Front Arena Agorithmic Trading Fs


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Front Arena Agorithmic Trading Fs

  1. 1. FRONT ARENAAlgorithmic trAding Boost your Order Management with Algorithmic Trading Front Arena’s Order Management solution comes with built-in support for Algorithmic Trading. This means you can automate your execution without the usual penalties of extensive system integration and reduced workflow efficiency. All along the line, Front Arena gives you a proven algorithmic trading platform where you can boost your customer service through: • Sophisticated execution algorithms fully integrated into your order management workflow. • Easy routing and no-touch execution. • An intuitive development framework for creating your own algorithms.Integrated workflowWhether your order flow comes from manuallyentered phone orders, FIX orders, order-programs uploaded from Excel, or from DMAorders, Front Arena algorithms can helpautomate your execution.Moreover, for Sales and Execution users, thealgorithms fit neatly into the workflow – before,during and after execution. View pre-tradestatistical analysis before making decisions.Execute the algorithm through a clear userinterface. Monitor and control the executionin the order blotter. Post-execution followup against benchmarks such as Arrival Priceand VWAP. VWAP configuration – set your own configuration or go with built-in optimizations.Full visibility for your Sales and Execution users – before, during and after
  2. 2. Execution – Smart Order Routing Tick data and pre-trade analysisTrade the primary market or use liquidity With built-in tick database and data capture,seeking to exploit MTFs and dark pools. Front Arena bases its algorithm intelligence onFront Arena’s integrated Smart Order Router statistical analysis of historical data. Tick data isenables best execution across all venue types. gathered and analyzed market-by-market and includes complete trade history. Aggregated information is also gathered, such as:Built-in algorithms • Volume distribution patternsFront Arena comes with a number of built-inalgorithms with new ones added continuously • Daily turnoverto serve emerging market needs: • Turnover for selected time periods• VWAP • Average trade size • TWAP • Average time between trades• Market on Close • Historical volatility• Arrival Price• Program trading Advanced development tools• Pairs trading for creating custom algorithms You can extend existing built-in algorithms• Cross-border arbitrage or build new ones from scratch. Front Arena• Stock right/stock issue arbitrage provides an Algorithm Developer Studio with• Stop loss/lock in full flexibility to create new structures, events• Basket arbitrage and actions. These make use of Front Arena’s• Portfolio hedger extensive built-in library of trading and analysis functions.Parameter settings enable each built-inalgorithm to be adapted to different needs. This enables you to capitalise on the existingFor larger changes or for your own strategies structures and is the ideal creativeyou can create custom algorithms. environment for developing and testing your own successful trading strategies.Optimization based onTransaction Cost AnalysisTransaction Cost Analysis (TCA) can be used to optimize execution tactics designed to achievethe lowest risk-adjusted cost of execution.The optimization automatically decides onorder slicing, order timing, price managementand even start and stop time. A large set offactors are taken into account, including:• Cost of market impact • Execution urgency – cost of risk• Transaction costs (exchange)• Settlement costs• Camouflaging techniques • Pre-trade analysis Algorithm Developer Studio – build or customize your own proprietary algorithms to gain an edge.© 2009 SunGardSunGard, SunGard Front Arena and the SunGard logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of SunGard Data Systems Inc. or itssubsidiaries in the U.S. and other countries. All other trade names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.