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    Real Tkm Real Tkm Presentation Transcript

    • Women and Men of To Kill a Mocking Bird By: Andrew Payne
    • Women of To Kill a Mocking Bird
    • Miss Maudie
      • She loves her plants more than anything.
      • Miss Maudie is the ideal neighbor.
      • She has a good relationship with her neighbors and most of all Scout.
      • She is a friendly very person and very wise.
    • Calpurnia; “Cal”
      • Cal is a African American Women around sixty years old.
      • She has one kid named Zeebo and many grandchildren.
      • She is civilized and very wise.
      • She is like a strict mom to Scout.
    • Mayella Ewell
      • Mayella was supposedly raped and beaten by Tom Robinson.
      • She is a lonely nineteen year old girl.
      • She has no friends and she is kind of helpless.
    • Scout
      • Scout is a real tomboy.
      • She is very inquisitive and curious about things.
      • Her best friend is Dill.
      • She is very smart for her age and can make difficult decisions.
    • Aunt Alexandria; Aunty
      • She is the brother of Atticus and the aunt of Jem and Scout.
      • She lives with the Finches during the trial.
      • Aunty is very a very strict, well mannered lady.
      • She has a tough love relationship with Scout and Jem.
      • Aunt Alexandria is a very traditional cracked conservative.
    • Similarities and Differences; Mayella Ewell
      • Mayella is similar to Scout because they both Mayella grew up with no mother.
      • Mayella is different to the women though, because she is lonely, has no friends, and is kind of helpless.
    • Similarities and Differences; Aunt Alexandria
      • Aunt Alexandria is like Calpurnia because they both are an influence to Scout. Also they can both be strict.
      • Aunt Alexandria is also similar to Mayella Ewell because they both don’t treat African Americans with respect or dignity.
    • Similarities and Differences; Scout
      • Scout is like Mayella because they were raised by a father only.
      • Scout is different because she is extremely smart.
    • Similarities and Differences; Miss Maudie
      • Miss Maudie is alike Aunt Alexandria because they can fit into Maycomb well.
      • Miss Maudie is different from all the women in To Kill a Mockingbird because she makes the best cakes. Also she stays out of people’s businesses.
    • Men of To Kill a Mockingbird
    • Atticus
      • Atticus is the father of Jem and Scout.
      • Atticus is a very humble, smart, and loving man.
      • Atticus is a lawyer and is in the state legislature.
      • He treats everyone equally including African Americans.
      • He listens to everyone and makes great decisions.
    • Bob Ewell
      • Mr. Ewell is like a roaster; he doesn’t know how harmless he is and thinks he is hot stuff.
      • Bob Ewell is a drunken person and probably a bad parent.
    • Jem
      • Jem like Scout, is intelligent.
      • Jem is also very brave.
      • He is adventurous and a likeable character.
      • Jem is also a great bother.
    • Similarities and Differences; Atticus
      • Atticus is similar to Bob because they both raised their kids alone.
      • Atticus is different from all the men because he treats and loves everyone equally.
    • Similarities and Differences; Jem
      • Jem is alike Atticus because they both think things through very well and are both very brave.
      • Jem is different because he is younger than everyone.
    • Similarities and Differences; Bob Ewell
      • Bob Ewell is similar to the Atticus because he has kids.
      • He is different because he is very racist.