Front Arena Institutional Brokerage Fs


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Front Arena Institutional Brokerage Fs

  1. 1. FRONT ARENAInstItutIonal Brokerage Automating institutional order flow If you want efficient order management in an increasingly demanding environment, we believe there’s only one way to succeed. You need a single system to unify the processing of your business from pre-trade information, through execution, and on to post-trade. Front Arena gives you that unity. Designed from the beginning as a single integrated system, it connects you to your customers and the markets, and enables you to handle cross-currency, cross-asset workflow with precision, flexibility and speed. • Put all your liquidity in one place. • Increase your automation and lower your costs. • Process multiple assets and multiple currencies on a single system.Connect, control, flowFrom end to end, Front Arena creates a framework that flexibly supports efficient workflowbetween a full range of different user types. FIX capabilities enable you to connect to yourinstitutional customers: orders can be submitted electronically, routed intelligently for bestexecution and trade allocations can be processed. Similarly, you can publish IOIs (Indicationsof Interest) and Trade Adverts.A robust internet component is available to allow online order flow that can handle highcustomer volumes.At the other end of the operation, there is connectivity to a large number of trading venueswith deep functionality including high-quality price feeds and trade reporting.Do more with less – automate your order flow through a central point of liquidity for the benefit of all
  2. 2. your liquidity in one placeAt the heart of Front Arena is the Internal Market: a combined view of all the externalmarkets, your incoming orders and internal quotes from proprietary trading. This unique and privileged view gives your sales and trading desks a comprehensive understandingof market prices and liquidity. For any listed instrument, there is access to a montage view that aggregates the marketsand reveals full market depth complementing the standard market-by-market views for thatinstrument. Using this information, Smart Order Routing enables you to trade seamlesslyin all markets at the same time.The breadth, depth and functionality of the Internal Market provide the ideal frameworkfor setting up as a Systematic Internaliser enabling you to attract further liquidity.Basis for intelligent automationYour ability to automate order flow rests on the flexibility of the rules engine and thecomprehensiveness of the data that is available to it. Front Arena has been developedto exploit both to the maximum.The Rules Engine is flexible, designed to achieve the most sophisticated and intelligenthandling of incoming orders. It has a clear user interface, so it is easy to set up and adjust.You have maximum control and the ability to adapt rapidly in changing markets.Interacting with other key Front Arena components, such as Automated Matching and theSmart Order Router, the Rules Engine automates processing in all areas, from basic routingtasks to complex trading strategies. For example:• eparate routing for care and direct market access orders. S• heck and exploit crossing opportunities before you give away liquidity unnecessarily. C• plit individual orders across external markets or across external and internal markets. SThe Rules Engine means you can automate close to 100% of your order flow.Cross-asset, cross-currency order managementWith cross-asset, cross-currency coverage, Front Arena handles all exchange-tradedinstruments and derivatives. Moreover, it also enables you to create your own OTC markets for any instruments that can be packaged on a Price x Quantity basis. Offer an order book with market depth and make this available internally or to your customers. These marketscan be viewed just like any standard trading venue: you can view the instruments, see fullmarket depth and set up automatic matching.Integration, efficiency and serviceOrder Management is fully integrated with other Front Arena components suchas Market Making, Position Keeping and Risk Management. This creates a seamless flow of information that serves all parts of your business. IOIs can be automated as canfees and allocations.Where you serve yourself efficiently, you serve your customers efficiently.© 2009 SunGardSunGard, SunGard Front Arena and the SunGard logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of SunGard Data Systems Inc. or itssubsidiaries in the U.S. and other countries. All other trade names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.