below the ground
  • 18. Eats stumps for breakfast
  • 19.  
  • 20. Uprooted Palms
    • Unlike trees the trunk of a palm stays the same diameter for it's entire life. As palms grow taller more force is placed on the root system where it meets the ground. Roots work in tension only like ropes . Of most importance is the roots on the outside circumference, they do the most work just like guy wires on an aerial or tent. If this outer area is diminishing, or the palm looks like it's being pumped up out of the ground then it's stability is certainly compromised.
  • 21.
    • The picture to the right shows how little root area remained and luckily that palm only fell on a clothesline.
  • 22.  
  • 24. From small single house blocks to large commercial developments we can safely accommodate your tree requirements including writing reports, tree hazard assessment etc.... you're safe with us.
  • 25. 15m Cherry Picker
  • 26. BOBCAT
    • The bobcat is used to pick up big logs, clean up after stump grinding. On big jobs it is used to spread mulch on garden beds, clean up yards and rubbish. Yards can be levelled after trees removed and stump ground.
  • 27. Helps feed large logs into the chipper
  • 28. BOBCAT
    • BEFORE
    • AFTER
  • 29. The pack horse truck!! Holds all the chainsaws, blowers, ladders etc So maintenance can be done on the job if necessary.
  • 30. Tree removal at the new Digits office in progress
  • 31. Digits new building before
  • 32. The trees were very close to the house
  • 33. Backyard needed to be cleared
  • 34. Front and side before shots
  • 35. In progress
  • 36.
    • All trees removed and Poinciana canopy lifted
  • 37. Canopy lifts are used to reduce the risks of large branches snapping from trees during storms and high winds. This technique is also more beneficial to the overall health of the tree. Canopy lifts don’t have any re-growth problems that can occur with other techniques.
  • 38.  
  • 39. 18 inch Woodchipper takes whole trees
  • 40.
    • Delivering a load of mulch to Bundaberg landscape supplies
    • Unloading the mulch onto the ground
  • 42. Morrice with mulch
  • 43.  
  • 44. Future tree climbers
  • 45.